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Hey everyone, it's Tara Stiles, and welcome to Livestrong Woman. So today, I'm going to
show you how to make a really simple granola that's really tasty, and you can throw in
all of your favorite stuff. So we're just gonna start with a bowl, a baking dish, and
our oven preheated to 350 degrees. And all that goes in here is some rolled oats, that's
our base. And you can really put in all of your favorite stuff. So, I have some sour
cherries which I really like there. So raisins are great too. This is a mix of dark chocolate
and almonds and some pecans, things like that. So that's gonna go in. Have some of these.
And we have some sunflower seeds already a little bit seasoned, so that's exciting. And
to mix this all up, you can kinda just start by hand a little bit, but it's going to be
some maple syrup and some coconut oil. So you're probably gonna use, depends on how
much you got in here, probably about a quarter cup of coconut oil. So you can kinda measure
it out -- the whole less is more -- start with a little bit and then add as you go.
And a little bit more of maple syrup, which is very exciting. So, you could use your hands,
or you could use a spoon. So just kinda get in there, mix it all up, make sure the whole
situation is covered in the liquid. And there we go. So we're gonna need more maple syrup
and more coconut oil. And this is gonna be awesome, so you'll never have to buy cereal
again. This is also great -- you can make this and take it with you to work or wherever
you're going, and you can have a healthy, homemade snack. And all your friends will
say, "Hey, where did you buy that granola?" And you can say, "I made it myself." And that's
exciting. So here we go, it's looking all covered in our nice mixture there. And going
to add a little bit of cinnamon here on top, or rather a lot of cinnamon, to get started,
and then we'll give that a good stir. So after you've gotten this all mixed pretty thoroughly,
we're just gonna spread it out on our baking dish and throw it in the oven for about 20
to 30 minutes. And you'll notice when it's done because it'll get all crispy, and it'll
look amazing. And you'll probably wanna eat it all warm, which is fine too, because it'll
taste really good. So we're just spreading this out here on our cookie sheet. And because
its got the oil and the maple syrup, you can use a wax paper or aluminum foil if you want,
but it works fine without it as well. So, there we go. Looks all exciting. And get all
our last little bits in here. So, don't wanna be wasteful. Alright, so, there we go. Looks
pretty darn good already. And we're going in the oven. Alright, so we're gonna go check
on our granola. Here we go. And it's looking pretty amazing. I gotta say, very excited.
So, awesome, awesome, awesome. So be careful because your granola is gonna be hot, and
it should be, so that's okay. You wanna just kinda slide this into our bowl. Alright, so,
pretty exciting. Again, really hot, so be careful. Don't spill it like I did, but that's
okay if you do. Cleans up good. So I'm just gonna give it a little bit of an airing out
because I know it's really hot. But it looks so good, I have to try it. Now this is gonna
make you a lot of friends. This granola is amazing. Try it out, let me know what you
think. And I'll see you later. Bye.


超簡單健康楓糖燕麥堅果食譜 - Healthy Maple Granola Recipe | Tara Stiles Eats

4656 分類 收藏
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