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♫This will be the day we've waited for♫
♫This will be the day we open up the door♫
♫ I don't wanna hear your absolution ♫
♫ Hope you're ready for a revolution ♫
♫ Welcome to a world of new solutions ♫
♫ Welcome to a world of bloody evolution♫
♫ In time, your heart will open minds ♫
♫ a story will be told ♫
♫ And victory is in a simple soul !♫
(Jaune) come on...
(Cardin) This is the part where you lose.
(Jaune) Over my dead- *grunts*
*Lights power off* (Glynda) Cardin, that's enough.
(Glynda) Students, as you can see
Mr. Arc's aura has now dropped into the red
In a tournament style duel,
This would indicate that Jaune is no longer fit for battle
and that the official may call the match.
Mister Arc, it's been weeks now
please try to refer to your scroll during combat
gauging your aura will help you to decide when it is appropriate to attack
or when it's better to move to a more....
defensive strategy.
We wouldn't want you to be gobbled up by a Beowolf,
now would we?
(Cardin) Speak for yourself...
(Glynda) Remember everyone!
The Vytal Festival is only a few months away
It won't be long before students from the other kingdoms
start arriving in Vale, so keep practicing!
Those who choose to compete
in the combat tournament
will be representing all of Vale.
(Nora) So...
There we were...
In the middle of the night...
(Ren) It was day...
(Nora) We were surrounded by Ursai
(Ren) They were Beowolves.
(Ren) Two of'em...
(Nora) But they were no match
And in the end...
Ren and I took them down
and made a boatload of Lien selling Ursa skin rugs!
(Ren) Ah... She's been having this reoccurring dream
for nearly a month now...
(Pyrrha) Jaune...
Are you okay?
(Jaune) Uh?
Oh, Yeah! Why?
(Ruby) It's just that you seem a little... not okay...
(Jaune) Eh, guys, i'm fine... Seriously, look! *nervous laughter*
(Pyrrha) Jaune, Cardin's been picking on you
since the first week of school.
(Jaune) Who? Cardin Winchester?
Nah... He just likes to mess around, you know?
Practical jokes!
(Ruby) He is a bully.
(Jaune) Oh please... Name one time he's "bullied" me...
*nervous laughter*
(Jaune) Oh, Gah, COME ON!
(Jaune) AH... *grunts* Come on...
(Glynda) Each of you will be assigned
one rocket-propelled locker to store your weapons
and extra-armor.
Additionally, your locker can be sent
to a custom location based on a six-digit code.
(Jaune) What?! No, wait, wait! You've gotta get me out of here!
Please! Don't! Don't! Don't do it!
(Jaune) I didn't land far from the school...
(Pyrrha) Jaune, you know if you ever need help
you can just ask...
(Nora) OOH!
We'll break his legs!
(Jaune) Guys, really, it's fine!
Besides, it's not like he's only a jerk to me; he's a jerk to everyone.
(Velvet) Ooww, that hurts !
(Velvet) Please, stop...
(Cardin) I told you it was real!
(Russel) What a freak!
(Pyrrha) Atrocious. I can't stand people like him.
(Blake) He's not the only one.
(Yang) It must be hard to be a Faunus.
(Jaune) Uh...


RWBY第一季 第11集 (RWBY Chapter 11: Jaunedice)

294 分類 收藏
Vivian Lin 發佈於 2016 年 11 月 27 日
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