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- Well, if you weren't paranoid before this video,
sorry in advance.
So personally, I've always been a big fan
of conspiracy theories.
Mainly because I feel like
they get people to think critically
and also challenge the things that we're told
that we're supposed to believe.
When you think of conspiracy theorists,
you probably think of those crazy guys with the tin hats,
but surprisingly, there are a lot of conspiracy theories
out there that sounded crazy at the time
but were eventually proven to be true.
So I gathered the most famous ones to share with you guys.
So here they are,
10 conspiracy theories that turned out to be true.
Number one is the fascist conspiracy.
In 1933, a group of wealthy businessmen
tried to install a fascist dictatorship
in the United States.
What's most disturbing is that the men involved
were heads of organizations and families
that still exist today,
including Chase Bank, GM, Goodyear, Standard Oil,
the Dupont family, and even Senator Prescott Bush.
Yeah, Prescott Bush, father of George H. Bush
and grandfather of George W. Bush.
Well, it's a good thing that they didn't succeed
and that the corruption of oil companies,
banks, and the Bush family ended there.
Yeah, that's sarcasm.
Number two is the Guy Fawkes Conspiracy.
You've probably seen the Guy Fawkes mask
from "V for Vendetta",
same guy.
In 1604, a group of Britons, including Guy Fawkes,
were tired of King James' rule
and conspired to blow up Parliament.
They filled the room below Parliament with explosives,
and they probably would have gotten away with it,
had one member of the conspiracy group
not sent a letter to a politician
talking about hypothetically blowing up Parliament.
That conspirator wasn't seriously dumb enough
to think that nothing would happen
over sending a letter like that, was he?
That's like me saying, hypothetically,
I just pissed in your Cheerios.
You gonna have a big old bite?
Number 3 is the MK-Ultra Conspiracy.
In the 1950s and 70s,
the CIA attempted a series of experiments
involving mind control called project MK Ultra.
In an attempt to try to figure out
how to control the minds of Communist spies,
they began probing and injecting psychedelic drugs
into unwitting citizens of the United States.
This resulted in people becoming sick,
slipping into permanent comas,
and even deaths.
Luckily, as far as anybody knows,
they did not succeed.
Or at least that's what I'm supposed to say.
Number four is the Tuskegee Syphilis Conspiracy.
Between 1932 and 1972,
the United States government
conducted an experiment called
"The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment".
They experimented using spinal taps exclusively
on very poor and mostly illiterate African-American males
without their consent.
This went on for 40 years before somebody
finally blew the whistle on it,
which resulted in the National Research Act,
which prevents barbaric experiments like this
from being performed.
Of course, instead of getting rid
of these mad scientists,
they kept them around and put them to work
as health advisors to the President.
Shoutout to Obamacare.
Number five is the 1919 World Series Conspiracy.
In 1919, eight players from the Chicago White Sox
threw a World Series game against the Cincinnati Reds,
in the most famous scandal in baseball history.
Interestingly, they were never charged with anything
since throwing a game is technically not a crime,
but they were banned from the league a year later
when it was discovered.
Ths is only the most famous example, though.
There have been literally thousands of cases
of players that have conspired to throw games.
This is the type of thing that you better
make sure you're getting paid really well for,
or at least enough to cover your medical bills
when the bookies come looking for you
to cover the bets they had to pay out.
Number six is the Snow White Conspiracy.
In the 1970s, the Church of Scientology
perpetrated the largest infiltration
of the US government in history,
called Operation Snow White.
Their goal was to destroy every document
that made them look bad,
and ultimately over 5000 Scientologists were successful
in wire-tapping and burglarizing 136 organizations,
agencies, and foreign embassies.
Damn, Scientology!
You scary!
First you infiltrate government, then Hollywood?
What's next, fast food joints?
Don't you be putting no placentas
in my chicken nuggets, man.
Number seven in the Illuminati Conspiracy.
One of the most famous conspiracies
talked about today in popular culture
are the Illuminati.
Although thought to be a myth by some,
the Order of the Illuminati were
a very powerful organization that did, in fact, once exist.
Founded in 1776, the official story
is that they've either been disbanded or destroyed,
but some people believe they still exist today.
And not only that, but some people believe
that they control half of the world's wealth
through the Rothschild Dynasty,
and that they're the ones behind many major world events.
But I really doubt this.
I mean, if they really were everywhere,
I think we would notice.
Number eight is the CIA Drug Running Conspiracy.
In the 1980s, the CIA directly aided
Nicaraguan drug traffickers who were selling cocaine
in Los Angeles, and used the money
to fund Nicaraguan contras.
Known as the "Dark Alliance", this wasn't discovered
until about a decade later in 1996.
Damn a whole decade!
The CIA must be pretty good
at keeping people quiet.
Speaking of the CIA,
I just got some inside information
about how they are doing things
that nobody knows--
and that is happening right now!
Spread the word!
Number nine is the Operation Valkyrie Conspiracy.
Near the end of World War 2,
when it became clear that Nazi Germany
was in a losing fight,
a group of Nazi traitors conspired to assassinate Hitler.
Unfortunately, one conspirator decided
that he would do it himself,
and exploded a bomb in Hitler's conference room.
Except, surprisingly, Hitler survived
with only minor injuries.
Because of this, Operation Valkyrie never went into effect,
and all the conspirators were killed.
I mean, luckily Nazi German still lost the war,
but damn, people!
If you have a plan that's that big,
make sure you work together!
Teamwork makes the dream work!
And finally, number 10, the Bohemian Grove Conspiracy.
For years, conspiracy theorists have said
that the world's richest and most powerful men
have met once a year, in the woods
to worship a giant owl.
And, as it turns out, it's true.
Located in California,
there's an exclusive men's only club
called the Bohemian Club,
which hosts a yearly gathering
of the most powerful men in the world.
It's incredibly secretive,
and nobody really knows what goes on
during the two-to-three week gathering.
Did I mention that they have rituals
that take place in front of a shrine
of a giant owl.
Like, I get that the owl represents
wisdom and knowledge,
but couldn't they have chosen
a more manly mascot for an all-men's club,
like, I don't know, an old-time boxer,
or Chuck Norris, or a giant mustache?
Just sayin'.
And that's it for this time, guys.
If you enjoyed this video,
you should definitely check out my friends
at All Time Conspiracies.
They make some really, really cool videos
about conspiracies that will just blow your mind.
So I'll put a link to their channel
in the description below.
And I'll also put some links
to some of my favorite conspiracy documentaries,
which are called "Zietgest" and "Loose Change".
Some of you may have already heard about them,
but they're awesome and they're free to watch online,
so I'll put the links to those
in the description as well.
And so other than that,
I'll see you guys next Saturday
with a brand new video.
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And other than that,
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10個邪惡的想法最後竟變成現實?! (10 CONSPIRACY THEORIES that turned out to be TRUE!)

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