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Hello everyone
thank you
So what should I talk about?
About being a woman
all the changes I made on my road of life
the host had just introduced me
of my past
I want to be more detail here
because all these things to me it's
I'm 55-year old today
no applause?
you clapped when he said he was 36
you all discriminate against old people!
I'm 55 now, and to me,
my entire life is, well,
really a life of a woman
I stepped in show business when I was 19
and I got popular that year, yes, very fast
but I was still a student when I became a actress
so a studied while acting
And after my graduation
I went in show business straightly
People often say that show business is complicated
but to me, show business is
actually a very pure and simple environment
to me there are only
you know, scenes, scenes and scenes
There are only scenes in my work
The most familiar places in my life
is my home
and all the scenes
Because I got popular in a short time
I had a heavy work load
so I work and work and work
I work till I was 30
and I started to feel bored
I thought that, I can't grow and learn anything
under all the heavy works
Frankly, I made no progress at all
I felt stressed out
I don't want to be stressed out
for my whole life
so, I made out my mind and left my job
I jumped out to somewhere
totally different from my life before
I went to do business at China, for five years
It was 1989 when I went there
I was one of the earliest people who went
doing business at China.
I worked for five years
but because China was under develop that time
people there are
they have few resources
not even hardware or software
no to mention the thoughts and notion
they have in that period of time
completely different from Taiwanese
But to be honest,
the five years experience
is the most important five years in my life
It was a hard time
I jumped in to Dalian, in northeast China
from being a luxury actress
Dalian is freezing cold and under develop
I rented an apartment, with no elevator
of course,
and there aren't even a light bulb
in the staircase
You know why?
because it was so dark at night, I was scared going home
alone, so I put a light bulb my self
since no one want to
so I put on a light bulb
the next day, it was gone, it was stolen
ok, fine, I put on another light bulb
and the day after, it was gone again
after a few more days
I felt that, I can't lost a light bulb every day
I can't keep putting on another light bulb
So, guess what,
i went home with a flash light
in that time at that condition
you just have to walk to stairs with a flash light
especially in winter
because the stairs freeze in winter
so you may really fall
if you don't walk with a flash light
You may break you bones.
I lived like that for five years
And I think many people know that
the business failed
I lost all the money I invested
But why did I said it was my most important years?
During the five years
I saw the world that I can never see
before 30
I saw all those people I haven't seen before
Most importantly,
I trained myself
from a luxury actress
to someone that can do literally anything
any work
I can suffer anything
and most important, I became softer than anyone
So if I haven't been through that five years
the me right now won't exit
if I haven't been through the adversities in the five years
and all the difficulties
because the failed business
hit me hard
cause I am someone who would rather lose my life than my face
and I thought that
I tried so hard with so much effort
on the business I invested
but why did it end up with nothing?
I just can't understand it
and I don't know why
It was a huge shock
because of that
I stayed home for an entire year
I didn't want to go out, or meet anynoe
cause I felt embarrassed
I can felt the pity and sympathy, even mock
in the eyes of other people looking at me
Why do you do something that
you should do?
you deserve the failure
that was my mood
after the five years,
i lived in Hong Kong for two years
and New York for three years
Than, I went back to Taiwan
I really been to many places
wander for a long time
At last, I felt I should go home
so I went hhome
When I was back
as a human, you must have a job
we can'y live without a job
so I had to find my new job
and of course, the easiest one
is to be an actress, I was an actress
acting is the most familiar thing in my life
I should be an actress
but than I found out that Taiwan is different
after ten years
the show business is different, the environment is different
so if I go back
I may be back to the circle that I hated
in the loop
the loop I hated, I disliked
the working loop
I asked myself, do I want it?
after all I've been through
do I want to go back?
the answer is no.
If not, what else should I do?
I made the most brilliant decision that time
I think the reason why I can make that brilliant dicision
is because I've done so many
very stupid things
and it's the very stupid things
that helped me
to finally be able to make a wise decision
I decided to go behind the scenes, be a producer
why did I decided to be a producer?
you may ask, why didn't I be a director? or a screenwriter?
the technical works like photographer or Electrician
is out of the options of course
But to many people,
How great is it to be a director?
wow the famous director Lee
or the famous screenwriter Lee
producer, is a hard work
both trifling and complicated
and the working time is very long
and you have to get involved in everything
But, after the ten years
I understand myself
I know what I'm good at
I can truly face myself, face the real Lee Lieh
I know my advantages, I know my disadvantages
I know that I am soft
I know that I can suffer things
I know that I have plenty of patience
I know that I am willing and I like to
solve the problems and tasks every day
because I was trained in China
where about 8 condition and 8 problems
can happen every day
so you will have to keep
solving all the problems and conditions
I now now exactly how to solve problems
and handle many things
and this, is the thing
the a producer must have
Is this quality made me think that
I should be a producer
so I became a producer
But I didn't start from movies
I started from TV shows
I steel myself in producing TV shows for a long time
about seven or eight years
During those years
I kept thinking
is there a chance for me to film a movie?
no one take action at the time
because Taiwan's movies are a mess
no one invest movies
it was a dead industry
saying to here, I want to reminisce a friend of mine
I think many people here know she
she was a
famous modern dancer
Lo Man-fei
Man-fei died when she was 49
and that year stroked me hard
with the technology now
we consider 50-year-old young
no one think it's old
but what Man-fei shock me
with her death is that
death is so near
I don't know when might
I leave this world
and so I asked myself
if one day I die
will i
regret being alive
regret for the many things I haven't done
Is her death give me the courage
I told myself
I am 49
and is going to be 50
If I don'y do it, I can never do it
so that year, coincidentally
Yang Ya-che, director of Orz Boyz
gave me the play of Orz Boyz
after i saw the play
Tears covered my face
the play dragged me to my childhood
the purest days
and made me think of myself
and everything I've been though
I cried while looking at the play
the night
I decided that,
if I ask myself,
what is the thing I must do now
this is it
this movie
I must film this movie, I must do it
I know the risk filming this movie
Taiwan's movie was pathetic that time
the box office sucks
It was awesome to reach a million box office
you have to main actor
both of them are children
with no acting experience
your director is Yang Ya-che
he is famous now
because of GF。BF
but he was nameless when filming Orz Boyz
no one know who his is
no reputation
but this movie is for adults, not children
I find lots of investors
every one told me that
this play is great, very great
but it won't make money
so I don't have the money
under this condition
so the thing happened, I think many people know,
that I went to my mother's house
my mom is out of luck having me as a daughter
I told my mom
can I grant a loan with your house
she asked me why and I said I want to film a movie
she said that I'm crazy
I said this is the one thing a want to do most
and that you must help me
my mom is wonderful
I can see sadness and distrust
in her eyes
but she took out her title deed
and gave it to me
I grant a loan with it
and film the movie
and luckily
Orz Boyz had a great box office
I thins it's because of my judgment
I earned money from it
so I had my second movie, Monga
and the third one, the fourth one
and I have today standing here
The reason why I want to tell this story
again is that
ok, now we stand here
when so many women
being a women
what decision should we make for our life
what responsibility should we take
what should we do
That is something you should think about
but when thinking about it
should we ask ourselves that
who do we want to be?
What do we want?
What is the thing the the real you want?
Are you brave enough
to take the step?
and walk out a road
that is different from now, different from others
That takes courage.
I feel courageous even till now
so courageous
when i made up my mind
to film Orz Boyz
I had no money
I was courageous
Its hard for you to understand
the pressure I had that time
when I made the decision
I estimated
I estimated that the filming
and the publishing, advertising
will cost about 10 million,below 20 million
I asked myself that
if I lose all the money
the 10 million
can I return them
in my life?
I thought I can do it
so I do it
I didn't think I can earn money by then
when I started to do
I did it with the thought that it will came out nothing
so I think I was courageous
because that I dare to walk a road
that is different
that courage, so to me,
if I can share something
standing here now
I really, want to share my courage
In my opinion, women
need more courage than men
in the society now
I hope that every one can have the courage
to go on a road
that is different form yourself, from others, ok?
thank you
Subtitles by the Amara.org community


【TEDx】逆境中的軟哲學:李烈 (Lee Lieh) at TEDxTaipei 2013 (逆境中的軟哲學:李烈 (Lee Lieh) at TEDxTaipei 2013)

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