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Imagine youself as a president of any powerful country
Which is in a conflict with another powerful country
Any moment this conflict can turn your territory into a glade of atomic mushrooms
What can you do,not with all the planet neighbours you are lucky
The citizens are always under a threat of nuclear war
What will you do as a president to save your people?
You will need to construct a network of bunkers, so that every resident could reach it any moment
But how to build thousands of secret refuges, so that every citizen since childhood could know about it?
And with all this not to attract your enemies attention...
Want to hide well,put on the most prominent place
So Mcdonald's project came
Bunker masked by fast food restaurant's became a solution of a problem that was handing over USA for decades
A brilliant cover for the construction. And pricing policy
Turned Mcdonald's into a single network brings huge profit
Within the U.S. there are over 15,000 Mcdonald's restaurant
And about their location in the city knows every american since childhood
Nurtured a whole generation for which is simpler to find the nearest Mcdonald's than the nearest church
In the case of military threat authorities won't explain long where to find the refuge
Authorities will simply send people to the nearest Mcdonald's
Add to that more than 15 allegedly competing fast food networks
And 20,000 Mcdonald's opened by franchise in other countries
Excellent cover to completely ward off unwanted attention
Mcdonald's knows this like no others
The network of underground bunkers with well-developed infrastructure
Allows you to cover more than 100,000 people at a time
Against military aggression,even of the most powerful enemy
"genius solution"
now that you know the truth, you are obligated to help your nation
print out locations of McDonald's on the U.S. territory
take your print out to the local rocket forces in your town
show them this video
locations of all McDonald's on the U.S. territory you can find out website (Does not exist.rf)
realize your right for patriotism


麥當勞的真相 (麥當勞的真相 最高機密With Eng subs)

1499 分類 收藏
Ray 發佈於 2016 年 7 月 11 日
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