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Hey Food Tubers, we're The Dumpling Sisters and today we're doing special fried rice.
Now this one is a real takeaway classic but it's also actually really easy to do at home.
And to make it extra special, just for you, we're gonna show you how to make it three
ways; the classic, topped with a delicious soy sauce fried egg and a fiery curry version.
To make the most amazing fried rice at home we always follow three rules of thumb; the
first one is to use overnight rice which means rice that you've cooked the day before. This
gives the rice a chance to dry out a bit so it's ready to absorb all those beautiful flavours
we'll add to it later. If you don't have time for this, all you need to do is let your rice
cool on a tray, being sure to break it up into little pieces, then leave it in the freezer
for half an hour. Rule number two is three veg and three meat so today we're going to
use some plump and juicy baby peas, we've got some carrot and of course, as always,
some spring onion. Then for the meats we're going to use tiny shrimp, some chicken that's
left over from yesterday's lunch and then some lovely homemade Char Sui pork, or roast
pork. Now if you want a great recipe for that just check out our website. The third and
final rule of thumb is size and colour. For size, this means chopping everything up small
and cubish because we want a bit of all the ingredients in every single mouthful. And
for a beautiful and vibrant dish go for contrasting and bright colours. Now it doesn't matter
what kind of fried rice we're doing we always start by cooking up some egg. For this recipe
we're using three eggs with a dash of salt and a little bit of oil. Give it a good beat
to get some air in there so we end up with nice and fluffy eggs. With your wok on medium
heat, pop in a wee bit of oil then straight in with your eggs. Let it sit on the bottom
for about ten or so seconds then gently move the egg around the bottom of the wok.
Then take it off when it's partially set because the egg will keep cooking and we're gonna
pop it back in the rice at the end. This way the egg is really nice and fluffy. And now
for the veg. Just give your wok a little bit of oil again then first of all goes in the
carrots. Just a splash of water, lid goes on top and this will steam up and go all soft.
So all the water has gone from the carrots and now we just need to add the peas. Give
it a quick toss through and take it off the heat.
We've done the veg and now for the meat.
So once again a little bit of oil. Now the key to stir-frying any kind is just to add
the oil in gradually, you don't wanna dump it in all at once and to make our meats extra
flavourful we're gonna add some garlic and ginger. So let that garlic and ginger brown
off really slightly then add in your three meats.
Now the awesome thing about special
fried rice is that you can put whatever you like in it. For example, as alternative meats
we sometimes like to put in some nice salty pancetta fried off or even some lap cheong,
which is Chinese sausage. Now it's a little bit like chorizo but instead of being spicy
it's a little bit sweet. Give that a go if you want. When the mix starts to blister around
the edges a little bit it's time to add in your rice. Use your spatula to break up any large lumps.
Then add in a little bit more oil to help with the tossing before popping
in the seasonings; 1/2 a teaspoon of light soy sauce, 1/4 of a teaspoon of salt, 1/2
a tablespoon of sugar and an 1/8 teaspoon of white pepper. Grab another spatula to help
you along; the easiest way is to use the folding action just as you would with a cake batter.
Return the eggs and veg back to the wok, breaking up the eggs as you do so.
Then add in a splash of water.
This will ensure that not only is your rice nice and fluffy but it'll also be
tender and soft. The spring onions go on last to keep their crunch. So there we have it,
straight up special fried rice.
Now special fried rice is already very delicious on its
own but we're gonna make it even better with a variation we call Tim's fried egg. When
Amy's housemate Tim is feeling peckish he'll fire up a pan with a dash of oil, crack in an egg
and when the whites have just started to set, drizzle about one teaspoon of light
soy sauce around the edges. It'll caramelise and turn all crispy. It is a perfect extra
slipped on top of special fried rice. And as if that isn't already looking tasty enough
we're gonna add a little secret ingredient - fried shallots.
The last variation is one of our childhood favourites and it reminds us of the curried rice balls that mum and
dad used to make us when we were little. So to transform this into a curried fried rice
just add one and a 1/2 teaspoons of curry powder. Watch the rice turn a delicious golden
colour. Add another splash of water because the curry powder will dry the rice out a bit
and this will soften it again. And there you have it; the classic special fried rice, Tim's
fried egg variation and our childhood favourite, curry fried rice. If you want more recipes
just like this be sure to subscribe to Food Tube and The Dumpling Sisters too, we'd love
to have you. So that's it guys, special fried rice done Dumpling Sisters style; three ways.
So I can't wait to tuck into this, I might start with the classic. And I'm gonna go for
the curry. Mmmm, I always take too big a spoonful. And the curry one is exactly like I remember
from childhood; really warming on the throat. This is the thing about special fried rice,
you do get a little bit of everything. You do get everything, yeah. It's perfect. Yum.
Ok, thanks so much for watching guys and we'll catch you next time. Bye. Bye. Please subscribe
to Food Tube for more great recipes and check out the description box below for details
on this recipe. And do let us know what other Chinese or Asian dishes you would like us
to make. See you next time.



週末幸福食譜:揚州炒飯 輕鬆上桌 (Perfect Special Fried Rice 扬州炒饭 | The Dumpling Sisters)

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