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  • Grossing a surprising 560-million dollars, this family-friendly 3D comedy was released

  • on July 29 to lukewarm reception. No one really asked for a modern remake of the classic animated

  • TV show that ended over 20 years ago... but like most Hollywood ideas: if it sells, it

  • gets produced. Finally taking the sizable leap from TV star to Movie star, Doogie Howser

  • himself, Neil Patrick Harris stars a your everyday generic New York businessman who,

  • of course, has a big work deadline coming up that's causing him to be stressed out.

  • Matters worsen when our Smurf friends, in attempt to escape from the sorcerer Gargamel,

  • their arch-nemesis, accidentally travel through a portal -- taking them away from the tranquil

  • sing-a-long beauty of Smurf-village to the loud, and noisy realm of downtown Manhattan.

  • Missing from this simple, and rather adorable film is the "fish-out-of-water" transition

  • for either Harris's character, or the Smurfs - neither party seems particularly concerned

  • or amazed by the existence of the other, even if they briefly try to kill each other when

  • first meeting. The interplay between the human actors, and their two-apples-tall CGI counterparts

  • is surprisingly impressive, save for a few moments when direction physical interaction

  • is called for... when bad memories of Space Jam and Who Framed Roger Rabbit come flooding

  • back. Obviously designed for children of all ages to enjoy, the plot is an uncomplicated

  • one - with nothing getting in the way of it's predictable conclusion. There are some more

  • heart-felt messages here, and lessons to be learned, but on the whole, "The Smurfs" is

  • just a playful romp from everyone's favorite blue friends exploring the big city. Traveling

  • by way of Taxi-cab roof, the fearsome Smurfs use the camouflage of their surroundings to

  • keep from being spotted - cleverly hiding up against an ad for the Blue Man Group. Besides

  • slight chuckle-inducing jokes like that one, there's not much here for adults... with most

  • the funniest humor coming from Hank Azaria's over-the-top make-up covered portrayal of

  • the bumbling Gargemel... who finds himself on the receiving end of at least a dozen pratfalls

  • and slapstick punch lines. This is a friendly, innocent, and delightful film kids will really

  • enjoy - but for those of older than 10... there unfortunately isn't much here to classify

  • this as a good film. That said, it's far from bad either... just another boring, dime-a-dozen

  • film from the "remake or adaptation" department in Hollywood. "The Smurfs", a "Family friendly

  • laughs, but dull." That was my review, now let's read some of yours from the YouTube

  • comments.

  • Here's the rate-o-matic to rank "The Smurfs", a FIVE and a FOUR. This was a fun film that

  • I enjoyed... but it's doubtful I'll watch it again, or recommend it to anyone who's

  • graduated from grade-school... I thought it was ALRIGHT. You accepted the film for what

  • it was, recognizing some of the better elements, as well as a hum-drum plot, your reviews averaged

  • to a MEH.

Grossing a surprising 560-million dollars, this family-friendly 3D comedy was released


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藍精靈--評論#JPMN (The Smurfs -- Review #JPMN)

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