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Busan is South Korea's second-largest city after Seoul,
and is around 350 kilometres to the South of the capital.
Where Seoul is a polished, modern city, Busan is a seaside port
of great charm and natural beauty.
There are some beautiful beaches and parks in Busan,
and one of South Korea's most popular summer destinations is Haeundae Beach,
which attracts holidaymakers from all over the country,
to its white sands, as well as for the five-star hotels and casinos along the esplanade.
Not far away is Nurimaru APEC House,
which is a modern version of traditional Korean design.
The building was used for the 2005 APEC Meeting
and is set in lovely gardens on the coast.
Further to the South, Taejongdae Park in Yeongdo-gu,
is well-known for its rocky beach,
but there are also lovely walking paths that wind through the coastal hills,
where you can explore temples, a lighthouse,
and more than 200 types of evergreen trees.
Busy Jagalchi Market specialises in seafood,
with one half dedicated to fresh seafood,
and the other half selling dried and preserved produce.
Being right next to the port,
you're always guaranteed to get the pick of the city's freshest catch.
Connected to the city center by subway,
the huge Shinsegae Centum City is the world's largest department store.
Covering half-a-million square meters,
the shopping complex has hundreds of shops, restaurants and entertainment venues.
Busan lets visitors experience a little of South Korea's traditional lifestyle,
but also offers every modern convenience, making Busan a wonderful holiday destination.


南韓.釜山 (Busan Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia)

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