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Surveys show that most people want to die “quickly, in their sleep, and without notice”
but the odds of that happening for you are incredibly low.
So, when the time comes, how are you most likely to die?
In 1901, the average life expectancy of humans was 31 years old,
and in just over 100 years, that average has gone up to 71.
If you live in a developed nation like France or Canada,
you’ll likely live closer to 82,
while developing or majority world countries like Rwanda age to 64 on average.
And many of these people die in weird ways,
including 27 people from selfie-related accidents in 2015.
One man died of heart failure and exhaustion after playing Starcraft for 50 hours on end.
And annually 100 people die in Russia from falling ice.
Not to mention about 70 children will choke to death on hot dogs every year.
But if we use the United States as an example of the western world,
we had over 318 million people living in 2014, of which more than 2.6 million died.
Almost half of these people died of heart disease or cancer,
which is much different than 100 years ago
when most people died from tuberculosis and influenza.
Scientific advancements such as antibiotics and vaccines
have allowed us to die less often of the flu or TB,
and even decreased how often we die of cancer.
In the 1970's, the survival rate from cancer was only 50%.
Today that has increased to 68%, with 15.5 million cancer survivors alive in the US today.
Unfortunately, both heart disease and cancer aren't 'sudden killers’
and involve mostly long, drawn out deaths.
In fact, 60% of deaths in hospital are attributed to one of these,
with 1 in 10 of those individuals being in a hospital for a month or more.
Of course, sudden deaths do happen,
with over 136,000 people dying of unintentional injuries or accidents in 2014, in the US.
The media can also affect our fear and anxiety of death from strange causes.
After all, not one person died of a shark attack in the US during 2014,
but 38 people were killed by dogs that year.
Many fear biking within a city, but you're more likely to die walking as a pedestrian,
with 6,200 pedestrians killed, and only 900 killed in bike accidents.
For every 1 person that dies in a terrorist attack, 80 will die from alcoholism.
In fact, a majority of terrorist activity in the west is caused by lone wolf attackers,
of which 80% were not islamic fundamentalists, but instead,
political extremists, nationalist, racial and religious supremacists.
On a worldwide scale in 2015, 78% of all terrorists deaths occurred in just five countries:
Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan and Syria.
Where you live has a big impact on how you're likely to die too;
in the 34 poorest countries, you're most likely to die of respiratory problems,
not from cigarettes, but from ingesting smoke while cooking.
Females in Japan are less likely to die of heart disease, and live to 87 years old on average,
compared to 80 years old for American females.
This is often attributed to the Japanese diet.
In the future, we'll likely not only live longer,
but potentially know exactly how and when we’ll die.
In fact, a recent computer software has been developed
that has been shown to estimate how and when you will die with 96% accuracy,
based on medical history, lifestyle and many other factors.
The question is - do you want to know how and when you'll die?
Let us know in the comments below.
You can also find out the Top 5 Regrets People Have Before Dying in our Asap THOUGHT video.
Link in the description for that video.
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你會如何死去呢? (How Will You Die?)

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Sh, Gang (Aaron) 發佈於 2017 年 4 月 5 日   Nana Chen 翻譯   Mandy Lin 審核



odds 指「...發生的機率、可能性」,可以用在賭博、統計或日常生活中。
What are the odds of conceiving twins?
= What are the chances of conceiving twins?

表達「...很有可能發生」,可以說 The odds are that…
Judging by our current progress, the odds are that we won't be able to finish in time.
= Judging by our current progress, (the) chances are that we won't be able to finish in time.

表達「機率對...不利」,也就是「勝算不大、不太可能發生」,可以 The odds are against… 表示。
The odds are against us this time around.

against all odds 則是指「在重重阻撓、不利之下(仍舊成功)」。
He made it to the top three against all odds.

創業家的十項迷思 The 10 Myths of Entrepreneurship

2not to mention0:48
not to mention 指「更不用說...」,另一個意義相同的片語為 let alone
My wallet was stolen. Losing money is bad enough, not to mention my credit cards, my ID card, and my driver's license.

I don't even know her that well, let alone her family.

山寨星巴克?笨蛋星巴克報你知 "Dumb Starbucks" America's Newest Coffee Shop!

3attribute… to…1:42
片中的 attributed to 指「屬於、被歸因於」 ,主動語氣 attribute...to… 指「把...歸因於...」。注意!attribute 作為動詞用時重音在第二音節 [əˋtrɪbjʊt]喔!
He attributed the growth of his company to the hard work of his employees.

You should attribute the quotation to the person who said it if you decide to include it in your article.

unintentional 指「不經意的」,另一個意思相似的字為 accidental
She claimed that the inconsistency found in her report was unintentional.

intentional 則指「故意的」,另一個意思相似的字為 deliberate
The team leader made an intentional mistake in her presentation to check if any of her members was paying attention to her.

unintentionalintentional 的副詞形式則分別為 unintentionallyintentionally
He unintentionally sent his message to the wrong person.

名詞 intention 的意思為「意圖」。
It was never my intention to hurt anyone.

動詞 intend 意思為「有意要(做某事)」,後面通常是接 to + verb,另一個類似的用法為 mean to + verb
I didn't intend to hurt anyone.
= I didn't mean to hurt anyone.

小編想要在這邊提醒一下 instead 的用法,instead 沒有一個直接相對應的中文翻譯,用來表達類似「代替...」的概念。在使用時,要注意後面有沒有加 of ,因為意思完全相反喔,請看例句:
Instead of staying home and finishing the project due tomorrow, he spent the night hanging out with his friends and getting wasted.

He didn't stay home and finish the project due tomorrow, but instead spent the night hanging out with his friends and getting wasted.

He didn't stay home and finish the project due tomorrow; instead, he spent the night hanging out with his friends.

He didn't stay home and finish the project due tomorrow; he spent the night hanging out with his friends and getting wasted instead.

簡單來說,instead of 後面接的就是「被取代的行為、事件」,但 instead 後面接的則是「取代(他人他物)的那方」。

每年竟然平均有 70 個小朋友因為吃熱狗噎死...真的死得太冤枉了!現在科技竟然進步到能以96% 準確度預估我們的壽命,不過真的有人敢去預測嗎...




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