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Inai inai baa!
That's peek-a-boo in Japanese!
Oh my god, how are you?
This is my friend Jenna!
Como estas?
Jenna's always going on crazy adventures and travelling places I wish I could go to.
Travel is so important. It leaves you speechless, and makes you a storyteller.
Tell us a story.
I took a picture with a donkey in Puerto Vallarta.
So what's your job?
Professional nomad, student of life.
I, got that from your Instagram. I think she means, what do you do that you can afford to travel so much?
How can you afford not to? Travel, is the one thing you buy, that makes you richer.
Her dad invented YouTube.
Seriously, everyone should travel!
No, I don't think I can. I have so many student loans. I'm, poor.
So was I, then I traveled.
By boss says I can have two days off every week for my weekend. Where should I go?
Ah, you have to go to Bali!
Tickets are $1,500 and 25 hours each way.
The world is a book, and those who do not travel, read but a page.
You're right.
I booked it!
I booked it...
Yeah, I wish I could travel more, you know, but I only get 10 days vacation and...
I'm already going to three weddings this year.
Why do you let a man in a suit tell you when you get to be naked in the sun?
Health insurance.
Okay, so I'll be in Bali for... 6 hours.
If you in Bali you have to swing by Bangkok.
I mean it is such a vibrant culture it would be irresponsible not to.
There's a five hour flight for $200 on an airline where, I think one of their planes recently disappeared?
Live bold.
Oooh, I booked it again!
Murph, don't listen to her! She isn't enlightened, she's just rich.
Good experience, from travelling.
Ok, and money.
Look, travelling is not a necessity, and I'm happy you get to do it, but please don't make us feel bad if we can't.
I feel like I really lost myself.
But there's one place I always know I can find myself.
Guess it's time for me to hop on a first class flight to Madagascar and stay in this palace I found on Airbnb.
You know what they say.
Take only memories.
Leave only footprints.
Why are you friends with her?
She always brings me Turkish Delight!
How did she get on a roof?
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我們都有這種朋友:為什麼你整天都可以出國、不用工作! (Your Rich Friend Who Travels All the Time (Hardly Working))

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