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When it comes to making a big bang, so to speak
these are the moments we cherish most.
(Howard) What's going on, day dwellers?
Welcome to WatchMojo.com
and today, we're counting down our picks
for the top 10 moments from "The Big Bang Theory"
(Howard) You'd think that after all these years
I'd know not to fly over volcanos
I'm a frickin' idiot
For this list, we'll be browsing through the backlogue
of one of CBS' most popular shows
(Leonard) Penny, you've got cheetos in your hair...
(Penny) Oh, thanks.
Highlighting the scenes and sequences that we found best represent the sitcom.
(Leonard) Sheldon, you can't be selfish. We all paid for it, so it belongs to all of us.
Now, get out of the way, so I can sit in my time machine.
From heartwarming confessions, to pop culture references.
From wacky comedic timing, to surprising character breakthroughs.
We find these moment to be the most enduring.
(Leonard) We all have other costumes, we can change.
(Raj) Or, we can walk right behind each other all night.
It will look like one person going really fast.
(Sheldon) Your acomplishment was impressive, and I'm proud of you.
(Amy) We both know, that's your koala face!
(Sheldon) I told you.
Turns out trinkets and knick-knacks have a lot more power then expected.
At least that's what we gathered when Sheldon brings his girlfriend, Amy, a tiara,
as penance for his lack of interest in her achievements.
(Penny) Okay, look. He bought you this.
(Amy) Jewellery? Seriously?
Amy's prepared to tear him a new one, calling him out for being manipulative, until she sees the tiara
and all the ill will disappears
(Amy) Sheldon, you the most shallow, self-centered person I have ever met.
Do you really think another transparently manip... Oh, it's a tiara!
What seals the scene though, is Sheldon's visible displeasure with the whole situation.
Plus, it's wonderful to see Amy so happy.
(Penny) You look beautiful
(Amy) Of course, I do! I'm a princess and this is my tiara!
(Howard) So my dear, we meet again.
(Katee Sackhoff) Hello Howard, I've missed you.
Everyone needs advice on romance at some point, but it's not usually as odd as this.
In "The Hot Troll Deviation", Howard is coping with the end of his relationship with Bernadette,
which means a lot of imaginary flirting with Katee Sackhoff from "Battlestar Galactica".
(Katee Sackhoff) One question.
(Howard) Anything.
(Katee Sackhoff) Why am I wearing my "Battlestar Galactica" flight suit in bed?
(Howard) Why are you in bed with me?
If we start to question this, it all falls apart.
However, Howard's fantisies reach a whole new level of weird, when he also imagines George Takei
as a romantic adviser
(George Takei) No, no, no. A lady wants to be wooed. Courted slowly
Sackhoff and Takei's back and forth is fleeting fun, especially when the question of Howard's
sexuality comes up.
(Bernadette) What's George Takei doing here?
(Katee Sackhoff) Howard, do you have latent homosexual tendencies?
(Howard) Of course not.
(George Takei) So you say.
(Leonard) You cannot possibly be that arrogant.
(Sheldon) You continue to underestimate me, my good man.
The things people do for validation.
Leonard, in the middle of giving a presentation on a paper that he and Sheldon co-wrote,
is disrupted by a question, from a livid Sheldon himself
(Leonard) Are there any questions?)
(Sheldon) Yeah, what the hell was that?
The resulting argument quickly escalates, as they both accuse each other of being egotistical,
leading Sheldon to try to blow up Leonard's head with his mind.
(Sheldon) Okay, that is it.
(Leonard) Stop...
(Leonard) You cannot blow up my head with your mind!
(Sheldon) Then I'll settle for an anurism
And thus, the dispute get's physical, with both scientists eventually fighting on the floor, mid-presentation,
in hilariously pathetic fashion.
Which, later, goes viral on YouTube.
(Howard) Hey, check it out. It's a featured video.
(Sheldon, in video) You hit me. You saw that, he hit me.
(Leonard, in video) You tried to blow up my head
(Sheldon, in video) So it was working.
(Leonard, in video) It was not wor... You are a nutcase!
(Sheldon, in video) Well, we'll see about that. You people on the front row, heads up. This is a splash zone.
(Raj) Foamy vengeance.
(Sheldon) Yes, exactly.
We sense that Dr. Cooper may have misjudged the situation.
(Sheldon, in video) This classic prank comes to you from the malevolent mind of Sheldon Cooper.
Sheldon plots to get back at his university co-worker, Barry Kripke, for an amusing helium-based prank
that embarrased him during a live radio interview.
(Sheldon, in a high pitch voice) As I was saying, an ordinary magnet has two poles,
the primary characteristic of a mono-pole is that is has only one pole.
Hence, mono-pole.
The plan Sheldon concocts involves dumping foam onto Kripke, via a false ceiling in Kripke's lab.
(Kripke) I think the board will really appreciate how well we're using that NSA grant, President Siebert.
Right here, we have a micro-controlled plasma...
All well and good except for one detail.
The university president and board of directors are also caught in the prank.
The video of Sheldon gloating and naming his friends as co-conspirators , certainly doesn't help matters.
(Sheldon, in video) If you'd like to see the look on your stupid face, this video is being instantly
uploaded to YouTube.
Oh, and a hat-tip to Leonard Hofstadter and Raj Koothrapali for their support and encouragement
in this enterprise.
(Leonard) Stars are pretty, aren't they?
(Howard) Up above the world so high, like little diamonds in the sky.
There's unwinding, and then there's just letting go of any form of inhibition.
While on a camping trip to watch a meteor shower, Leonard, Howard and Raj partake in some
homemade cookies, courtesy of some very odd sounding older women.
(Howard) Look, they gave me homemade cookies.
(Leonard) Of course they did. That's what grandmothers do.
What follows is a drug trip of incredible proportions, as each of the three scientists descends into a spiral
of nervous hunger, hysterical laughter and unnecessary confessions.
(Leonard) What's so funny?
(Raj) It's your american accent. Everything you say sounds stupid.
(Immitating Leonard) "Stars are pretty, aren't they?"
From Leonard disliking his own name to Howard admitting he lost his virginity to his cousin,
everyone brings an embarrasing secret to the table.
(Leonard) It has "nerd" in it.
(Leonard) "Leo-nard"
(Howard) I lost my virginity to my cousin, Jeanie.
(Sheldon) "One ring to rule them all"
(Raj) "On ring to find them"
(Howard) "One ring to bring them all"
(Leonard) "And in the darkness, bind them"
Though the circumstance is questionable, this one might be a long time coming.
(Raj) Holy crap, are we nerdy?
In this episode, the guys come across one of the actual rings used as a prop in the "Lord of the Rings" movies.
Leonard claims the ring for the time being, though Sheldon isn't happy about it, and will do just about
anything to keep it for himself.
(Howard) Gentlemen, this is the one ring.
(Sheldon) Mine.
As Leonard and Penny sleep, Sheldon attempts to steal the ring off of Penny's neck
which leads Penny to punch Sheldon in the face.
(Sheldon) You hit me! I'm bleeding!
While violence might be a bit extreme, it's hard not to call this scene gratifying.
(Leonard) What was that?
(Penny) Sheldon tried to take the ring and I punched him.
(Leonard) That's my girl
(Leonard) Hi, I'm Dr. Hafstadter. Where is he?
(Security Guard) Ball pit
Sheldon's mental stability is rarely as questionable as it is in this scene.
(Sheldon) You can start sorting protons and neutrons while I build carbon atoms.
Under great stress and deprived of sleep, Sheldon manages breaks into a ball pit in a bid to solve
a scientific conundrum
(Leonard) Hey Shelly.
What'ya doing?
(Sheldon) Size ratio was all wrong. Couldn't visualize it, needed bigger carbon atoms
When Leonard comes to retrieve his roomate, Sheldon refuses to leave, and then dives into the balls.
(Leonard) If you don't come out of there, I'm gonna have to drag you out.
(Sheldon) You can try, but you'll never catch me.
Seeing Leonard desperataly dig through the ball pit is amusing enough, but Sheldon's child-like resistance
while repeating "Bazinga" absolutely makes this sequence worth a watch.
(Leonard) Sheldon, come here!
(Sheldon) Bazinga!
(Raj) You slipped and fell into a robot hand?
(Howard) Yes
(Raj) Penis first?
Anyone else wanna know how Howard thought this was a good idea?
(Leonard) I'd suggest a lubricant but I have a feeling you fell on some of that as well.
(Howard) Not funny, Leonard.
In the first episode of season 4, things kick of in proper fashion with Howard's use of a robot arm.
Initially for unpacking take-out, then a massage, then, well, a different kind of massage.
(Howard) Oh yeah, just like a real hand!
Unfortunately for Wolowitz, the robot's hand get's stuck on his genitals, forcing him to call Raj and Leonard
for help.
(Leonard) Hold on. Howard, Howard, slow down. The robot hand is stuck on your what?
You're not gonna believe this...
It's already a ridiculously funny scene, with his friends suggesting terrible methods for freeing Howard adding
to the absurdity.
(Raj) How about we get an electric saw and cut it off?
(Howard) What? No saws. One circumcision was enough...
(Sheldon) You betrayed me, Wil Wheaton. Now, I have my revenge.
And this is where an induring rivalry was born.
(Sheldon) I, I, I, I don't understand. You're grandmother's alive?
(Wil Wheaton) Oh. You catch on quick.
Picture this. You're in the middle of a heated card game, and you're mortal nemesis, Wil Wheaton,
claims he missed a convension appearence because his grandmother passed away.
(Wil Wheaton) Oh, dude. My grandmother had just died, and I had to go to her funeral
Your "meemaw" died?
Sheldon, faced with this information, chooses to forfeit the game and end his grudge against Wheaton,
Only, SURPRISE! Wheaton made the whole thing up just to win the game.
(Wil Wheaton) I call my "meemaw" nana, and she's going to be very happy to hear that my small rock kills your
enchanted bunny
Game over, Moon Pie.
As Sheldon shouts his foe's name to the sky, we too feel anguish at being deceived, and we're maybe we're
chuckling a bit at Sheldon having a nemesis.
(Sheldon) WHEATON!
Before we unveil our number 1 pick, here are some honorable mentions...
(Sheldon) Greetings friends.
(Leonard) Greetings, whatever the hell you are.
(Leonard) Not yours
(Penny) Leonard, why do you always do this. Listen to me, you are the one I'm with. You know I love you.
So will you please relax, because you're driving me crazy?
(Everybody) By the power vested in us, by the state of California...
(Sheldon) and the Klingon High Council
(Everbody) ...we now pronounce you, husband and wife
(Sheldon) Now, let's gaze into each other's eyes. You blinked, I win.
(Amy) Sheldon...
(Sheldon) Let's see, what's next? Oh, kissing's romantic.
(Raj) I bet you're an actress. If not, you should be, you have a very expressive face.
(Angela) Oh my god.
(Raj) Wait? Where are you going? We were doing so well?
(Penny, singing) Soft kitty, warm kitty...
(Sheldon, singing) Little ball of fur...
(Sheldon) You will be pleased to know, I am prepared for whatever you have to offer.
If there's one thing this show never fails to do, it's provide us with hilarious bonding moments
that remind us why these mismatched neighbors are friends in the first place.
Faced with uncertainty about what Christmas gift to give Penny, Sheldon decides to accept her gift first,
to ensure that whatever he gives her in return will be of the same value
(Sheldon) I will open her gift to me first, and then excuse myself, feigning digestive distress,
then, I will look up the price of her gift online, choose the basket closest to that value, give it to her,
and then I'll return the others for a full refund.
Both he and the audience are surprised to learn it's a napkin, signed and used by Leonard Nemoy.
(Sheldon) "To Sheldon, Live Long and Prosper...
"...Leonard Nimoy"
A shaking, overwhelmed Sheldon not only gives Penny all the gift baskets he can carry, but he takes it a step
further, with a heartfelt hug. A true Christmas miracle...
(Sheldon) Here...
Do you agree with our list?
(Leonard) Look, if you weren't happy with my presentation, then maybe you should've given it with me.
What's you favourite moment from "The Big Bang Theory"?
(Sheldon) Wil Wheaton decided he had better things to do then to show up and sign my action figure.
For more stand-out top 10s published every day, be sure to subscribe to Watchmojo.com
(Raj) You should write that down, before someone steals it.


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