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Well... what do I... kind of do it
But I...
– Gently, gently... – Gently
I don't have my glasses on!
– I am going to bring out the wand now – Right, wow
This is the Newt Scamander wand
Eddie, you need to show me how to hold it
But I will tell you, we gave it to Daniel Radcliffe recently
He didn't like your wand
How does this compare to your wand on Harry Potter?
What a question!
This seems a little bit smoother
And... I don't know what I feel about this silver bit at the end
Yeah, it's a bit flashy, isn't it
Listen, obviously, he's jealous
That's heartbreaking – Dan!
Literally, heartbroken
We all get attached to our own wands
I think probably... it didn't suit him
Yeah, what I mean Harry did have a... Dan did have a great wand
I kind of love my wand for my own specific reason
Like, it's made of shell, there's a bit of mother of pearl
He didn't like the kind of metal, shiny bit
Oh did he think it was a bit ostentatious?
Yeah, I prefer mine
Mine was more sort of rough-hewned from a tree
Yeah, what is this?
What is this, IKEA?!
All right Dan, it's mother of pearl, it's nothing too sparkly
I'm not getting all like- "bling" on your wand
And then it's made of wood
It's got a few marks on it from use out in the wild
-It's scuffed up. – I love your one Eddie
What's the best way to hold it?
The best way?
Well, when I first got it, I was so excited for fulfilling that childhood dream
And then I put it in my hand and I got complete stage fright
– Like what, how do I do it
– But I, I kind of...
Gently, gently
I don't have my glasses on!
I gently got into it
It took a while
We had one work lesson, didn't we?
Oh my goodness
The first day that I held the wand, I felt ridiculous
And then you know, you stick with it
And then you start to really want to do spells
I remember there was one moment, because I have a case in the other hand
for most of the film
There's a moment where I have to look after this egg
And I did this
And I was in a sort of, committee meeting about whether that was..
Are you allowed to put that wand in your mouth?!
You said, blowing your face off...
You just broke it!
Exactly, so...
It was permitted.



當哈利波特遇上紐特的魔杖,究竟會擦出什麼樣的火花?! (Daniel Radcliffe attacks Eddie Redmayne's wand!)

14375 分類 收藏
Charo Wen 發佈於 2017 年 1 月 21 日    gahui yu 翻譯    Angel Cheng 審核
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