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Hi, I’m chef Dan Coudreaut, I’m the executive chef for McDonald’s. And we have a question
here from Christine from Oshawa, “What is in the sauce that is in the Big Mac?”

Well, Christine, quite honestly, the ingredients have been available in the restaurant or as
well now on the internet for many years, so… not really a secret.

But what we’re
going to do today is we’re going to make a version of the Big Mac with ingredients
that are similar that you could buy at your local grocery store. Ok.

I’m going
to be a little less formal and I’m going to take off my uniform and we’re just going
to have some fun cooking.
So here we have some store-bought mayonnaise, we have some sweet pickle relish and then
we have a classic yellow mustard. Here is just a little bit of white wine vinegar. And
then the aromatics here I have garlic powder, onion powder and then paprika. And the paprika
gives a little flavour, but it also helps to enhance the colour a little bit. With food
it’s either contrasting flavours like sweet and sour or it’s complementing flavours
like tomato and basil. Here with the Big Mac® sauce, it’s contrasting flavours.
So here we go, we’re just going to mix that up very quickly. Ok. Now, let’s talk about
the condiments. See, I’m getting a nice easy dice. Next, let’s do the lettuce. Gives
you that nice moisture and crunch. The pickles are just a hamburger pickle that I got at
the grocery store. Now the bun is classic signature of the Big Mac® experience.

we’ll just let this toast a little bit.
This is 100% beef, just like in our restaurants. We’re just going to press this into the
ring, so… there we go, that’s a good one. 

I’m working with raw meat, so absolutely
gotta wash your hands again. And they’re going in. Ah, did you hear that?
That sizzle?
You’re looking for a good browning on the underside of the burger. And then once I flip
it over, I’m just going to season it with a little salt and pepper, just like we do
in the restaurants. So now, for the construction of our Big Mac – with a little bit of sauce,
we’re going to build it on the heel on the club, with a pinch on onions, pinch of lettuce,
piece of cheese, two pickles and now comes the beef.
Club goes on top of the heel. And the crown goes on top. The classic Big Mac
homemade, made at home, with ingredients that you can find in your grocery store, locally.
So, Christine, I hope that answers your question about the Big Mac



麥當勞的大麥克配方是什麼 'What is in the sauce that is in the Big Mac?'

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