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Once upon a time there was a father wolf who went out into the woods to hunt for his family
When in the woods, he suddenly heard a sound
Looking around he noticed a tiny baby in between the bushes
“This is a human baby” said the wolf with a big surprise
He took the baby home out of harms way
Watching from a distance, Shere Khan the tiger got very upset
because he was the one who stole the baby from the humans
Mother wolf and her cubs loved this little baby very much
"We will call him Mogli from now on" said mother wolf
From that day on, Mogli started to live with his wolf siblings in the woods
Mother wolf took very good care of him like he was one of her own
In a short time Mogli became friends with all the animals
He played games and hung around the trees with them
At the same time he got to know the jungle
During all that time, Shere Khan the Tiger kept watching Mogli from a distance
and waited for an opportunity to grab and kidnap him
One day, the wise wolf Akela, Baloo the bear and Bagheera the panther came together
and started to talk about Mogli
“Human babies are very smart. Lets bring him up like a jungle boy
Baloo and Bagheera, you will protect him and teach the rules of the jungle” said Akela
Years went by fast
Baloo the bear was very attentive with his new student
He taught him how to look for nuts and honey climbing the trees
Mogli listened to Baloo’s teachings with all ears
Everyday he climbed a higher tree and started to feed himself
Baloo also taught him how to understand the sounds of the jungle
He was proud of his student
Mogli was running very fast and swimming very good
And Bagheera taught him how to identify the traps humans set up for the animals
and how to avoid them
One day a cub wolf ran into one of these traps
Shere Khan the Tiger wanted to hunt this cub wolf and make him his lunch...
But acting before the tiger, Mogli saved the cub from the trap
Shere Khan the tiger lost once again
Baloo also taught Mogli the magic words he can use when there is a danger in the jungle
In a very short time Mogli learned these words by heart
Mogli would not be harmed by any animal in the jungle
Realising that he was not going to be able to catch Mogli alone
Shere Khan went next to Banderlogs, the most dangerous animals in the jungle
He told them about Mogli
If Mogli teaches us everything he knows, we’ll become the wisest animals in the jungle
One day, when Mogli was making a shelter to protect himself from the storm
the Banderlogs were watching from where they were hiding
They decided to kidnap him when the opportunity came
At sunset Mogli was kidnapped by two monkeys and brought into the hills where the jungle was at its thickest
The little boy found himself in the middle of the Banderlogs
When Mogli realised that he was kidnapped by the monkeys
He started to think...
He had to reach Baloo and Bagheera and let them know...
Suddenly he noticed Chil the Vulture flying up above in the sky
He remembered the magic words Baloo taught him...
“We are the same blood...you and I”
Hearing these words, Chil the Vulture immediately realised that Mogli wasn’t a stranger
and that he was in trouble
“I am little Mogli. Could you let Baloo and Bagheera know that I am kidnapped?”
“Of course I will Mogli” answered Chil the Vulture and flew off to deliver the message to Mogli’s friends
Banderlogs brought Mogli to their cold cave
the monkey town
This place was a place in the deep jungle that humans abandoned years ago
Even though Mogli attempted to runaway, the Banderlogs outnumbered and caught him
Finding out about Mogli’s kidnapping
Baloo and Bagheera asked Kaa the Giant Snake for help to save Mogli
They all came to the monkey town and hid behind a giant statue
From their hideout they could see Mogli and hundreds of monkeys around him
They started to wait for the perfect moment to take Mogli out of there
At the right moment Kaa said “Now is the time. Let’s Go”
Bagheera silently moved to catch the monkeys
Then he started to punch the monkeys surrounding Mogli with his powerful claws
Banderlogs ran around screaming with fear
And one of the called the others for help
Suddenly Bagheera was surrounded with lots of Monkeys
Some other monkeys grabbed Mogli and put him in a room with closed walls
Mogli could hear Bagheera fighting with the monkey
He remembered the water storage under the ruins of the city
And he knew that the monkeys were afraid of water
“Bagheera, run and jump in the water”
Bagheera ran and jumped straight into the water
Baloo was also attacked by the monkeys
They started to fight and Baloo was hitting Banderlogs with his front claws to protect himself
He was trying his best but there were too many of the Banderlogs
and it was impossible for Baloo to fight them by himself
And Bagheera was helplessly watching him from the water, feeling very bad that he could not help his friend...
When Baloo was struggling with the monkeys, suddenly Kaa came out
When Kaa started to hit all the monkeys with his giant tail, the monkeys ran away with fear
The monkeys were always afraid of Kaa. None of them could face him in a fight
So when they started to run away in the depths of the jungle, Baloo was finally free
But when Kaa opened his mouth and blew
all the monkeys stood still
Their voices suddenly went away and it suddenly became all quiet
Taking this opportunity, Bagheera jumped out of the water
Mogli yelled from the tower he was trapped in
I am here, trapped in the tower
Kaa swung his mighty tail and managed to brake the walls of the tower
Freed from the walls, Mogli threw himself out
Baloo hugged him with love
You ok Mogli?
Yes I am, but I am very hungry and tired...
You all have risked your lives to save me... Thank you from the bottom of my heart
Mogli was also very happy to see Kaa on his side
I owe you my life Kaa, thank you!
Mogli, Baloo and Bagheera said goodbye to Kaa and head to their homes
Shere Khan the tiger realised that he could never harm someone who had such powerful friendships
and moved back into the depths of the jungle never to return
A long time passed and Mogli grew up to become a young man
One day he went close to the village where humans lived
He met a woman who immediately recognized him
She realised that he was the son which was kidnapped by a tiger many years ago
She put the little boy next to her in Mogli’s arms
Mogli was very surprised because this little boy was looking very much like Mogli’s own childhood
But then He also realised that this little boy was his brother and the lady was his mother
Baloo, Bagheera and Kaa were all watching them
"From now on you’ll be next to your family Mogli"
"Whenever you need us ..ssss…You know the magic words ssss?"
"You are our brother. Don't forget how much we love you! Goodbye dear Mogli"
His dear friends said their farewells to Mogli...
Mogli lived happily ever after with his family
But never did he forget the ones who raised him, his family in the jungle...



森林王子(童話床邊故事) (The Jungle Book | Fairy Tales Bedtime Stories 9 | Fairy Stories and Songs for Kids)

22494 分類 收藏
Sandy 發佈於 2016 年 11 月 26 日    Hsiuhua Chang 翻譯    Mandy Lin 審核
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