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It's your first time hosting Saturday Night Live, thought we'd go through a quick list of different firsts
And you can answer as fast as you can. We made this very quick
First time on stage
Uh when I was, I don't know, about four. I played Joseph in Nativity. Pretty good
Fantastic. It went well?
It went well, yeah. I got a bit frustrated with Mary. She didn't come out with a line, so I just pushed her to the side and we carried on
I was four. I was four! I was very young
First kiss
First kiss was underwater, with a girl called Meredith
Really? Underwater was your first kiss?
That's my story. I don't really know why or...it wasn't a choice, like, "I have to do this underwater first," it just happened
What do you mean it just happened? You were just swimming in the same direction or...?
Fooling around...and you know.
Mary, wasn't it?
Ah cute, I like that
First album
Bad, Michael Jackson
First concert
First concert was Guns n' Roses. I got dressed up in like really, what I felt was really cool, like, hard gear, like shorts and a t-shirt
And trainers
First movie you ever went to
I think it was Octupussy
James Bond?
If you say so
First superhero movie
Batman. Michael Keaton's Batman
We were obsessed with it. We had a poster on the wall. We sung the Prince soundtrack and danced around like lunatics - we were like that



什麼,班尼迪克康柏拜區的初吻在水中獻出?!(中英字幕)(Benedict Cumberbatch's First Kiss Was Underwater)

18534 分類 收藏
Chloe Tyan 發佈於 2016 年 11 月 27 日    Chloe Tyan 翻譯    Sabrina Hsu 審核
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