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- What do you think about the SE's size?
Do you like it,
or too small?
- So this is the question without
a definitive answer.
Yes, by today's standards,
the iPhone SE is small.
It's a four inch display, and personally,
I don't think I could back to a screen that size,
but it doesn't mean it's not
the right option for everyone.
The most important point you need
to remember about the SE
is that it's not the iPhone 7.
As obvious as that sounds,
acknowledging that fact
is the only way to look at the SE for what it is.
I've watched countless videos
looking at the SE as a step back from the 6S.
They've gone back to a smaller screen,
they've moved the sleep/wake button
back from the side to the top,
and in reality, they didn't.
The SE is an iteration of the 5S,
not the 6S.
It's simply an option for those who want
2016 performance without a bigger form factor.
Now for scale, here's what Instagram looks like
on the SE and the 6S,
so this should give you a good idea
of what you're sacrificing on a smaller screen,
but also potentially what you're gaining
with a larger one.
So for me, I appreciate the extra screen real estate.
Putting myself on the other side of the fence,
I can see the appeal towards the size of the SE,
and surprisingly, there are quite a few people
out there who didn't want to upgrade
to the 6 or the 6S simply because
they didn't want a bigger phone.
For me, typing was definitely a struggle at first,
but the more I used it,
the more comfortable I got.
Do I enjoy typing on a four inch screen?
Absolutely not, but I think that's because
I'm coming from a 6S Plus,
and while I do think typing is generally easier on a bigger display,
if you're coming from a 5, a 5S,
or even something like a 4S,
you will feel right at home.
The other thing that I noticed for me anyways
is that this is not a two handed phone,
and once I embraced that,
whether it be swiping or typing,
that is where I felt most comfortable with the SE
On top of that, I think most of us can agree
the look and the design of the 5S
is classy as hell.
So I'm not sure if a redesign or a shrunken down
iPhone 6S would have made much sense.
If that were the case,
there would need to be a bigger battery,
there would be a camera hump like the 6S,
and most importantly,
you could not stand the iPhone SE upright
without a salt shaker.
Now there are subtle tweaks on the SE
that will let you know it isn't a 5S,
the most obvious being the SE branding on the bottom,
but then there's also a stainless steel Apple logo,
matte chamfered edges, and a new rose gold color.
- Is the iPhone SE really as powerful
as the iPhone 6S?
- Surprisingly, it is.
And to me, the iPhone SE is basically Isaiah Thomas.
It's small, but fast as hell,
and somehow hangs with the giants.
Inside is the same A9 processor
found on the 6S and 6S Plus,
and sure, on paper, it sounds fancy.
Two times faster CPU performance,
three times better GPU performance,
but what does it all mean?
So to actually show you performance
between the iPhone SE and the 6S,
what I did was take a 30 second 4K
iMovie project and exported them on both,
and surprisingly, you might not have expected it,
but export times between the SE and the 6S
were nearly identical.
Now that's cool, but I also wanted to showcase
what you're potentially gaining if you're upgrading from a 5 or a 5S.
So in this case, I have a one minute
1080p iMovie project,
and the reason I'm not doing 4K
is simply because the 5 and 5S
do not support 4K.
But this should give you a really good idea
of how much faster the SE is compared to the 5S
and how much it obliterates the 5.
Now the other major upgrade to the iPhone SE
is the camera.
We see a jump where the iPhone 5S
had an eight megapixel camera,
up to 12 on the iPhone SE.
There's not a huge difference
if we're talking strictly quality
from the 5S to the SE,
but where there is a significant difference
is comparing the SE to the iPhone 5.
Overall, it is a really good camera.
The interface is extremely simple to use.
It has fantastic dynamic range,
and really it is a smart phone camera
that you can trust to get a good shot.
Now picture wise, where there really wasn't
a huge difference jumping from the 5S to the SE,
where you do see a big difference is video.
The iPhone 5S maxed out at 1080p,
whereas with the SE, you can record 4K video.
The video you're watching right now
is in 4K, so for scale and for context,
here's an iPhone 5S video at 1080p.
This is an example of how many pixels
you're losing with 1080p versus 4K.
So not only are you getting more pixels,
you're also getting really fantastic looking video.
One thing to take note though
is out of the box, the iPhone SE
is not going to shoot 4K video.
You actually have to go into Settings
and System Preferences
and change it from 1080p up to 4K.
Now I assume the reason it's set to 1080 by default
is to save space on the iPhone,
and that's where you gotta be careful
because roughly a seven minute 4K video clip
on the iPhone SE takes up nearly three gigs.
So if 4K video recording's appealing to you
and that's something you want to do with the iPhone SE,
I would heavily consider stepping up
to the 64 gigabyte model.
That way, you're not constantly needing to dump
and delete footage.
Now of course, everything is not rainbows and unicorns,
so there are some sacrifices
with the iPhone SE compared
to what you'd get on the iPhone 6S.
For starters, the front facing camera
is only 1.7 megapixels compared to five
on the iPhone 6S.
I understand the iPhone SE is a lower cost phone
priced at 399 and 499,
but to me, this is where I really feel
Apple fell short here because something
like a front facing camera
is really important to a lot of people.
The other noticeable difference for me
coming from a 6S Plus was touch ID.
It is nowhere near as fast.
Now again, it's not unusable, but I think this
is where the 6S and 6S Plus really spoiled me
because with that, it is literally a touch to unlock,
whereas with the SE, you kinda gotta wait a second.
Lastly, the other big missing feature
from the 6S or 6S Plus is 3D touch.
Now this was probably the least important
missing feature on the SE in my opinion.
It's cool and it's useful on a 6S and 6S Plus,
but I don't know how practical it would be
on a four inch display.
Plus I understand that is a big reason why
the iPhone SE is cheaper.
It's really just things like the front facing camera
and touch ID where I would have loved
to see Apple go the extra mile.
At the end of the day,
the iPhone SE is what it is.
It's not innovative,
it's not fresh, but I don't think it's trying to be.
What it is however is exactly what it's intended for.
It is a really solid smart phone choice
for those who don't want a bigger screen
but want better performance,
4K video recording, and a better camera.
You definitely are sacrificing screen real estate
with a smaller screen,
but if you're coming from a 5 or a 5S,
battery life is better.
It is still a great one handed phone,
but now you don't have to deal
with slow performance.


IPHONE SE的真相 (The truth about the iPhone SE!)

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