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Achieving a unique and personalized hairstyle is the goal of both hairstylists and clients alike.
the world-first "Vern Both Hands Perfect Cutting Technique " was invented
"Vern Both Hands Perfect Cutting Technique" is easy to understand
easy to learn and guarantees perfect effects.
"Vern Both Hands Perfect Cutting Technique" is divided into two categories of operation
Vern Simultaneous Cutting and Vern Non-simultaneous Cutting.
Vern Non-simultaneous Cutting
Vern Two-handed Scissors
horizontal cut
conical cut (tooth-shaped), sliding cut, gradient cut, back-handed cut, and push cut
When cutting with both hands, the angles of cutting
the direction of combing and the flow direction of the hair ends are the same
thus creating perfect symmetry in the hairstyle
Furthermore, cutting is not restricted by the shape of the client's head
ears and shoulders or by lengthy hair
or by the inconvenience caused by the stylist's own limb and body
Two-Handed Cutting produces specific and aesthetic effects for perfect hairstyles
Vern Two-handed Razor/shaver
Using a razor in either hand can facilitate dozens of cutting
thinning and shaving techniques with absolute ease
Vern Both Hands Razor Cutting Technique
focuses on speediness and perfect operation
This technique enables the stylist to create alive
and confident hairstyles and maximizes the soft-feel effects of the razor
Vern Both Hands Flying Scissors
This cutting method is not only fast and elegant in action
but also produces better results
Because this technique allows the stylist to complete cutting
and thinning at the same time, the ends of the hair are made light and airy
This gives the hairstyle a soft beauty in appearance
and stability and endurance in shape
When the stylist uses their right hand to handle the right side of the hair
and their left hand to handle the left side
perfect results can be achieved which are not possible using one-handed operation
The result: easy and relaxed symmetry of style
Vern Both Hands Multi-bladed Scissors
When cutting a lock of hair with a pair of five-bladed scissors
each cut creates five separate openings in the hair
When the hair is combed out
no hair will be the same length as the next
thus creating a unique airy effect
Only by using the Both Hands Multi-bladed technique can the stylist create
with such perfect speed and precision
Vern Simultaneous cutting
The technique can be divided into simultaneous cutting with both hands
simultaneous shaving and simultaneous cutting with electric clippers
It is used when cutting
thinning and shaping and is a radical break from traditional cutting methods
Visually, the actions are elegant, cheerful, light and quick
demonstrating excellent co-ordination and rhythmic feel
Simultaneous cutting with both hands has the benefits of convenience, practicality, precision, speed
and the ability to achieve extremely aesthetic results
It is a very efficient and extremely precise method of cutting
and creates diverse and exciting hairstyles
This is the new technique that professionals must pursue


柏林美髮世界盃的雙手飛剪特技 (OMC HairWorld Berlin, Deutschland Frisur.Hair Salon Live Shows)

548 分類 收藏
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