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I work for the Royal Australian Airforce
I initially joined as a pilot,
but I didn't pass pilot's course, so I switched to air traffic control
A lot people here have a background in aviation and it can be advantageous.
However they're air traffic controllers from all walks of life.
I have to check the day's schedules before I start and see if there has been any changes to the local orders,
including any changes to radio telephony or separation standards.
Safety is our primary concern.
They're regulations just at every situation, and I need to know them all!
This is a training base, so the pilots are learning basic skills.
In this room we're monitoring the flight paths outside the Tower
and letting the pilots know what they can and can't do!
It's a team environment, It takes more than just a pilot,
to safely fly a plane.
You've also got Ground control, Tower control
people like myself in the approach room.
and other traffic control agencies all needing information on each individual flight.
You might have to take information from all different areas at once.
You might have aircraft talking to you, other controllers talking to you, taking information from the radar screen
and also needing to write on flight progress strips.
You need to be able to calmly interpret all the information.
Determine what you are going to do and say. Make a plan and carry it through!
Time for a break!
It's good to get away from the screens for awhile although most times,
you find yourself doing more work on tasks such as administration, stock control
briefings and training.
Part of the job is to provide training to other people
so they can learn the skills to be able to do the job by themselves.
".. by talking to tango 211 first when you cross the line, that way,
when 226 calls us, we have time to sort him out, where as if we waited
226 calls us we deal with him have a bit of a chat, tango 211
now gets initial approach fix, we haven't given him decent, so if we can do it
get it out of the way, straight out of the way."
Working for the defense forces
you get posted different places roughly every three to five years.
Some people don't like it.
But would be good to see new places, faces and bases.
" Kilo Whiskey Oscar, Pearce Centre identified seven zero miles south of Perth veered Bunbury
Perth, Jandakot flight level One Three Zero
Raptor, Pearce Centre, we have a civil aircraft transiting Romeo One Six Six at flight level
One Three zero
Can you except operation not below five one four zero?"
(Radio chatter: not below five one four zero and how long)
It‘s good to have maths and physics skills
to this job.
The one thing you learn is diplomacy. Sir! we got Kilo Whiskey Oscar
tracking Bunbury to Perth at flight level One Three Zero
we also have raptor tracking down to gulf
flight level one four zero
Their not willing to accept operations not below flight five four one zero
what do you reckon we should do?
keep Kilo Whiskey Oscar over land
and we will get Raptor over water there
OK! for the transmit
Raptor! do expect under restricted operations over water and gulf,
turn right, heading
One Niner Zero to establish
If we could do something with Springbok two eight zero and Raptor there
They are going to conflict at Canac
so we probable need to give them on track direct!
to his way point position
Springbox two eight zero cancel sid.
Redirect position to three three south one zero five east.
see if we can push them down quickly sir!
Max rate of decent
we'll tidy this up. Get Raptor full clearance
Everything that you do is recorded every transmission, every mouse click!
these are kept upon backup tape for thirty days. So we can review them and see exactly what happened
This is an environment governed by regulations
but it isn't black and white either.
You need to be flexible in applying the rules, to achieve the results
Every air traffic controller has had a time when they've thought, Boy that
was close!
But everyday brings a new sequence of aircraft and getting through it successfully
is really rewarding


飛航管制 (Air Traffic Controller - Try it for 5)

935 分類 收藏
John Lee 發佈於 2016 年 8 月 29 日    Su Kids 翻譯    Mandy Lin 審核
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