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Their big brown eyes, wagging tail, sniffs, and licks on your face brings instant happiness and showers unconditional love.
They are the four-legged lovable creatures and man's best friend: a dog.
Through the ages, man has called dog one of his closest companions.
Dogs share 99% of their DNA with wolves.
However, dogs exude a sense of warmness to other dogs and humans, unlike the wolf's reaction to others.
Dogs are social pack animals who require attention and affection just like humans.
Dogs are cute, happy, loyal. To put this simply, dogs are awesome!
Science reveals a strong human-dog bond.
Just looking at your dog's eyes boosts happy hormones - oxytocin in human brains.
They are the best medicine for someone who is lonely, old, or depressed.
There are service dogs that aid the visually-impaired and disabled.
Also, they act as counselors in fur for thousands who battle psychiatric disorders.
Having a dog lessens heart strokes, lowers blood pressure, and cholesterol.
Every dog breed is intelligent, and they understand hand signals.
They mimic our emotions through our voice and body language.
They are incredible examples for faithfulness and loyalty.
History has Hachikō, a great loyal dog that waited nine long years for his deceased owner.
Honoring its loyalty, there is the bronze statue of Hachikō in Shibuya station, Tokyo.
While early day man had dogs for guarding cattle, today, they are a member in our families, guarding our elders, infants, and homes.
This bond of companionship is inseparable.
Surprisingly, recent trend has dogs as a team member in corporate.
Because just petting of office dogs reduce stress hormone - cortisol,
and improves higher creativity, productivity, and team cooperation at work place.
And dogs love sniffing.
Their intelligence can be compared to none.
Search-and-rescue dogs find missing people in mass-casualty events and natural disasters.
They risk life and paw each day to protect the public.
A big salute to those four-legged guards working without anything in return.
They're wonderful and viable sentient beings that deserve compassion and respect.
Well, if you could work your entire life to be happy and still never attain to the level,
it's time you adopt a homeless pup who is sure to change your life for the happy you.
Because a dog is one absolutely unselfish friend a man can have.



我們為何喜歡狗狗? (Why Do We Love Dogs?)

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Tim 發佈於 2017 年 12 月 4 日


來自 Carroll 大學的 Denise Guastello 教授,訪問了六百名學生,調查寵物及其主人的個性。研究中發現,60% 為愛狗人士,11% 為愛貓人士,29% 都不喜歡。小 V 身邊也是愛狗的人比較多呢!究竟,狗狗是從哪時開始成為人類的好朋友呢?讓我們一起來看看今天可愛的影片吧!

shower 在這裡的意思可不是「淋浴」喔! shower 當動詞使用時,除了有「淋浴」的意思之外,還有一個意思是「給某人大量的東西」。有兩種句型可使用:

1. shower someone with something
Tom showered Jenny with flowers when he proposed to her.
當 Tom 向 Jenny 求婚時,他送了 Jenny 許多花。

2. shower something on/upon someone
Susan showered kisses on the baby.
Susan 給了寶寶一大堆香吻。

既然 shower 最常見的意思是「淋浴」,小 V 另外補上一些浴室用品的英文說法,這樣一來,如果大家有機會到國外大型超市消費,就不會霧煞煞,或是買錯東西囉!

shampoo 洗髮精
conditioner 潤髮乳
shower cap 浴帽

shower gel 沐浴乳
soap 香皂
body lotion/moisturizer 身體乳

facial cleanser 洗面乳
shaving cream 刮鬍泡
tooth paste 牙膏

impair 的意思是「使...受損,或狀況不佳」, impaired 則是形容詞。
Guide dogs are trained to lead blind and visually impaired people to avoid obstacles.

除了用於身體的器官之外,impaired 也可以形容人駕車時,因為吸毒或是喝酒而注意力不集中。
Mandy was arrested for impaired driving and sentenced to two years in prison.
Mandy 因為酒駕而被捕,並被判了兩年有期徒刑。

酒駕上路要人命!關於酒駕的五大驚人事實!(Shocking Facts About Drunk Driving!)

mimic 的意思是「模仿」,另外還有 imitate 可以替換。而當你想形容「毫無自己想法,一直模仿別人的人」時,則可以用名詞 copycat 來形容。
Italian ice cream is imitated all over the world.

Jenny called me a copycat just because my new schoolbag looks like hers.
只因為我的新書包跟 Jenny 的看起來很像,她就說我學她。


impersonate 有兩個意思。第一個意思是模仿他人的衣著、說話的樣子,或行為。通常是為了欺騙別人。
Sometimes scammers will impersonate police officers to cheat people.

impersonate 的第二個意思是模仿別人的聲音或行為,只是帶有娛樂目的。如果是這個意思,同義詞還有 parodyimitate,專指好笑滑稽的模仿。
Tom impersonated a clown to make children laugh.
Tom 扮成小丑逗孩子大笑。

salute 的意思是「敬禮」,或是「對...表達敬意」。
I salute their courage and wish them well.

源自英國海軍的最高規格迎賓儀式:二十一響禮砲,也是使用 salute 這個字呦!話說,英國早在一七三零年,就將二十一響禮砲,作為向王室致敬的禮儀呢!
The 21-gun salute that we know today was frirst used by the British Navy to show respect.

5in return2:16
in return 是「作為回報」或是「得到……作為交換」的意思,後面可加上介系詞 for ,再加上名詞,以表示所換得的事物。
What can we do in return for your kindness?

In order to see Eric again, Airel gave her voice to Ursula in return for being a human for three days.


文/ Kiara
編輯/ Primrose Huang




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