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  • -So as I was travelling here today from Paris

  • I was thinking

  • "What can I offer you students

  • that will be relevant going forward"?

  • The world is changing so rapidly

  • that what might have seemed wise

  • only a couple of years ago

  • now seems hopelessly out of date

  • So let me start by saying something

  • rather unorthodox in the British halls of higher learning:

  • Please don't become too specialised

  • Be intellectually free

  • Try lots of things

  • I know you have all come here with very specific interests -

  • Art history, philosophy, English -

  • And I am sure you are prepared to be the very best in your field

  • before the ripe old age of 22

  • That commitment is wonderful

  • But please don't close your minds to other callings

  • I know, career-wise, how important it is

  • not to be too highly specialised

  • These days in the world of media, for instance

  • it is crucial to have multiple interests and skillsets

  • to have tried - and possibly failed -

  • at many different undertakings

  • The young people we hire today at Condé Nast

  • are fearless polymaths

  • hard-working and passionate

  • creative and curious.

-So as I was travelling here today from Paris


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A2 初級 英國腔

安娜-溫圖爾在北國青年時裝秀上向學生們發表講話(片段1 of 4)。 (Anna Wintour addresses students at The Northern Youth Fashion Show (clip 1 of 4))

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