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The bigger they are the harder they fall
celebrity is a tough business all around and the pressures of fame and wealth can
be too much for some actors to handle. While these are problems that most
people with envy these actors might beg to differ
they came close to derail in their careers but we're glad they were able to
rebound back into the spotlight
Natalie Portman. Natalie Portman has never really left the public eye
but she sees it differently
she told New York magazine " I was in the biggest grossing movie of the decade and
no director wanted to work with me" which makes it sound like most of Hollywood
agreed with a hate that hardcore fans have to the Star Wars prequels.
" I can't fight a war for you"
"Jar, Jar Binks"
"Me sir, ya highness"
I need your help
but with the help of some friends in high places she bounced back a series of
roles in movies like Cold Mountain
Garden State, Closer and Black Swan. Now Portman is once again considered one of
Hollywood's top actresses
she appeared in the first two Thor movies and her role in Exmachina
director Alex Garland of Annihilation suggest she still knows how to
pick a script.
Paul Reubens, you probably know him is Pee-Wee Herman and the scandal that
derailed his career has been a punch line for years. In 1991 Paul Rubens was
arrested for "indecent exposure"
inside an adult theater because of apparently most watched adult films for
the thrilling plots. In the fallout from the incident CBS stopped airing reruns
of Pee-wee's Playhouse and Rubens retreated from the public eye for many years.
After years out of the limelight,
Ruben's reclaimed his famous character donning the gray suit and red bowtie
once again for the 2016 Netflix film, Pee-Wee's Big Holiday
Nearly 30 years after the character's last major film, Big Top Pee-Wee
The new release was positively embraced by fans and critics alike.
Robert Downey jr.
He had promising beginnings in a number of critically acclaimed big-budget films
not to mention a stint on SNL but Robert Downey jr.'s sudden fame, mixed with an
undiagnosed bipolar disorder, resulted in a number of drug and alcohol related
arrests in the late nineties
After cleaning up his act, Downey started to roll out the hits, appearing in
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Gothika, A Scanner Darkly and Tropic Thunder. He's most known for his ongoing
lead roles in Guy Ritchie's Sherlock home series and
in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Tony Stark also known as iron Man
nothing like staring at multibillion-dollar franchise to
pull you out of a little personal slump,huh?
Mike Tyson. The terrifying Tyson didn't start his career as an actor but founded
renaissance is one
known best as a boxing champion, Tyson's controversial life is included multiple
accusations of violence against women
longtime drug and alcohol abuse. "But I knew when I was in that court and
when I was gonna get that verdict, the verdict was gonna be guilty."
and biting off a chunk of Evander Holyfield's ear in their 1997 rematch.
after retreating from the public eye in shame
Tyson found a new life by appearing in the Hangover from 2009
Since then he got his own cartoon series,Mike Tyson Mysteries.
Holyfield and Tyson appeared together in a post-credits scene during the 2013 boxing movie,
Grudge Match
you can also catch Tyson taking on martial arts and action star Donnie Yen in Ip Man 3.
Drew Barrymore. Child actor Drew Barrymore's career was almost over before it began.
After starring in the nineteen 1982 hit E.T. at age seven
barrymore became notorious for abusing alcohol, marijuana and cocaine
by her own admission,starting at the age of eight
Fortunately, thanks to rehab and the unlikely help of a family friend
"I have to live with David Crosby for two months, which is crazy
because David has his own problems"
I know he is he was an interesting character.....in itself."
Barrymore found sobriety and started her wildly successful second act
starting movies like Scream,The Wedding Singer and Never Been Kissed
Barrymore also focuses on her family and charity work while appearing in ads
as one of the faces of Covergirl
but that doesn't mean she's slowing down in terms of acting despite the fact that
she only took four roles from 2009 to 2016 because
if she could come back from being a teenage addict and
the train wreck that was Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle
she can come back from anything
Fred Willard. Comedian and actor Fred Willard's
career was marked by nothing but funny movies... until his 2012 arrest for a lewd act
in an adult theater.The arrest cost him his job hosting Market Warriors but
Willard was quick to recover after an honest interview on late night with Jimmy Fallon
in which he showcased his legendary sense of humor
Jimmy, what do you want to talk about first
Ya know, let me say this,it's the last time I'm gonna listen to my wife when
she says why don't you go out and see a movie"
Since then he's appeared in
Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues
Fifty Shades of Black and a handful of television roles
and most likely discovered the joys of "private browsing mode"
Mickey Rourke, former boxer and semi-reluctant actor.Mickey Rourke enjoy the
successful career and till he was arrested for spousal abuse in 1994
after assaulting his then-wife Carre O'tis
oh yeah, and he was responsible for getting her accidentally shot
in the chest once -
just a guess but he probably didn't get a World's Best Husband mug that Christmas.
As a result, Rourke almost gave up the spotlight completely,returning a boxing,
then to acting,then to the boxing again
Wait, is he boxing in a kilt? Anyway he bounced back to acting for good
with a lead role in 2005 Sin City
"Let's go"
This major return which he had attributes to his manager and his dogs
, led to Rouke appearing in The Wrestler
Iron Man 2 and The Expendables.
Rob Lowe, in the age of the Kardashians
it's hard to remember that a sex tape could once ruin someone's career and
Rob Lowe had one of the first. Only a few years into his career-Lowe was filmed with at least
three different women.One of whom was barely above legal age
sparking a wave of media controversy
when the tape was made available for sale against his will
Lowe quickly recovered, thanks to the apparent indifference of Hollywood
and a willingness to own up to the situation.
During the years since he rebounded from a scandal
Lowe as appeared in dozens of movies,including the Camera Diaz and
Jason Segel movie, Sex tape, which was a nice meta joke in the form of stunt casting.
Even more impressive, his television resume spans hundreds of episodes
across dozens of noteworthy shows including the likes of The West Wing
Parks and Recreation
Californication, Moonbeam City and The Grinder.
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think we should have added to the list



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