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- I'm done for the day!
- Hey, Lil, can you spare any time for one more lesson?
- My hours are very clear, okay?
12 pm, until I get tired.
- It's 12:16.
- Listen buddy...
Dwayne, Rock, DJ, what...
What are you doing here?
Ugh, my hormones.
- (chuckles) Hey, hey, I love your hormones, but I'm
launching my YouTube channel soon, and I just need a little
bit of advice.
From the only person I can get it from, you.
- Right, of course, YouTube, and obviously I know YouTube.
Yeah, YouTube's pretty much my world, it's pretty much
like MyTube, and I would love to help you get into MyTube.
- What?
- What?
Let's begin.
- So tell me, - Yes?
- What are you thinking for your first video?
- Alright, you ready for this?
I'm the Rock, and this is my YouTube channel.
- Uh-huh, uh-huh, okay, I like it.
- Yeah? - I like it, I like it, but
let's work on some basics here.
Let me teach you some basics.
Rule number one, high energy.
- Ah, come on mama, you know you're...
I mean, I am the most electrifying
man in all of entertainment.
- Do they say that, is that what they say?
I had no idea. - [Dwayne] Yeah, that's
what they...
You didn't know that?
That's like my thing.
- So that's great. What would, like, the intro of your video be?
Let's hear it. - [Dwayne] With high energy?
- [Lilly] Let's hear it. Give me your best.
- Hey everybody this is The Rock, and welcome to
my YouTube channel and I am with Lilly Singh.
- Okay, okay, great.
- You like it?
- It's that I don't really feel
that electricity part though, you know I'm-
- Hmmmm.
- More felt like
Zeus without the bolt, kind of
pioneer village....
So let me show you, how about I show you how it's done?
- Got it, got it.
- DJ, stand up, let me show you.
- Here we go, here we go.
- Say we're collaborating right now.
We're just chilling, we just met, whatever.
What up everyone it's your girl Superwoman here
with my boo thang, my hubby, my papi,
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.
Get over here, come over here.
- Hey.
- Oh wait, Dwayne, it think you forgot your fanny pack on.
- Oh no, I'm not wearing a fanny pack.
♫ Hallejulah!
♫ Hallejulah! ♫
- Rule number two, exciting thumbnails.
It is so crucial to make a thumbnail
that your audience can't resit clicking.
- Well, I'm thinking maybe a really cool headshot of me
you know, or like a really cool picture of my little big man
- Oh!
I mean if you wanted to,
I didn't think you would,
yeah, personally though, if you're gonna do that,
I would like to approve that
or possibly even take that picture.
- Yeah.
- So the proportions are right
and the ISO.
Aperture, that's a thing, right?
Just, obviously for technical and professional reasons.
- Totally, I got it.
Well I got a picture right here.
- Okay, cool.
Thank you Jesus.
- This is my little big man right there.
That's Hobbs.
- Hobbs! - [Dwayne] Right?
- [Lilly] Right! - [Dwayne] Yeah.
- [Lilly] Thank you Hobbs!
I love Hobbs.
- Yeah!
- Hobbs is great.
But I was thinking something like really good.
Something that your audience would really want to click on.
- Alright, cool, so well, what did you have in mind?
- Well it needs to be something easy to understand,
it's your first video, right?
So I was thinking--
Oh, oh, oh I know!
What if you kissed me?
- What?
- What?
Did you say you wanted to kiss me?
- Do you think it would work?
- I don't have almost 10 million subscribers for no reason,
you know what I mean?
- Right, right.
- So we should probably just do it.
I'm just gonna-- - [Dwayne] That's for business.
- [Lilly] I'm just gonna set up the camera.
- Get ready.
- Alright, let's just do it.
Just for the thumbnail, right?
- It's for the thumbnail right?
Alright, cool.
Let's do it.
I gotta get my lips ready.
Here we go.
(sensual music)
- That was okay.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- You think it'll work?
- Yeah, I think we should one more time though,
I'll zoom in a little this time, just so you know.
- Can't you just crop it?
- See the thing is YouTube doesn't allow
cropped thumbnails.
Also, we're gonna have to do a French kiss
so that the subtitles work in France.
- Huh.
Yes. - [Lilly] Rule number three.
CTA, aka call to action.
Because it's so important to tell you audience what to do in your outro.
How would you do that, let me hear it.
- I would say like,
"Yo, hope you like the videos
"and maybe you wanna just subscribe to the thing,
"a little bit more."
That's it, just subscribe--
- Here's the thing, you're giving them like
this much Rock and you need to give them this much.
You need to give them Grand Canyon Rock.
- Oh.
- Let me show you how to do it.
This is what you'd say, you'd say something like,
"Thanks so much for watching the video!
"Make sure you like, comment, subscribe.
"Like me on Facebook, watch me take Lilly on a date,
"follow me on Twitter."
- What?
- Oh, which one, was it follow me on Twitter?
- I think it was the--
- Comment below ?
- I think it was--
- That was the comment below,
you always say the comment below.
And then you say,
"Yo, check out my Snapchat, check out my Pinterst,
"my merch is in the description.
"Check me out on Tumblr,
"because the Rock tumbles, tumblr.com/Avalanche."
- I tumble now, yes.
- And real important, "Check out my IMDB."
You know why, cause you don't know how many more
Fast and the Furious movies you're gonna make,
you know what I mean, but you need to be prepared,
I'm just saying.
"Follow me on Instagram, follow my eyebrow on Instagram."
Wait, your eyebrow has Instagram, right?
- It does not have an Instagram,
but my little big man has an Instagram.
- Hobbs has Instagram.
- No, I ain't talkin bout Hobbs.
- DJ, you're killing me.
Ray, we need an Instagram please,
can we get an Instagram verified?
Immediately, verified, I don't want to be
confused with any other eyebrows, ok?
We don't want to be confused with Cara Delevingne.
In fact, can you also secure Pebble Brow, Rock Brow,
- [Dwayne] That's good. - [Lilly] Igneous Brow,
all synonyms.
Rolling Stones Brow, all of that.
And last, number four, this one's important.
- Yes.
- Be yourself.
- That's it?
- Yeah.
Honestly Dwayne, I have been following you
since I was a little girl.
I had your posters all over my room
and I read your autobiography when I was in fifth grade.
I wrapped it in saran wrap because it was
my most prized possession
and this right now is the greatest accomplishment
of my whole career.
So you don't need any gimmicks.
People love you for you.
I love you for you
so just be yourself.
- Wow, that was so beautiful and earnest,
thank you so much,
I mean, you really think so?
That's it?
- Hell no boo, you need to eat some cinnamon
and wear less shirts.
- Okay.
- But now that you know the basics,
I wanna take you somewhere.
I gotta take you to the Factory.
- The what?
- Let me show you.
- We gonna kiss again?
- Yooo, hope you enjoyed that video.
If you did, give it a big thumbs up.
Comment below and let me know what was
your favorite part.
I know you're expecting Dwayne to be there,
he had to go actually, he was busy, had to run something,
he's not tied up in my basement or anything,
I don't know what you're--
(muffled cries)
If you wanna check out the second part of
this video on Dwayne's channel,
it is right over there so check it out,
check out where we go.
What is the Factory?
Find out there.
My last video's right over there.
If you wanna check out the behind-the-scenes,
the link to that is in the description
and yo, make sure you subscribe to Dwayne's channel,
YouTube.com/TheRock, why you ask?
Because don't be stupid, it's the Rock, do it!!
One love Superwoman, that is a wrap and zoop!
Oh my God, did you see that Dev video, shut up!


如何成為YouTube 紅人 (How To Be a YouTube Star)

2318 分類 收藏
王鈺炘 發佈於 2016 年 7 月 27 日    Evelyn Chiu 翻譯    Mandy Lin 審核
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