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  • When you are in the McDonald's having a Big Mac meal,

  • when you are enjoying the game at stadium,

  • when you are sitting in the couch and staring at your TV screen,

  • what is always with you? Soft drinks

  • and that is almost the truth for everyone.

  • Sugary foods are always make people drooling,

  • and why is that?

  • That is because our brain is sort of

  • addicted to that sweet taste,

  • and that is why drinking

  • soft drinks are make us feel rewarding.

  • However, diet high in carbohydrates

  • may cause dental caries and with the low active lifestyle,

  • which many people does,

  • may finally leading to obesity

  • which is known as a precursor

  • for variety of diseases, such as type 2 diabetes

  • and even atherosclerosis.

  • Thanks to the discovery of low-calories substitute of sugar,

  • we can still enjoy the sweet taste while without suffering the diseases

  • correlated with excessive intake of sugar (carbohydrates).

  • Aspartame is one of them.

  • Aspartame is a nonnutritive sweetener which is accidentally discovered

  • by American scientist J. M. Schlatter in early 1960s,

  • and it has approved for use in many countries,

  • including Canada.

  • Table sugar, yogurt, chewing gums,

  • bread spread, bakeries, salad dressing,

  • and, of course, the soft drinks are all allowed use aspartame as its sweetener.

  • Even though it is nice and low-calorie,

  • but does it mean it is safe?

  • Aspartame, at the most of circumstances, will release

  • three molecules in our blood stream:

  • phenylalanine, aspartate, and methanol,

  • which all are ubiquitous in our food sources.

  • So aspartame should be safe for the majority of population in moderate doses.

  • However people with PKU should avoid that kind of molecules.

  • Aspartame is safe low calories substitute for sugar

  • but, still, you need to drink in moderation.

  • If you want to keep healthy and skinny

  • the only action you can take is a balanced meal with regular exercises.

  • By Tommy Z. Yuan (2015).

When you are in the McDonald's having a Big Mac meal,


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阿斯巴甜簡介 (A Brief Introduction to Aspartame)

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