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It's totally black and blue. (No)
Hey, can I sit here? Yeah! Go ahead! OK.
Hey, Jay. This girl is really pretty.
I think she likes you...
Really? No way!
Of course, all these empty seats & she sat RIGHT across from you, she's obviously into you.
Really? She's like an angel from heaven.
Definitely, man
I love you.
(in Mandarin) Bye bye.

Jo In-Sung is so mosissoyo
So what?
He's so like, so like mosissoyo

You know what I mean? Yeah yeah yeah I know what that means.
cause' he's just explained it...(Yeah) to me so well?
How could you do this to me?
Steven, what is wrong?
My girlfriend just broke up with me...
It's ok. Old man lose horse. What???

So you know it was a blessing in disguise.
Hey guys, I made some tea for ya'll.
Wow. There you go, Matty. Wait.
How do you say "thank you very much" in Chinese?
(in Mandarin) Your butt is really big.

(in Mandarin) Your butt is really big.
Steven! (in Mandarin) Your butt is really big.
Hey, Dad.
(in Telugu) Yeah, I'm here with Steven right now.
Mhm, class just ended but it was boring.

They cooked for us but it smelled so bad.
Just ew.
Okay, bye
So...um...that was your...was your Dad?
Cool. Did you say anything about me...or? Nope.
Cool. Gotta go. I'll see you later. Ok, bye.
That subtitle just...it doesn't do it justice, like what she's actually saying is so much more than what they wrote.

Yeah. Too bad you have to read the subtitles because it just...
Hi, Steven! Hi, Betty, how are you? Good. How are you?
I'm doin' good. Have you met my friend, Joseph, before?
No! I have not, my name is Betty. Nice to meet you. (Joseph, nice to meet you)
Actually he a Korean major. (Oh, really?) You're Korean, right?
(in Korean) Yes, I do. I actually lived in Korea last year.
You are really good at Korean!

Oh,no, no. How old are you?
I am 22. Me, too.
Really?! We are friends!!
Yeah! Let's just be casual with each other.
Hey, how about ditching him and we just hang out?
For real? Yeah!
Shall we grab a bite to eat? Yea, let's eat. Alright.
(in Cantonese) Today, I just ate an apple.
Ah, but this apple was so fresh AND sweet, too!

Noooo, you don't understand! It's like it fell from heaven--
-- someone is coming over, I'll talk to you later. Okay, bye.
Hey, man. Are you OK, dude?
Yeah, I'm fine. What's up?
It's ok, you can tell me. Was that your girlfriend? What were you talking about?

We weren't arguing, man. We were just having a conversation about an apple.
Dude, I'm so sorry. When you guys are arguing about an apple, that's when you know the relationship is going downhill
Come here, bring it in...I don't know you



會說兩種語言的人就比較厲害?來看他們的糗事一籮筐 (Things Bilingual People Do)

41980 分類 收藏
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