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Haley I'm gonna ask you something
and I need the answer to be yes.
There is a man standing on the bridge behind you
He is holding a package and I need that package.
Hayley, we need to do this right now.
What the f*** is this?
Hey guys, Matt Damon here.
To raise money for water.org
I've teamed up with Omaze,
to offer you the chance to hang with me
at the world premiere of Jason Bourne.
We'll see the new movie,
have drinks at the after party...
you and me are gonna be a team.
So to give you an idea of what that's like,
we set up a simulation, to give unsuspecting people
the chance to feel like they're in a spy movie.
All they have to do...
is trust me.
Go up... up... look at those ladies.
Hey, the call is for you.
Answer it.
Like what?
Call is for you.
What I need you to do,
is of vital importance to both of us.
Stephen? Hello?
I'm just hanging out and somebody gave me this phone.
Is there blood anywhere near you?
No, she doesn't know Stephen. We don't know him.
There is a bridge behind you.
There is a man on the bridge.
You gotta go to that man.
You need to take a package from him, right now.
Do it right now.
This better be nothin f****** illegal.
You're gonna say one simple sentence to him
and he's gonna give you the package.
You're gonna say, "elephants can swim".
Can you swim?
No. Are you listening?
Yeah, I'm listening.
Elephants can swim.
Oh my God.
Do you see the hot dog stand behind you?
I need you to go buy a hot dog.
Those hot dogs are like fourteen dollars.
I see the man on the bridge.
Walk up towards him and say,
"you have something for me".
Are you serious?
Yeah, I don't know man some-
Believe me, it's not about the hot dog.
You're not gonna eat the hot dog,
and the hot dog isn't even real.
It's what's in the hot dog.
I promise you will thank me at the end of this.
Yeah, 'cause I don't usually eat pork.
Do you see the woman with the two children?
Tell them she has pretty children.
You have... a pretty child.
That has absolutely nothing to do with what we're doing,
it's just nice to compliment people sometimes.
Yeah, they liked it.
You're gonna walk up to that man and just say,
"great day for a hot dog".
But do not give him the hot dog.
Great day for a...
It's a great day for a hot dog, huh?
That's gonna work Adam, let him clear.
Let him clear.
If something happens, it's gonna happen now
and it's gonna happen to him.
He didn't take the hot dog.
I've still got the hot dog.
No, I told you not to give him the hot dog.
Now, walk away.
Walk away.
What is this?
That manilla envelope is the hottest potato
you've ever held in your hand.
Now, do you see directly in front of you
the concierge parking garage?
Don't run, 'cause that'll draw attention.
3, 2, 1...
Let's go!
C'mon. C'mon.
Leave Ruby behind.
Move towards that briskly, Adam.
Quickly, okay.
That's great hustle, Ruby.
To the left of the ramp.
Stop. Okay stop there.
Okay, bend down. Tie your shoe really quickly.
Just tie your shoe really quickly.
Just get low. Get low.
Okay good, you're clear.
Okay, you can stand up.
Keep moving. The second door on your left.
No, not that one. That's a bathroom.
Please God, don't let this be no setup.
And await my instructions.
Now what do I do?
What's up, man?
How ya doin' man? Good job.
Hi, how ya doin'?
How ya doin'? Nice to meet you man.
So you guys just won tickets to the premiere of
the Bourne movie this summer.
Awesome man, thanks so much.
In the future, when people call you with requests
like that, don't, don't follow them.
Now that you're ready, click the button
and enter for your chance to join me
at the world premiere of Jason Bourne.
Every ten dollar entry supports water.org
and our mission to provide access
to safe water and sanitation.
So let's do this.
Click the button, or go to omaze.com backslash matt
for your chance to win.



傑森包恩親自出馬整人!如果你接到這樣的任務指令... (Matt Damon Pranks People with Surprise Bourne Spy Mission // Omaze)

18081 分類 收藏
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