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Logan Smalley: Right now, somewhere out there,
there's an educator delivering a mind-altering lesson to their class.
Adam Savage: I want to engage your brains in this.
Chris Anderson: Trying to get my head around how vast our Earth is.
LS: But that lesson only reaches the students in that room.
What would happen if we could capture that lesson?
AS: This is a toothed wheel.
LS: What if, oh, animators and visualization artists could bring that lesson to life?
CA: There's an object we see every day that would literally fit one million Earths.
AS: It's got a bunch of notches, and it's got a bunch of teeth.
This was Fizeau's solution.
LS: When that lesson lands, curiosity is ignited.
CA: It seems impossibly big.
AS: Something interesting happens.
CA: But in the great scheme of things, it's just a pinprick.
AS: A door is starting to close on the light beam that's coming back to his eye.
LS: Then that group of students is one thought closer to being
what every teacher hopes their students will become:
a lifelong learner.
AS: Based on the difference between the two stations.
CA: The quest for knowledge and understanding never gets dull. It doesn't.
AS: He calculates the speed of light to within two percent of its actual value.
CA: The more you know, the more amazing the world seems.
LS: That's the central mission of TED-Ed --
to capture and to amplify the voice of the world's greatest teachers.
AS: He does this in 1849.
CA: It's the crazy possibilities, the unanswered questions, that pull us forward.
So stay curious.
Stephanie Lo: TED-Ed is really an invitation to teachers all around the world
to submit their best lessons.
Jordan Reeves: We review each submission, and we work with the educators
to refine the lesson and make sure that they're less than 10 minutes long.
Bedirhan Cinar: From there, we mail out these portable recording booths.
A teacher pulls up their final lesson, presses record,
and then can instantly share it with our animation team.
SL: It's also an invitation to animators.
We are looking for talented animators to get involved,
submit their reels, and help us animate these incredible lessons.
LS: Right now, there's a gifted educator somewhere out there delivering a life-changing lesson.
The TED-Ed Team hopes that anyone who's passionate about education
will help us find that teacher, capture that moment,
and amplify it the way that it deserves to be amplified.


【TED-Ed】的介紹:值得分享的課程!(【TED-Ed】Introducing TED-Ed: Lessons Worth Sharing)

5331 分類 收藏
Furong Lai 發佈於 2012 年 11 月 30 日    黃齡萱 翻譯    Evangeline 審核
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