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Welcome from AC News,
let's see today's trailer
and cinema news is coming up!
The Australian trailer for the Universal adaptation of
Dr.Seuss The Lorax has made his way online,
giving much more emphasis on the themes that the first trailer did.
The fable is about a story that does not hide the message of environment or pollution.
Important names from Hollywood will lend their voices for the main characters:
Ed Helmes will be the Once-ler, Danny DeVito the Lorax, and
Zac Efron and Taylor Swift will be Ted and Audrey.
Scott Frank has been booked by GK films
to adapt and direct the british miniseries Unforgiven.
Frank was the director of The Lookout with star Joseph Gordon Levitt and
has also written Minority Report, with Tom Cruise.
Now he is working at this project that will se on the screen Suranne Jones,
Emily Beecham and Matthew McNulty in three short episodes.
The first original series was about a woman who while teen killed two policeman,
out of jail she goes and look for her sister who had been adopted.
But while she tries to live a quite life one of the policeman sons is out for revenge.
They asked Christopher McQuarrie to write the screenplay.
That's all for today,
see you soon from AC News!


魔鏡,魔鏡預告片 (Mirror Mirror Movie Trailer HD)

1191 分類 收藏
Oscar Hsin-Yin Chen 發佈於 2016 年 11 月 3 日
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