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  • Echo.


  • (offbeat music).


  • Fairytales are wonderful, magical stories that capture children's imaginations and delight and entertain them.


  • Well, maybe today, at least, but in some of the original versions of fairytales, recorded by guys like the Brothers Grimm, fairytales play a little more like installments from the Saw franchise.


  • Listen.


  • (low, ominous sounds).


  • You know that Cinderella has a magical encounter at the ball with the prince, right?


  • And, she leaves her glass slipper behind, which he later uses to identify her.


  • Well, in the Brothers Grimm version of the story, which they recorded in 1812, it's a little darker.

    根據格林兄弟 1812 年所記載的版本,內容其實有點黑暗。

  • Cinderella's wicked stepsisters try to get in on that glass slipper action by carving off some of their feet so they can jam it in there.

    灰姑娘的邪惡姐姐們 (繼母之女) 在試穿玻璃鞋時,切除自己部份的腳,只為可以塞進那支玻璃鞋裡。

  • Luckily, some pigeons that happen to be hanging out nearby point out all of the blood, and the wicked stepsisters are found out.


  • Later on, those same pigeons poke out Cinderella's wicked stepsisters' eyes at her wedding.


  • Cinderella's not the only fairytale that features step-family, brutal revenge action.


  • At Snow White's wedding, the partygoers force Snow White's wicked stepmother to put on searing hot iron shoes and dance around until she collapses and dies.


  • Wha?


  • In the 1940 Disney version of Pinocchio, the little wooden rascal gets into a little bit of trouble with some shallow vices like gambling and fibbing, but in the original version, written in 1883 by Carlo Collodi, Pinocchio turns totally Patrick Bateman.

    1940 年迪士尼動畫版《木偶奇遇記》那個常常惹麻煩的小淘氣木偶有些陋習像是賭博和說謊,但在 1883 年卡洛‧柯洛迪原著中,皮諾丘完全是殺人魔。 (譯註:派翠克.貝特曼為《美國殺人魔》主角)

  • He bashes his good friend, the cricket, with a hammer, killing him.


  • You're familiar with the contours of the Rapunzel story.


  • There's a girl who's trapped in a tower by a crazed witch.


  • She has freakishly long hair that a prince climbs up and hangs out with her.


  • Well, in the early version, Rapunzel's hair is climbed up upon by the prince, sure, but while he's up there, he apparently gets her pregnant.


  • After the crazed witch finds out, she goes berserk, cuts off Rapunzel's hair, banishes her to a desert and forces the prince to jump from the tower.


  • He, apparently being unaware that he's in a Grimm fairytale, fails to cover his eyes on the way down and lands in a thorn bush.


  • His eyeballs are, of course, gouged out.


  • If we're going with the 1827 Hans Christian Andersen version of the Little Mermaid, no one in their right mind would want to be Part of Your World.

    將時光倒轉回 1827 年安徒生版本的小美人魚,根本沒有人會想參與她的海底世界。

  • In this telling, the sea witch traps the Little Mermaid's voice by cutting off her tongue and putting it in a shell for safekeeping.


  • At the end, the mermaid is given a choice of turning back into a mermaid by stabbing the prince in the heart and bathing her feet in his blood after he splits on her for somebody else.


  • What's your favorite grizzly fairytale?


  • Let us know in the comments section below, and head on over to to read 10 fairytales that were way darker than you realized as a kid.

    在底下留言告訴我們,並到我們的網站「」去讀那 10 則你在孩提時代想都想不到的黑暗故事。

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