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Rachel - For me, studying the PhD, I'm hoping that it's going to open some doors to my career,
or that certainly it won't close any. I think that in terms of the employer and your future
career, it's not just about the subject area of your PhD, but the skills you're going to
learn along the way - being able to carry out your own research, get results, analyse
them and the critical assessment of it, that kind of thing. They're all the valuable skills
that will take you further, progress you further, rather than just the fact, 'I've got a PhD in this.'
Darel - I know where you're coming from, Rachel; I don't know entirely where
my career path is going to go, what I'm going to do after my PhD, but I'd like to think
gaining the skills that I'm going to get in the next couple of years will make me more
attractive to prospective employers. Lis - I think you're right that the skills that you
learn are definitely transferable. I've already found that I've benefited from what I've learnt
in the first six months. Amy - It may be that your career path is influenced by the three
years! All - Yeah! Amy - Certainly in my PhD, hopefully there will be opportunities within the NHS, within
academia or even, within the pharmaceutical industry which is something that wouldn't be possible without
this higher research degree.


博士班學生/好處 (PhD students | Benefits)

184 分類 收藏
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