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Hi there, this is Julian, from doingenglish.com, and let me ask you a question. Are you learning
English every day? Recently, a new member joined the Doing English Plus Group, and she
mentioned in the community that she was feeling frustrated with her English progress. Another
member replied to her post, basically, talking about the importance of routine. "Sort out
your English learning routine," she said, "and results will surely follow."
I one hundred percent agree. Nothing could be truer. When you sort out a routine, and
do it consistently, amazing things happen. I'm always talking about the importance of
just putting in the time and the effort if you want to get really good at English. But really,
if you get your routine sorted out, it doesn't even need to be that much time. There's a
really great story that you might have heard of before about two teams of explorers racing
to reach the South Pole. This was in 1911, and there was a team of Norwegians led by
a guy called Roald Amundsen and a team of Brits, led by Robert Falcon Scott.
They had to walk about a thousand-four hundred miles to get to their destination. Scott's
team decided that they would walk as far as possible on good weather days. On days where
the weather conditions were bad, they would rest and conserve their energy. Amundsen's
team, on the other hand, decided that they would stick to a very strict routine of just
twenty miles a day, regardless of weather conditions. On good weather days, they could
probably walk a lot further, but they decided that they would just walk twenty miles a day,
and then save their energy.
Amundsen's team made it to the south pole and back on schedule. Scott's team, on the
other hand, died on route. This story really highlights the importance of doing something
consistently, just a bit at a time. If you just put twenty minutes into your English
a day, you will get much, much better results than you will if you put in a few hours just
once week. Routine, consistency, is the key.
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That is it from me today. In the next video, what have I got coming up in the next video?
I'm going to French toast method, and this is really going to help you to learn English
every day. Okay, that's it from me today, goodbye.



2804 分類 收藏
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