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  • Hi, I’m chef Dan Coudreaut, I’m the executive chef for McDonald’s. And we have a question

  • here from Christine from Oshawa, “What is in the sauce that is in the Big Mac?”

  • Well, Christine, quite honestly, the ingredients have been available in the restaurant or as

  • well now on the internet for many years, sonot really a secret.

But what were

  • going to do today is were going to make a version of the Big Mac with ingredients

  • that are similar that you could buy at your local grocery store. Ok.

I’m going

  • to be a little less formal and I’m going to take off my uniform and were just going

  • to have some fun cooking.

  • So here we have some store-bought mayonnaise, we have some sweet pickle relish and then

  • we have a classic yellow mustard. Here is just a little bit of white wine vinegar. And

  • then the aromatics here I have garlic powder, onion powder and then paprika. And the paprika

  • gives a little flavour, but it also helps to enhance the colour a little bit. With food

  • it’s either contrasting flavours like sweet and sour or it’s complementing flavours

  • like tomato and basil. Here with the Big Mac® sauce, it’s contrasting flavours.

  • So here we go, were just going to mix that up very quickly. Ok. Now, let’s talk about

  • the condiments. See, I’m getting a nice easy dice. Next, let’s do the lettuce. Gives

  • you that nice moisture and crunch. The pickles are just a hamburger pickle that I got at

  • the grocery store. Now the bun is classic signature of the Big Mac® experience.


  • well just let this toast a little bit.

  • This is 100% beef, just like in our restaurants. Were just going to press this into the

  • ring, sothere we go, that’s a good one. 

I’m working with raw meat, so absolutely

  • gotta wash your hands again. And theyre going in. Ah, did you hear that?

  • That sizzle?

  • Youre looking for a good browning on the underside of the burger. And then once I flip

  • it over, I’m just going to season it with a little salt and pepper, just like we do

  • in the restaurants. So now, for the construction of our Big Macwith a little bit of sauce,

  • were going to build it on the heel on the club, with a pinch on onions, pinch of lettuce,

  • piece of cheese, two pickles and now comes the beef.

  • Club goes on top of the heel. And the crown goes on top. The classic Big Mac

  • homemade, made at home, with ingredients that you can find in your grocery store, locally.

  • So, Christine, I hope that answers your question about the Big Mac

Hi, I’m chef Dan Coudreaut, I’m the executive chef for McDonald’s. And we have a question


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