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French workers right now enjoy a 35 hour
workweek and at least five weeks a vacation that is French law right now
and now there is going to be a law that many of them
independent contractors mostly will not have to check work emails after 6 p.m.
this new agreement was proposed to control the amount hours worked by
The use of technologies extends the boundaries between work hours and free
those people have to have at least 11 hours a day of free time which means they
can legally work up to 13 hours not more
which is already good for a day work don't you think?
now we're in America here guys right at believe this is america
this is this is not an American thing that you'd actually stopped working
at some point. What do you think these crazy socialists?Yeah! I mean...I think...
turn off the phone at six o'clock
enter the next French baby boom I mean what else you can do after six o'clock
and you're not checking and
there was a story that came out recently saying the number one thing
Americans having sex is their phones and
so yeah I mean like France needs to be having more sex but here it is you know
yeah now they already have to they have a 35-hour workweek they have the five
hours a vacation which we don't have mandatory here in the United States
this is gonna cover about 200,000 voters because it's it's
contract workers it's not you know those people that they bring in
to just do jobs here and there that they'll have the cut off time not just
the average employee
-the average employee does not have... -the average employee will still have to check his
work email
-after six o'clock. -uhh i mean you know i i I like the French
I like how they do it. I think less work is better. You know this whole idea in
American culture that the
more you work somehow the better person. You are right and that's that's not true
You know that I don't work at all and I'm a great guy!
and the you know I mean really work is overrated.
it really is overrated nobody which is they work more on their deathbed
and we're buncher... you know I think we're all in a country full of adult children of
workaholics you know where we're all workaholics and we're all
we were we were way more than people work in Europe not only France, right?
and Americans don't know that 'cause we are all ignoring the rest of
the world we don't travel so
people don't know that. When I say that in my stand-up back about how
we know, we did it whole vacation time. They get everybody gets in Europe. People
like are you kidding me?
Yes! Yes! not not kidding you and this is your capitalism screwing you
and nobody seems to... does not... never did
why do we get something like this in america well as wouldn't
every Republican and Rush Limbaugh and everyone are airing wat... rate... right-wing
radio say that three times fast
where they all say this is the most un-American thing there is that you have
the right in america to work yourself into the ground in
I all out there...I mean I think that's the big thing like if you wanna work
go ahead and do it and I think thats that's a good thing you know if you want
to work I think you should be able to do it but I just think
the way the brain works there's diminishing returns after a certain
amount of time from the computer screen you're going to be less productive
so i think is this a good thing I yeah it's a good thing
should you actually force people to turn their phone off to not answer emails
I don't know that. I go that far. -Right so that's the interesting part is it would
force you to turn off his own
That is exactly what I want to talk about. That's right I can leave work we'll leave
here and I'll stop.
You know reading political story that thing that major but the tweeting
and the rest of that part and checking emails you know somebody may email me
so that means it does not stop
so perhaps there's something good in this just for that, not just the work
and a bit...
but the actual ability to disconnect from the endless internet
I applaud this. I applaud the whole thing anything we can you know again it's it's
almost like a race to the bottom who can
were out there. They're starting to... I don't think that they are going to
link to the workweek in France that there was a big moment for that. And did you ever
think about that? I didn't.
alright maybe... I'm sorry. I'm saying about my life, but...-that's what your work we could never
make you actually make up stories that which is really good-Yes, my week. But
as I you know... less work but we're really. it's we've been thought the stupid billet
goods that work equals ... a good life for a good person
You know work good. Work is good in certain but you know everything in
moderation including
work. -Yeah -More and especially in this industry you know
the 24-hour news cycle or even on the web it's like we're
Twitter followers are essentially currency if something breaks
you wanna tweet about that I... It's just how the dynamic works
and there is no turning it off. It would be nice
and this situation these guys are doing work that
you can turn off so that's a good new trial. But can you turn off? Because these are... these
are contractors who are just being brought in to do specific jobs it almost
seems like these are the type of people
that shouldn't turn it off as opposed to the guy that working at the office all
day that can work nine to five and feel like his job is... as opposed to
guy right as was the guy who needs to get out there
is... and right. He's the guy that these laws affecting so may be it is a little back right.
said... sounds like that
that unions got a good negotiator, right?


下班後有權對老闆已讀不回!談法國怎麼保護他們的勞工權利 (France Teaching The World How To Protect Workers)

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