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  • This will be the day we've waited for


  • This will be the day we open up the door


  • ♪ I don't want to hear your absolution


  • Hope you're ready for a revolution


  • Welcome to a world of new solutions


  • Welcome to a world of bloody evolution


  • In time your heart will open minds


  • ♪ A story will be told


  • And victory is in a simple soul ♪♪♪


  • (Glynda) Our last pair has been formed, sir.


  • (Glynda) Nora Valkyrie and Lie Ren.

    (Glynda)諾拉 華爾奇麗雅 和 李 仁。

  • (Glynda) Poor boy. I can't possibly imagine those two getting along.


  • (Glynda) Still, he's probably better off than Ms.Nikos.


  • (Ozpin) Hmm...


  • (Glynda) I don't care what his transcripts say, that Jaune fellow is not ready for this level of combat.


  • (Glynda) I guess we'll find out soon enough.


  • (Glynda) At their current pace, they should reach the temple within just a few minutes.


  • (Glynda) Speaking of which, what did you use as relics this year?


  • (Glynda) ...Professor Ozpin?

    (Glynda)... Ozpin教授?

  • (Ozpin) Hmm...


  • (Weiss) It's definitely this way.


  • (Weiss) I mean... this way! It's definitely this way.


  • (Weiss) Alright, it's official, we passed it!


  • (Ruby) Why can't you just admit that you have no idea where we're going?


  • (Weiss) Because I know exactly where we're going!


  • (Weiss) We're going to... the Forest Temple!


  • (Ruby) Ugh!


  • (Weiss) Oh, stop it! You don't know where we are either!


  • (Ruby) Well at least I'm not pretending like I know everything!


  • (Weiss) What is that supposed to mean?


  • (Ruby) It means you're a big stupid jerk and I hate you!


  • (Weiss) Ugh! Just keep moving.


  • (Ruby) *Imitating Weiss* Oh, just keep moving! Hurry up! Wah, watch where you're going!


  • (Ruby) Why are you so bossy?


  • (Weiss) I'm not bossy! Don't say things like that.


  • (Ruby) Stop treating me like a kid!


  • (Weiss) Stop acting like a kid!


  • (Ruby) Well stop acting like you're perfect!


  • (Weiss) I'm not perfect!


  • (Weiss) Not yet.


  • (Weiss) But I'm still leagues better than you.


  • (Ruby) You don't even know me...


  • (Yang) Think this is it?


  • (Blake) Chess pieces?


  • (Yang) Some of them are missing.


  • (Yang) Looks like we weren't the first ones here.


  • (Blake) Well... I guess we should pick one.


  • (Jaune) Think this is it?


  • (Pyrrha) I'm not sure this is it...


  • *Jaune sighs*


  • (Jaune) Pyrrha, I made the torch.


  • (Jaune) Could you at least humor me for maybe 5 more feet?


  • *Jaune trips*


  • (Jaune) Ow.


  • (Pyrrha) Do you feel that?


  • (Jaune) Soul crushing regret?


  • (Pyrrha) No, it's... warm.


  • (Yang) Hmm...


  • (Yang) How about a cute little pony?


  • (Blake) Sure.


  • (Yang) That wasn't too hard.


  • (Blake) Well, it's not like this place is very difficult to find.


  • (Jaune) That's the relic!


  • (Jaune) Hey!


  • (Jaune) Bad relic!


  • (Jaune) Gotcha!


  • (Pyrrha) Jaune...


  • *Grimm hisses*


  • *Jaune screams*


  • (Yang) Some girl's in trouble!


  • (Yang) Blake, did you hear that?


  • *Jaune screaming*


  • *Jaune screams... again*


  • *Grimm roars*


  • (Jaune) Ahhh! Why? Ahhh! Pyrrha!


  • (Jaune) Ahhhh! Pyrrha!


  • (Jaune) This is not the relic! It's not! Ahhh!

  • (Jaune) Do something!

  • (Pyrrha) Jaune! Whatever you do, don't let-

  • *Grimm throws Jaune*

  • *Jaune screams*

  • (Pyrrha) ...go.

  • *Grimm hisses*

  • *Grimm growls*

  • (Yang) Blake, did you hear that?

  • (Yang) What should we do?

  • (Ruby) *screaming* Heads up!

This will be the day we've waited for



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