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  • These days every organization wants to make sure that their

  • people are behaving ethically, doing right by their customers,

  • their owners, other stakeholders and society.

  • But all too many organizations run into problems.

  • Even when their people comply with the letter of the

  • law and organizational policy, they find ways to skirt the spirit.

  • And even worse they're able to rationalize their behavior

  • and convince themselves that they're doing the right thing

  • in the interest of a little extra profit for the firm or

  • a little extra pay for themselves.

  • You'll find plenty of courses that address business ethics

  • and their goal is typically to address the individual employee

  • who's confronted with an ethical dilemma.

  • My series on management reporting systems and strategies takes

  • a broader view.

  • If an organization is having problems getting its people to

  • comply with the spirit of the law and policy, do you really

  • think it's because employees are all bad people deep in their

  • hearts. Research shows that simply isn't the case. Organizations

  • run into these problems because their reporting systems

  • are encouraging them often because they focus on the wrong

  • data or they apply that data to performance evaluation and

  • pay in the wrong ways.

  • I address these problems directly in my courses on bridging

  • the gap between strategy and data and paying for performance.

  • It's hard to change a person deep down in their heart.

  • And often that doesn't even help the organization.

  • But you can change your reporting system to encourage ethical

  • behavior or at least stop encouraging unethical behavior and

  • you can measure whether those changes have been affected.

These days every organization wants to make sure that their


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"報告制度可能導致道德詭計 "管理報告。系統和戰略 ("Reporting Systems Can Lead to Ethical Shenanigans" Management Reporting: Systems and Strategies)

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