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The nuke will be handed over...
at 13:00 tomorrow.
Thus, this facility will be shut down, too.
I saw this coming.
Damn Yankees!
They would never let us have nuclear weapons. It's not only the US.
But Japan and China as well.
Our governments can't...
Until when do we have to play the underdog?
I won't let them take the nuke from us.
What do you suggest? Going to war?
If they threaten us, we should.
Calm down, KANG. I'm frustrated, too.
Though we've built a nuke,
we're no match for them.
Nuclear armaments were a brilliant idea.
But it was far- fetched.
You know why Arabic countries can't mess with Israel?
It's nuclear weapons that Israel possesses.
Since the North- South summit we've worked together here...
to build a nuke.
Our history is filled with countless foreign invasions.
The nuke will help put an end to our shameful history.
I can't throw all that away.
Our Great Leader has decided!
Know your place, Major.
Now, the handover process.
Doktor Kim? -Yes.
According to Ukraine's former example hand over a Atomic bomb to USSR...
we must hand over a nuclear warhead under the witness.
The warhead will be removed at 9 in the morning.
Isn't that fantastic?
Let's drink!
Of all the ICBMs...
ours was the only missile with an undetectable body.
It means we could've been the only country...
to launch a preemptive strike against the US.
My genius often scares the hell out of myself.
Thank You, thank you.
Everybody, listen! -Yes Sir.
Sadly, our governments aren't powerful enough.
However I have no doubt that...
the two Koreas will be reunited.
Let's make a toast. -We are one country!
And strong.
A comet with the cycle of 433 years will travel over the peninsula...
around 4 tomorrow morning.
at the speed of 37.000 KPH... which is faster than a bullet.
Said to be 9,000 times brighter than Haley's Comet...
it's the biggest comet that has.. passed through the solar system.
Some are concerned about the effect that it might cause the Earth.
- How about self-destruction? - 10 minutes.
What are you doing here?
Alarm in zone red. Men to all posts.
It's very unlikely that they've gone inland.
The only way to flee is by boat through this river into the west sea.
Going where?
Did they have help from outside?
If they have a ship waiting, anywhere on earth.
We have Special Forces in place.
They're to be killed on sight.
Let me lead the operation, general Nang.
Despite the order...
it won't be easy for them to kill their comrades.
Get everybody ready!
No matter what it takes, we have to retrieve the nuke.
Turn right!
Are you out of your mind? Give up, Major KANG!
Shut up, or I'll sew it up!
Stay close to the side.
Major KANG!
KANG, is this a sick joke?
Surrender now!
Say the word, Major!
Who fired?!
Sons of bitches!
I must be dreaming.
Bring me their heads!
With the leader gone, they're nothing.
What was that? -Did you hear that?
Let's go back.
Heavenly Soldiers!
Heavenly Soldiers! Heavenly Soldiers!
Heavenly Soldiers!
Let's get out of here.
It's your fault, asshole. -What is happening here?
Go ahead. -Shut up.
Without you, none of this would've happened.
My men and I are ready to die for our nation.
Shut the hell up.
You freaking thief!
Cut it out, will you?
Are we at war?
Listen, you two. We're in big trouble.
Can't you see?
By the way, where's the nuke?
Come on, guys.
That nuke is 100 times more powerful than the one dropped in Hiroshima.
And we have no clue where we are.
You see that we're in the same boat?
The whole world is against us.
I'll find the nuke.
I swear my life on it. How?
Don't worry, Park. I will find it.
What???? They're from Joseon.
You let those worms humiliate you?
They are extraordinary.
They have great powers.
They use weapons that I've never seen before.
There's no excuse, Nitanggae! No excuse!
I've disappointed you. Kill me. I am not worth it.
This is from the West. Far more powerful than a bow.
You're our best warrior. Show them what you're made of.
Kill them like you use to.
You have the power. Got that?
Come here, babe.
God damn, you stink!
Get him! Get him!
He took our weapons!
You bastard, stop.
After him.
Stop, bastard.
If I catch you, I'll hang you! - Buster, so fast!
Stop, asshole!
Where are our weapons?
Help! I'm being mugged!
- We're screwed! - Run!
I got them. Let go, asshole!
No way, you thieves! Let go!
I wish silence.
Your name and place of residence? -I didn't do anything wrong.
Why arrest me? -Shut up!
Identify yourself now!
Lee Soon-shin? Family origin is Duksu?
It's the same name as that legendary general.
So is the family origin.
Where are you from?
From Asan.
That's way down in the south.
You came up here to steal?
I'm not a thief like these scumbags!
If so, what are you doing in this border town?
I left home after failing the military test.
Gen. LEE failed it, too.
This is 1572?
This is not fair. I'm a law- abiding citizen.
They looked suspicious so I reported them.
Is that a crime? I try to serve the Emperor.
What did I do wrong to deserve this? -Stop lying, thief.
Have you seen a thief yelling, "Stop the Thief!"?
See how they're dressed.
Where are you from? -From North Korea...
That is...
- You! - Chief Inspector!
Stop with the hitting. Find his identity tag.
Yes, sir.
What's that?
What's this?
It's nothing.
Put it down, Inspector.
CHIEF Inspector! Don't talk to me like that.
It's a metal ball, sir.
So stupid, trusting a barbarian!
You! Stop interfearing.
How dare you lie to me!
I suggest you put it down. -I don't trust the barbarians.
Please, no.
Stop that. -Put the safety pin back in.
We where almost killed. He doesn't know what it is.
No, no. Put it back. Please, put it back in.
Or you blow us all up. He is going to kill us all.
Where'd you steal this?
I'll tell you everything.
Listen good. Put that back.
Or you blow us all up.
Should I work you more?
Oh, shit. Don't do that. -No.
No, don't. Watch out, you will blow us up.
We have stolen it. That's why we wear these uniforms.
Thank God. The safety is back in. I am saved.
Sir, they've confessed their crimes.
Yeah? Behead them tomorrow...
and hang up their heads.
Yes, sir. -Why don't you let me go?
Aren't you with them?
No way! I'm falsely accused!
Brother, it's all over.
Why don't you give up? Be a man, brother!
What are you talking about? I'm not his brother!
I don't know them. I've been framed!
Throw them in jail!
Yes, sir!
What year is this? - The Year of the Ape.
If so... Who's on the throne?
Watch it, pal.
His Majesty is so depressed because he's childless.
If you value your life, watch your mouth.
He's depressed? And childless?
Yes, he was childless.
So his collateral family member succeeded to the throne.
It was the first case in Joseon Dynasty.
If it's the Year of the Ape...
This is 1572. -You sure?
Yes, I read it in the comics. Son of a...
I was right!
2005 minus 1572...
...is 433.
It's the comet's cycle.
Are you saying the comet brought us to the past?
I should've trusted that diviner. He predicted that I'd do time.
Damn, my neck hurts. -Stop being a sissy.
You South Koreans are so fragile and superstitious.
How did I wind up with jerks like you?
Hey, thief. Wake-up.
Shut up if you wanna live till tomorrow.
Why is this happening to me?
This is just my luck. What?
Leave him alone. He's gonna die anyway.
Like you're gonna live?
We'll be rescued soon, and you'll die.
You've seen too much.
You're so lost.
I walk, and you die. I wasn't stealing...
but spying on you barbarians!
Stop calling us that, you thief!
What are you doing? -I'm not coming.
If I do, they will think I'm one of you.
I'm not digging my grave.
I'm not coming! No way!
I am not coming!
Let me ask you once for all.
Where are they?
Didn't I tell you? I'd thrown them in the river.
What are you doing?!
Stay out of it. I will do this my way.
Your family origin is Duksu?
Is your posthumous name...
...in the past: Yeohae? Is that right?
Who are you people digging up my background?
Did my father- in- law send you?
What are you doing in this village?
Lee Soon-shin.
Untie me. -Sergeant.
Yes, sir.
There's only one man with a posthumous name as Yeohae...
who failed the military test in 1752.
He's THE Gen. LEE?
You sure that jackass is Gen. LEE?
Who's Gen. LEE?
You ignorant bastard! You don't know?
He was a great general of Joseon who fought off the Japanese.
No, no. It was different.
It was our Great Leader who fought off the Japanese.
A man who had never been defeated.
A man who had become the sun for our nation.
Hail Gen. KIM Il- sung!
You buy that bullshit? So stupid!
You mix up everything. -That's not the point now.
We should retrieve our weapons.
Thank God!
God, I'm so itchy!
Spider webs are everywhere! Die!
What are you doing here?!
Good morning, General. I hope you slept well?
What's going on?
Oh God!
You damn barbarians! This is my place!
You shouldn't have run.
We have unfinished business. Don't we?
I said I'd thrown your stuff in the river.
Don't worry. We'll get them back.
With your help! Got it?
Come over here. Don't mind them.
They think...
I'm a barbarian because of you.
And this doesn't make things any easier for me.
We couldn't help it.
That cave wasn't good for us.
We'll stay with you. -What?
This is horseshit!
No way. I can't take you in.
If we get caught, I promise you...
you won't be safe, either.
Fine! There's one condition.
Do as I say in my place. Got that?
Screw you. - Sure, no problem.
This house has been vacant since the barbarians' attack.
And it'll stay that way. Understood?
Sure, if you do me a favor.
What writing brush is this?
Go ahead.
What's going on? What are you doing?
What's wrong with you?! Get me out!
I can't believe this.
You sure it's him? I guess he can't swim yet.
Go get him.
We'll start with physical training.
Drill Sergeant!
I won't go easy on you.
Get set! Go!
One, two, three!
What are you doing? Follow the demonstration!
One, two, three! One, two, three!
One, two, three!
Stop! Stop.
Why not doing it? -What do you want from me?
You failed the military test.
I'll help you pass it next time.
Lie on your back.
Lie on your belly.
Roll to the left.
Roll to the right.
Major, I got it.
If you don't like this, we'll move onto archery.
Show us what you got.
Why should I? You're not my boss.
They say that you were a great archer.
Come on, show us.
Go tell my father- in- law.
I failed it after 7 years of preparation.
I won't do it again.
Men aren't to give up that easily.
Try it again.
Now, we make a search!
Search far and away around 30km.
Yes, sir!
This is the invasion route of the barbarians.
Since 40~50 cavalrymen lead the van...
the local army is no match. -So, what do they do?
People say they do nothing but run for their lives.
That's the only thing they can do.
So inconvenient with the watch stopped.
We're still alive, though.
I don't think the nuke is around here.
There's nothing within a 5- km- radius.
Let's move to the next ridge.
He's not a general yet.
You shouldn't confuse him with his future.
What if things go wrong?
His future can be completely changed because of you.
I know you're disappointed about who he is now.
But that's part of history.
Don't get involved in his life.
Hey! They have more space than us.
Do your job right. Draw it again!
Yes, sir!
Damn... I saw everything.
You got me.
What are those? -What?
You want it?
Thank you.
Go back to your mommy. -I don't have one.
You don't? -Should I take you home?
Don't come back here.
Get up!
Find out who they are.
And don't make any mistakes.
Keep in mind that a mistake leads to death. Understood? Yes, Sir.
It's a shrine for the Queen who was poisoned to death.
Don't people come by to pray?
This place's been abandoned for years now.
Some of those who came here died mysteriously.
They say it's haunted.
People stay away from here even during the day.
Till now has nobody discovered the secret.
It's haunted? There are no ghosts.
You're such a scaredy- cat. No, I'm not.
There's a huge rat!
Do something!
You're way too big for me. Too heavy!
Why empty- handed? -"No work, no food.".
You know that old saying.
Maybe God so busy.
Hey, you can't raise that.
Where'd he find hemp?
It's a rare plant. Known to be extinct in our times.
Go away, will you?
You crossed the line!
Don't be so cheap with food.
Hey, you there!
Go back to your side. Go away!
Oh, General is here. Come eat with us.
You bastards!
Didn't I tell you?
Nobody lives here! -We'll be more careful.
I can't believe this.
What heavenly soldiers?
Didn't you hear the rumor?
When the barbarians attacked the neighboring village...
heavenly soldiers appeared out of nowhere...
and fought them all off in a heartbeat.
I see what you're up to.
You're making that up to get free drinks.
No, I'm not.
Two of them were put in jail.
But they took down the guards and disappeared.
They just disappeared. -Oh man, you drunk to much.
You're heavenly soldiers, aren't you?
What are you talking about?
Spill the beans.
I heard the rumor.
You're the ones who broke out of jail.
You beat the barbarians? -What do you mean?
No use asking your boss.
If you're a heavenly soldier, do me a small favor.
He doesn't look anything like this guy.
That's when he was older.
I see. Listen.
If he hadn't fought off the Japanese you know what could've happened?
Korea would've become a colony of Japan. Though we're divided into...
two Koreas now but we're still Koreans.
Thanks to Gen. LEE. I see.
Without him we where now no Koreans but Japanese.
Can you imagine that?
No. Then... He's a great general, indeed.
My god, what a body!
I would like to put her on her back. -Me too.
What the hell are you doing there?
Look who's talking.
Night vision isn't for this, you pervert!
Our DPRK made this.
Let me tell you. It shows everything.
S. Korea can't make this, can it?
You have no capabilities. -Capabilities?
Watching a girl bathe has nothing to do with capabilities, moron.
What are you doing here?
God! What?
I said shut up!
And be quiet. -You boys are silly.
A rock? You threw a rock at him?
You're unbelievable. Listen to yourself!
You perverts peeked at me taking a bath!
I'm a pervert? -Stop it now.
You're in the wrong. -Damn!
What's he upset for? Shame on him!
I'm glad you didn't hurt your legs.
If you had, you couldn't train for the military test.
What do you care?
Who says I'm taking it again?
Was that meant for me?
Don't be upset.
I'm not upset at you. -You sure?
Wow, this is nice. So many stars.
You like watching stars?
You got your own star?
Haven't you thought about it?
Of all the stars, there might be one...
just like you.
There's one. Which one?
It doesn't show very well in the dead of night.
But it becomes so bright at dawn.
Only for a little while until the sun comes up.
It reminds me of myself.
It must be Venus. -Venus?
It's the brightest star.
It stays until the early morning so people are confused.
They think it appears only at dawn.
I guess it's much like you in many ways.
Come, quickly.
Sit down.
Just a moment. I want to take apicture.
Have a bite.
Done shopping? -Yes, almost.
Heavy, isn't it?
Gen. LEE must be a genius.
They say geniuses recognize one another.
You're at it again.
Oh God!
Open your bag.
What's the matter, sir?
What are you...
Come with me.
What's wrong with them?
It's because of ginseng.
The security's been beefed up due to heavenly soldiers.
And ginseng smugglers made the situation worse.
They don't value their lives, or what?
Thanks for your help.
That's the only area we haven't searched.
Shouldn't we tell the others?
And we have no weapons.
Let's find the nuke first.
We'll see what we can do afterwards.
The Speed of the comet and the distance to the sun.
What? He's from a rebel family?
Yes, for the standards of this era.
His grandfather was involved in this revolution.
But it didn't succeed so that he was stigmatized.
So his family was banned from the civil service test.
LEE's father lived his entire life as a prodigal.
At the age of 18 LEE learned about the family history.
So he took a military test but didn't make it.
I got it! I got it!
The comet's cycle is 433 years.
1572 minus 433 is 1139.
There are some records on comets in this book that LEE gave me.
I worked out the halfway year...
of the year 2005 and 1139 and figured out the time of its comeback.
They use lunar calendar in this era.
You think I'm stupid? If it were the solar one, I would've found out long ago.
When's it coming back?
In 4 days. -4 days?
We have to do the following: -l will warn the others.
Do we know the location?
I don't know that yet.
Without knowing that, there's no use.
What if we have to stay till the Japanese invasion?
We should thank him.
Yes, thank you very much. Continue.
Keep up the good work, sir.
Sit down, asshole.
When are you going back home?
I'm not.
To be honest, you're quite different from what I imagined.
Yet, I trust you.
Don't. I don't even trust myself.
You're frustrated for failing the military test.
But you'll overcome it.
It's not your fault after all. It's Your grandfathers fault...
and the way your father lived his life.
Bring that up again, and I'll kill you!
What's up?
Major, don't worry.
He's to be a great general. We know that.
He's nothing but a tool of the reactionaries.
What? A reactionary? Gen. LEE is a reactionary?
Watch it, asshole!
Let go, you puppets for Yankees!
What'd you just say? -Puppets for Yankees!
Got a problem?
Watch your damn mouth, you Red!
A Red?! -Yeah, you freaking Reds!
Son of a...
Sit down, Comrade.
Gen. LEE is a hero concocted...
by the South Korean government.
You North Koreans are experts at making up stories.
Your Great Leader created...
a grenade out of a pinecone?
Watch your mouth, asshole. -Zip it!
You talk a lot for losers who can't even find the nuke.
Dr. KIM, we need to talk.
You're crazy! It's gonna be the last search.
You know what happens if it goes off?
We will retrieve the nuke with our lives.
A chance after a crisis!
This may be nothing here.
Once I go back with this...
it'll bring me loads of money.
The most valuable article is... Surprise!
What if Major finds out?
Who cares?
From now on, everybody will be calling me sir, not sergeant.
Try it.
Sir, what are you doing up this late?
General gave it to me.
This place has been vacant since the barbarians' attack.
And it'll stay that way.
And ginseng smugglers made the situation worse.
They don't value their lives, or what?
Stop disappointing me.
What is this? Let me go. -Stay where you are.
Stay out of this.
Let go of me! My ginseng...
I worked so hard for them.
What's burning is not ginseng, but your rotten spirit.
Who do you think you are, ruining my future?
To be clear: A thief has no future!
Don't interfere with my life. You don't know shit.
You like money that much? -Sure!
It will help change my fate.
You wanna change your fate?
Then pass the military test and become a general!
It doesn't matter what I am in this rotten world.
Whatever I do, it makes no difference!
This shit hole is where I belong.
Don't say that. It does matter what you're doing.
You, Lee Soon-shin, will become the leader of the people.
Everything depends on you. You're a leader.
WON, go after him. -Yes, sir.
Are you okay?, major Park? Why did you...
I'm screwed. The deal is tomorrow.
Nothing works out for me. -What?
The moon is so bright.
"Alone out at night...
The moon shining so brightly".
"In grief...
with a long sword worn at the waist".
"The pipe heard from far...
rending my heart".
Pretty good. Who wrote it?
Do me a favor.
I'm 25 years old. You're 3 years older.
Can I call you brother?
You're so silly. Sure.
Why not letting your brother read your palm?
You know how?
You were born under a lucky star.
You'll pass the military test in 4 years.
I will? -Let me assure you.
You're to be a great general.
I'll become a general? Not in a million years.
Forget it. -I mean it.
Cut it out. -You will.
You'll become a great general and save the nation.
The people will never forget you.
And if you listen to me, you can live a lot longer.
During Noryang Sea Battle...
...you will be the great...
You will become the great...
Watch and learn.
It'll come in handy, son.
Tell us where your men are, and we'll kill you painlessly.
What are you talking about? Speak Korean.
What are your weapons? Where are you from?
I'd like to know that, too, you barbarian!
Bring her!
Tell us where they are, and she will live.
Okay, let her go first.
Only then I'll take you to them.
Bye, Kiddy!
If you don't honor your word, You'll end up like her.
Easier than I thought.
Keep this as a sign of conquest.
I can't believe this. What the hell happened?
- So? - This is the last tent.
Sergeant? -l don't know.
Were we wrong? -Leave it to us.
Take the general and go.
It's supposed to start ticking...
when 100 meters away from me...
and stop when I push this.
But... It's not working.
The time travel must've affected the timer.
It just moved! Did you see that? What do you mean?
I saw that. What was it set for?
10 minutes.
Then it means it's been 5 minutes and 15 seconds.
It's been 5 days since we came here.
Time has never stopped. It did. Look at it closely.
It's going so slow, but 5 minutes have passed.
The difference of places and time is creating an absolute time difference.
We've been here for 5 days. And 5 minutes have passed on the timer.
A day is equivalent to 1 minute.
The comet is coming back in 3 days.
And we have about 4 minutes left on the timer.
It gives us one extra day.
Move. Move. Go aside.
Wake up. What happened to my son?
Please don't do that to me. My son.
Let me assure you. You're to be a great general.
Pass the military test and become a general.
You'll become a great general and save the nation.
A thief has no future!
LEE Soon-shin!
Sault to the deceased!
At ease!
Help us seek revenge. -Are you nuts?
You're putting everybody in grave danger!
We'll hit the barbarians. Please, help us.
That girl had no parents.
The barbarians had killed them.
What have we done wrong to deserve this?
Run now, and you'll live.
They have no place to go. Otherwise, they wouldn't be here.
I feel sorry, but we're not heavenly soldiers.
Ask the local army for help.
They couldn't care less about lowly lives like us.
To them, we're human shields for the rich.
Heavenly Soldiers! -Heavenly Soldiers!
- We are... - Fine, let's do this.
It doesn't seem feasible that we strike them first.
It's out of the question. They're in no shape to fight them.
We need to train them first.
We don't have time for that.
We might get attacked anytime soon.
What do you suggest?
It's your job to find out.
We need to talk.
I wonder what goes on in your damn head.
You stole the nuke and put Gen. LEE in jeopardy!
This is a chance to change our shameful history!
My job is to retrieve the nuke. Nothing else!
You damn reactionary! -You goddamn Red!
Gentlemen, stop swearing.
You're not enemies, are you?
Our chances are very slim even if we stand together.
And why keep fighting?
We have to stop them...
before they enter Delta Zone.
We're outnumbered. And not enough ammo.
Guerilla warfare is the answer. Those barbarians are well- trained cavalrymen.
Guerilla warfare would be like a suicide.
We can at least try. You never know.
A great warrior should know ahead of time.
There are only two routes into this village. Here, and through this gorge.
The river gets violent at this point.
The village chief says that they've never taken...
this route before. We ambush here.
We'll hit them and retreat.
We go to the mountains.
They're aggressive enough to follow us.
If that's the case, this will be their graveyard.
The terrain here is rough, and the trail is narrow.
I know this area. The trail is so small...
that no more than 10 at a time can pass through.
And so we can hold off their attack.
If we take them by surprise at this gorge we can beat them off.
They can hardly fight, and the victory will be ours.
This is the strategy he uses in years to come.
But they're strong.
Expect some casualties on our side.
We have an other surprise, fire.
A little more. Wait. Go back a bit.
God, 2 seconds moved at a time.
It's moving faster. How is that possible?
It means that the comet is traveling faster?
But why?
The comet's path has changed due to Jupiter's gravity.
It's tomorrow.
You know where it's coming?
I figured out the closest point of contact. Not far from here.
What are we gonna do?
We pack up and go home. -If we're gone...
what about the barbarians? -Nothing.
They're not our problem. -I feel sorry for the villagers...
but it's their destiny.
We have to go back. -One moment.
What are our chances? -Of course, it's risky.
It's a 50/50 chance.
If I calculated wrong, we might be stuck here forever.
I'll be sentenced to death if I get caught.
What am I doing here?
What are you doing? Why are you digging a grave?
None of your business. Get out of here.
You're robbing the grave? This is the limit.
You've completely gone insane. -Shut up and beat it!
You like money that much? -Hell yeah!
You know how much I get paid?
I'm married with 3 kids.
My paycheck doesn't go very far. Is that clear?
You'll know when you have kids.
I won't tell your boss on you. Just leave.
The nuke...
You take it back.
You're not going back?
I know there's an order to kill me. That's the reason.
Don't worry about it. -Take care of my men.
I dragged them into this.
This is the last present I'm giving you.
The last present?
We're going back today where we belong.
Get on this horse and go home.
You want me to run? What do you mean you're going back?
Don't chicken out now!
- Take him home. - Yes, sir.
You're too great to die now.
I can't let that happen.
He's on his way home.
I guess he isn't to die here.
Where's Major KANG?
It's begun. Come on, Sergeant!
I'm with you.
You're too young to die.
I should've known when Major gave me this.
Protect Dr. KIM with you life, okay?
Stop putting on a show and hop on.
I got that for you.
Don't worry. I didn't steal it.
Sell that and live happily with your family.
That son of a bitch!
With this, my family won't need my paycheck.
Tell my wife that I'm really sorry.
Sang-wook, what's going on here? It's a 50/50 chance, right?
You've been good to me. Thanks.
I'll see to it that LEE becomes the general.
CHOI, wait up!
What about the others? -We don't need them any more.
Attention! -Salute to General LEE!
Major Kang Min-kil, Noord-Korea. -Sergeant Choi.
Sergeant Lee, Special Forces, R.O.K. Navy.
Major Park Jung-woo.
It's our great honor to serve you, Gen. LEE. -At ease!
I'll be right with you.
Be carefull.
Show no mercy! You're all on the deadlist.
Anyone trying to get past me will end up like him.
Thanks, Comrade.
If you die on me, I'll kill you!.
Comrade! Comrade!
Sons of bitches!
I can't believe what I heard.
Handing over the nuke, can't you reconsider it?
That's impossible.
They protected our country with their lives.
What have we done?
It was their choice.
Shrine for Gen. LEE Soon- shin
I heard he just got out of jail.
He must've gone insane. Does he really think he can win?
1597.9.16 the Straits of Myungryang
Don't be scared. We'll win.
"They're too many...
we're all gonna die."
I know this is what you're thinking.
But don't be afraid.
If we stand together, nothing can stop us.
And here we are together.
For our country and the future of our descendents...
let's die meaningful deaths!
Then our sacrifice wont be for nothing.
But there can be only One victories, and that will be us.
Death comes only to those...
who fear it!
13 ships VS. 333 ships Sea war of Myungryang
Subs Media and resynced for this version by falang01


动作电影 (Action Full Movie : Heaven's Soldiers (English Subtitles))

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