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We've all accepted that social media has completely changed the way we interact.
Hey there.
Come here alone often?
Excuse me, can't you see I'm in the middle of a conversation?
[Ugh, so rude]
[Annoyed emoji]
The other day, I randomly thought of this friend who I hadn't seen in a long time.
So I went to her Facebook page, to see what she's been up to,
when I saw..
(gasp) She unfriended me..
(sad music)
I reacted pretty well.
Kate unfriended me!
What did I ever do to her?I don't deserve this!
Are you sure? Maybe it was an accident.
Oh, it was NOT an accident.
I refreshed, then I added her as a friend, and she didn't accept my request!
Oh..I'm so sorry babe..
She will pay for this.
I felt so stupid by how offended I was.
Cause it's like, what does it matter that she unfriended me online, right?
This was someone I considered my friend.
It felt like a deliberate slight.
Even though I know it probably went like..
In my mind, I saw it as..
You thought we were friends.
You're dead to me.
(evil laughter)
And I kept wishing that we would BUMP into each other in real life, you know?
As if that was gonna be my revenge.
And not just awkward as hell.
Hannah, hey.
Hey, how are you?
You unfriended me.
We're not friends anymore, are we?
Well, I just--
No, it's fine. It's cool.
It's real cool.
(dramatic tone)
When you're unfriended,
Yes. Ooh, it hurts.
You go through the 5 stages of grief.
No no, she didn't--it was a mistake.
How dare SHE..unfriend ME?!
Please God, just friend me again, everything will be okay..
I can't believe she unfriended me..
That's fine.
But it's okay.
Unfriending and unfollowing is now as much a part of life as just breaking up or drifting apart.
And when I think of all the times I've unfriended someone, it was never personal.
You know, it's cause I updated too much, or their updates weren't relevant to my life anymore.
So it's all good.
I'm Anna Akana.
Stay HERE.
You're not going anywhere, I have something to show you.
I wanna say thank you to Best Fiends for sponsoring today's video.
Best Fiends is a free puzzle adventure battle game,
where you collect and upgrade characters to defeat slugs!
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I'm animated Akana.
Stay awesome Gowtham!



【Anna Akana】什麼!被刪臉書好友了?... (When you're unfriended on Facebook)

88186 分類 收藏
陳偉正 發佈於 2017 年 12 月 7 日


有沒有人跟小 V 一樣,每天早上起床的第一件事,就是拿起手機滑滑臉書,或是看看 Line 呢?如果是的話,那各位可能就跟小 V 一樣,是個重度使用者 (Heavy user) 啦!不知道有沒有想過,假如某天你赫然發現自己被某個朋友刪臉書好友了,這該怎麼辦呢?就讓我們一起來看影片中的女生 Anna 怎麼處理吧!

這裡的 friend 是「動詞」,不是名詞。加上表示否定的字首 "un-" ,就變成 unfriend 也就是「刪好友」的意思囉!其實, unfriend 不只用於 Facebook ,有好友功能的社群軟體都適用這個詞。
I can't believe it! Kate unfriended me on snapchat.
我真不敢相信,Kate 竟然刪我 snapchat 的好友。

send someone a friend request 傳送好友邀請
block someone on Facebook 封鎖某人的臉書
stalk someone on Facebook 不時查看某人的臉書
friend someone on Facebook 加某人的臉書

美國隊長3應該這樣演 (Captain America Civil War Trailer Spoof - TOON SANDWICH)

deserve 的意思是「值得」或「應得」,不過 deserve 這個字,在不同的情境會有不同的意思喔!影片中的 "I don't deserve it!" 字面上的意思是:「我不值得被這樣對待!」但是,其實隱含的意思是:「我值得更好的。」

假如各位身邊有人失戀,你們也可以說: "You deserve someone better." 「你值得更好的人。」或是: "He doesn't deserve you." 「他根本配不上你。」來安慰朋友喔!

而另一個我們常聽到的用法:"You deserve it!" 其實有兩種意思。一個是「活該」,另一個則是表達「(這種好結果) 是你應得的」喔!
Tom: Can you believe it? Sandy wants to break up with me!
John: Why? You just proposed to her, right?
Tom: Well, I was so drunk last night and got a one night stand accidentally. But, I didn't mean to do it. I can swear to God.
John: You deserve it! You don't deserve Sandy.


Tom: I won the first prize in the speech contest!
John: Congrats! You've practiced for the whole month! You deserve it!

如果你的朋友是隻貓/狗,生活會變得… (Cat-Friend vs Dog-Friend)

3pay for0:49
影片女生說的: "You'll pay for this." 的意思是:「你會付出代價的。」可以說是怨念深重啊!小編幫大家整理了幾個 pay 常搭配的介系詞還有用法,趕快學起來喔!

pay for 為…付出 (款項、代價)
I'll make him pay for it.

What do you expect? You get what you pay for.
你在期待什麼?你付出多少就得到多少。 (引申的意思是:一分錢一分貨。)

pay back 歸還;向…報復
I will be able to pay you back next week.
我下週就可以還你 (錢) 了。

Don't worry! I'll pay him back for what he did to you!

pay off 還清 (貸款);付清工資解雇;成功
I've paid my credit card debt off .

Over 200 workers will be paid off next week because of the financial crisis.

All of your efforts will pay off someday.

4You are dead to me.1:11
這句話乍看之下有點抽象,什麼叫「你對我來說已經死了」呢?其實 "You are dead to me." 的意思是「你對我來說,就跟死人一樣」,換句話說就是「我對你已經沒有任何感覺了」。是不是很逗趣的說法呢?

還有另一個跟 dead 相關的有趣片語: You'll be dead meat. 其實,這句話不是指某個人真的要變成一片死肉啦!而是「你麻煩大了」或是「你死定了」的意思。
When Dad finds out what you did, you'll be dead meat.

其實啊,只存在社群網站上的友誼,要「保鮮」似乎頗有難度呢!建議各位還是要適時對朋友付出關心喔!可別只是在臉書上按讚啊!或是大家有什麼讓友情「保鮮」的方法呢?可以留言在下面跟小 V 分享喔~

文/ Kiara
編輯/ Vicky




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