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Welcome again to 'The Eats of Taipei'.
Today we are in YongKang Street. [永康街]
Yongkang Street is maybe the most famous street in Taipei for food and drink.
There are many many restaurants here, many coffee shops, many cafes.
I know the area a little, but not so well, so today I have a friend with me,Stig.
Hi Stig!
Stig is a local resident and he knows the area very well
And you've agreed to be our guide,right?
Agreed. Yes.
Ok. So, let's go.
Yeah, we're starting here from the 7/11, at the end of the street
and it goes all the way down
and there are a lot of restaurants hiding everywhere.
Every little street has one,
so it's going to be tough, but I can show you about 10 good places
10 good places? Right. Shall we move on?
Ok. We're at a very popular corner now.
Just behind us, we can see this very famous ice place.
Stig, tell me about the ice place, please.
It's a very popular place for tourists.
All the Japanese tourists come here and get a big plate of mango ice。 [芒果冰]
Is it delcious?
I think it is. For me, I prefer ice-cream, but,
you know, it's a lot healthier than ice-cream.
Now we are in front of the Vietnamese restaurant here, yeah?
Vietname noodle restaurant [越南麵店], so Stig what do we know about that one?
Oh, it's one of the best places to come, they're open late,
and if you want some nice noodles, Vietnamese dishes,
there are plenty of different plates, right.
I have to be honest, I haven't been here many times,
but I think it's a great place for noodles. Vietnamese food.
But also I see a little line up here, but that's not for the noodle place
No, that's for the [蔥油餅]
Green onion cake . .tortilla
Right, is it special . .. Why are so many people lining up for it?
Sorry, it's a nice quick snack.
它們 多少錢? 不要蛋 [ How much are they? No egg]
二十五 [$25 NT)
我要兩個 [I want two] 謝謝。 Thank you.
They're pretty filling, but I think I can find room.
You know me, I like to eat.
OK, so now we are at the corner of the park Stig, yeah?
Yong Kang Park [永康公園] is right here.
and it's right on the corner of Yongkang [永康] and Aiguo Road [愛國路]
that goes right downtown.
We just came from Hsinyi Road [信義路] right?
from Hsinyi [信義路] to Aiguo [愛國路], yes.
On the corner here,
there's like a teashop here and some dumpling shops [饺子店] over here.
very cheap food
good tea, fast tea from teashops
I don't really like tea, I like coffee.
There are a lot of good coffee shops here too.
Do you think there are some good cheap dumplings just over here?
Kind of back up there, there's that chain.
and you can get dumplings very cheap - 5NT each
very cheap
so, where are we going now?
We are going to keep going south on Yongkang [永康]
Ok. Let's go.
So, we are by this place called 'Eating Time'here, you see
It's pretty nice. I think it's one of the best looking restaurants in town.
They've got American-style hamburgers, and, you know,
they have a great portion plate if you are missing that flavour.
It's a good looking place and . . .
some good looking girls too!
So, I want to show this place too.
A lot of people want to go to Ding Tai Feng [鼎泰豐]
because it's very famous, but
Yes, Ding Tai Feng [鼎泰豐] is very famous, way up there.
But,this one is actually the first dumpling place on Yongkang [永康]
And, actually it's a lot cheaper and it's very high quality.
Really. Okay
So, come here next time you have a large group of people.
They have the steamed stuff.
They have special cakes they are doing as well.
It's very near the end (of Yong Kang Street)
Oh yes, the English menu.
They have an English menu,yeah?
They've got an English and Japanese. It's a very good menu.
It's one of the best menus.
Honestly,I've used this a lot. It's a godsend because
there are a lot of characters I don't know.
You've got dumplings, pastries and soup, vegetables and meat,
some congee [稀飯]. I am not a great fan of congee.
Basically, what you see is one of the many treasures along the street.
These guys are selling preserved plums.
preserved plums
It's a very important part of the Chinese culture.
They're really good.
Actually there are two different types.
You should try one.
Try one of these yeah?
They're very good.
Yeah, they're not so sour.
very good, what can I say, and they're right by my house,
so I can have them anytime I want.
OK,So, here we are at Jing Hua Street [金華街], Stig
That's the end of the tour.
Thank you for showing us around YongKang Street. [永康街]
We've seen many places today
Thank you very much
and there's a lot more.
and there's a lot more places, yeah?
it's a great place
Ok. Thank you for now.
And that's it for 'The Eats of Taipei' today.
We've shown you some places in YongKang Street[永康街]
and we'll be sure to come back to YongKang Street another time.



12098 分類 收藏
阿多賓 發佈於 2013 年 6 月 4 日    許武忠 翻譯    Kristi Yang 審核
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