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Having a gut feeling isn't just folklore
You're literally feeling things from your gut and also other organs
Yeah it's pretty nifty
Hey everyone. Amy with you on DNews today
and I've got a feeling you're gonna like this episode and odds are my gut is right on that
So let's start with the gut part of the whole gut feeling thing
It's kinda gross to think about but our bodies are teeming with bacteria
This is the microbiome you've probably heard about
Most of those bacteria live in the gastrointestinal tract
but we colloquially refer to as the gut
These bacteria regulate digestion and metabolism, extract vitamins and nutrients from food, and program the body's immune system
But there's so much more going on
This complex bacterial ecosystem has prompted the gut to evolve a complex neural network called the enteric nervous system
which is so ridiculously sophisticated it's sometimes called the second brain
This network of over 100 million neurons can even function when it loses connection to the brain
And the gut brain connection goes both ways
Gut bacteria produce neurochemicals that regulate basic physiological and mental processes
influencing things like memory and mood
and the brain affects the microbiome
Psychological stress can suppress certain helpful bacteria, making you more likely to get sick
This two-way communication is part of a larger network of inter-body talk
The brain connecting to the gut through neural networks and also your ability to recognize this connection is an example of something called interoception
This is a sense of self-identity beyond knowing what self-help books call the "real you"
It's the sensing of physiological signals that originate within the body and carry information to the brain
Things like body temperature, breathlessness, and heart rate that ultimately give you an indication of states like hunger, thirst, pain, and anxiety
Whether we're consciously aware that our body is sending these signals
they happen particularly when we're making risky decisions
They send information to the brain and affect the way we make decisions
so what you think of as a gut feeling is actually you responding to those subtle cues
A recent study from the University of Cambridge took interoception into the real world and looked at its role in successful financial trading
a career notorious for acting on gut instincts
The researchers measured 18 male traders' abilities to detect subtle changes in their physiological state by heartbeat detection test
how well they could count their own resting heart rate without using a pulse point
Admittedly this is a small sample size but these eighteen men were better able to count their heart rate than non-traders
and within the group, those with the higher score were also better traders who survived longer in the financial world, earning more money than their less body-aware peers
So in this case, interoceptive ability does correlate to good decisions in a risky environment but correlation isn't causation
Just because you can pretty accurately measure your heart rate doesn't mean you will make millions trading
Other interoceptive studies have found people's ability to detect their heart rate increases during time of stress
so the correlation from traders could just be an awareness honed from years in the industry
But it's also the case that professionals who practice in the field can manage their stress better
So traders might not be experiencing the stress reaction of an increased heart rate or it could be something totally different
Maybe successful traders of money use their downtime to work out which could help them develop keener sense of body awareness
In any case, the results do show a link between better body awareness to interoceptive cues and good decisions in risky environments
So maybe there's something to be said for trusting your gut
And speaking of guts, our guts do a lot more for us than we think
Wanna know more? Trace has a video all about how scientists can actually program our gut bacteria to fight harmful infections
Check it out here
Medical researchers took it and reprogrammed the bacteria to fight P. aeruginosa
This new synthetic E.coli is like a hunting dog tracking down P. aeruginosa and attacking its biofilms with enzymes in antimicrobial peptide. Boom! Double agent
So how many of you guys tend to go through gut? Let us know in the comments below
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「直覺」真的存在嗎?(Do Gut Feelings Actually Exist?)

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Chloe Tyan 發佈於 2016 年 12 月 15 日    Chloe Tyan 翻譯    Sabrina Hsu 審核


直覺的英文是 gut feeling 或 intuition 是種不必經過太多思考就能迅速出現的念頭或感覺。賈伯斯說過:"Intuition is a very powerful thing, more powerful than intellect.”(直覺非常強大,比智力更加強大)。但直覺到底有多可信?其實直覺是有科學根據的喔!來看看影片吧~

nifty 是屬於較口語的形容詞,意思是「特別地好、靈巧或有效」,也有「有型、時尚」的意思。
This is a nifty little tool for cutting up fruit.

I got a nifty pair of heels on sale today.

【TED】當電腦比人類聰明時會發生什麼? Nick Bostrom: What happens when our computers get smarter than we are?

2have / get a / the feeling (that)0:15
我們時常會聽到英文母語人士說 "I have a feeling that…" 這個意思就是他「知道或感覺到一件事但不確定」。
Walking along the corridor in the old house, he had a feeling someone was watching him.

I have a feeling it's going to rain later.

have a good/bad feeling about sth. 的意思就是「對某件事有好/不好的預感」。
I don't have a good feeling about this...I think our plan's gonna fail.

【TED】Salman Khan:影片能改變教育 Salman Khan: Let's use video to reinvent education

notorious 的意思是「惡名昭彰的」。用法是 sb. is notorious for sth.
The fast food industry is notorious for its high fat and sodium content.

The Zodiac Killer is one of the most notorious serial killers in history.

infamous 是它的同義詞,意思也是「惡名昭著的」。
The infamous Mexican drug lord, El Chapo, is considered to be the most powerful drug trafficker in the world.

hone 的意思是「磨練;鍛鍊」。
Lucy honed her craft as a shoemaker while working for numerous designers all over the world.

This course is designed to hone students’ creative writing skills.

5there's something to be said for sth.3:17
there's something to be said for sth. 這句話的意思是「(名詞)有好處、是有利的」。也可以說 there's a lot to be said for sth.there's much to be said for sth. ,而相反的則可以說 there's little to be said for sth.
There's a lot to be said for being single. I get to do whatever I want.

It's obvious to many that there's little to be said for war, yet not much has been done to turn it to a thing of the past.

認識非洲:剛果M23叛軍紀錄片 (Kony, M23, and the Real Rebels of Congo)





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