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Grossing a surprising 560-million dollars, this family-friendly 3D comedy was released
on July 29 to lukewarm reception. No one really asked for a modern remake of the classic animated
TV show that ended over 20 years ago... but like most Hollywood ideas: if it sells, it
gets produced. Finally taking the sizable leap from TV star to Movie star, Doogie Howser
himself, Neil Patrick Harris stars a your everyday generic New York businessman who,
of course, has a big work deadline coming up that's causing him to be stressed out.
Matters worsen when our Smurf friends, in attempt to escape from the sorcerer Gargamel,
their arch-nemesis, accidentally travel through a portal -- taking them away from the tranquil
sing-a-long beauty of Smurf-village to the loud, and noisy realm of downtown Manhattan.
Missing from this simple, and rather adorable film is the "fish-out-of-water" transition
for either Harris's character, or the Smurfs - neither party seems particularly concerned
or amazed by the existence of the other, even if they briefly try to kill each other when
first meeting. The interplay between the human actors, and their two-apples-tall CGI counterparts
is surprisingly impressive, save for a few moments when direction physical interaction
is called for... when bad memories of Space Jam and Who Framed Roger Rabbit come flooding
back. Obviously designed for children of all ages to enjoy, the plot is an uncomplicated
one - with nothing getting in the way of it's predictable conclusion. There are some more
heart-felt messages here, and lessons to be learned, but on the whole, "The Smurfs" is
just a playful romp from everyone's favorite blue friends exploring the big city. Traveling
by way of Taxi-cab roof, the fearsome Smurfs use the camouflage of their surroundings to
keep from being spotted - cleverly hiding up against an ad for the Blue Man Group. Besides
slight chuckle-inducing jokes like that one, there's not much here for adults... with most
the funniest humor coming from Hank Azaria's over-the-top make-up covered portrayal of
the bumbling Gargemel... who finds himself on the receiving end of at least a dozen pratfalls
and slapstick punch lines. This is a friendly, innocent, and delightful film kids will really
enjoy - but for those of older than 10... there unfortunately isn't much here to classify
this as a good film. That said, it's far from bad either... just another boring, dime-a-dozen
film from the "remake or adaptation" department in Hollywood. "The Smurfs", a "Family friendly
laughs, but dull." That was my review, now let's read some of yours from the YouTube
Here's the rate-o-matic to rank "The Smurfs", a FIVE and a FOUR. This was a fun film that
I enjoyed... but it's doubtful I'll watch it again, or recommend it to anyone who's
graduated from grade-school... I thought it was ALRIGHT. You accepted the film for what
it was, recognizing some of the better elements, as well as a hum-drum plot, your reviews averaged
to a MEH.


藍色魅力來襲!藍色小精靈的電影介紹 (The Smurfs -- Review #JPMN)

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Hsuan Duck 發佈於 2016 年 8 月 9 日
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