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If an island, like Haiti
had about several hundred million dollars
in assets. But they went on, and they printed more money
than they had things to back it up, or gold.
Then that money has no value. If a little island, say like
St. Croix printed lots of money and just came to the US
trying to buy things (they ran their printing presses night and day)
the money is not backed, that's why it doesn't have anything.
Your whole banking system's utterly corrupt.
Your lending institutions have loused up the system.
But there's nobody out there telling you what's wrong with it.
So it looks okay to you.
The national debt has grown too large
for the National Debt Clock.
Failed systems
None of the world's economic systems have eliminated our most dire problems.
All social arrangements to date have remained plagued with war
poverty, crime, racism, elitism and most of all:
There's no way of making this system just.
We have to make a system that assures human rights.
When everybody has free access to goods and services
you don't have to fight for women's rights or black rights;
it's automatic in a society that's set up that way.
Today we have highly advanced technologies, but our social
and economic system has not kept up with our technological capabilities
which could otherwise easily create a world of abundance for all people
free of servitude and debt.
This system will keep installing more and more automation
cutting down on the purchasing power of the majority of people.
It's not China or India taking our jobs away
the machine has beaten the man.
There will come a time called the gaussian curve
where employment is that, production is this
and purchasing power is that. The system stops.
A social alternative
Our problems and their solutions are technical, not political.
Most problems can be solved when technology and the methods of science
are used with human and environmental concern to serve all people
rather than a select few.
It'll all be based on a form of dynamic equilibrium.
That means operating everything at the highest potential
without environmental neglect.
When we unleash science and technology directly into the social system
without the restrictions of the marketplace, finances
or patents, we could achieve a very high standard of living
within a very short period of time.
We have the brains, the know-how, the technology and the feasibility
to build an entirely new civilization.
Paradise or Oblivion
Available free online - March 2012 www.thevenusproject.com


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4522 分類 收藏
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