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How many of you are on Instagram?
Did you see that they changed their logo this week?
Did you notice that?
Here's the original one, and then this is the new one.
They thought the original one looked old, and as we all know,
looking old is the worst thing that can happen to anybody.
A lot of millennials are freaking out about it,
which might seem ridiculous to older people
but remember how upset we all got when they switched Darrins on Bewitched.
That was really frustrating to us.
You can't just do that.
Thanks to Instagram, now every day has its own different hashtag.
It used to be simpler.
Like people were sad on Monday and they were happy on Friday and
on Wednesday we would hump.
Now, today, I thought I would actually teach you about the different Instagram days because I am young and hip.
And I know what the kids are up to and down with and I Netflix and chill.
And I know what Fetty Wap means.
And I do alcohol.
And I know about Instagram.
So today's is Monday.
So you're supposed to post a picture of a guy that you have a crush on.
It's called Man Crush Monday.
This is a tough one for me because.
I haven't had a real man crush since about 1974,
but I did come up with a perfect guy for this one.
He's young, he's handsome, he has amazing hair.
Not Harry Styles! It is my puppy, Kid.
I have a crush on my puppy.
# Adorable.
Now Tuesday is known as booze day,
which I think it's always been.
Wednesday is woman crush Wednesday.
Now we're talking.
Obviously mine would be Portia.
But some people post pictures of women that they fantasize about
like my writer Troy posted this sexy green M&M.
That's who he fantasizes about.
You have to know Troy really.
Then I think everybody knows it, throwback Thursday.
And then Friday they call flex day Friday.
You post a picture of yourself after you go to the gym.
I didn't go to the gym so
I'm gonna just show you a shirtless picture of tWitch because that's.
That's pre Magic Mike, that's before you really ...
Yeah that was the day right there.
That I waxed you? Yes, that was the day I waxed you.
Yeah, what happened after that, yeah that was the last time I smiled for that day, that was it.
So, Saturday, I think, is my favorite.
Saturday is Caturday they call it, so you post pictures of cats.
So I mean, like for example this one here.
I know.
Or this one here.
Or this one here.
Or this one here.
I could do this all day.
One more.
Okay, this is why I don't have time to go out on Caturday nights.
Because I'm home.
But here's the thing.
I don't think that you should have to stick to these themes.
I mean you can make up your own.
For instance, Kim Kardashian decided that on every day that ends with a y,
she posts a naked selfie.
That's what she does.
And for me, every day is # dancingday.



【艾倫秀】#每天都要Instagram一下才夠潮 (#InstagramEveryDay)

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黃冠瑋 發佈於 2017 年 6 月 23 日    Vivi Lee 翻譯    Mandy Lin 審核


又到了可以準備放鬆的禮拜五了,今天要來帶大家回顧小編最喜歡的脫口秀之《艾倫秀》的片段!大家還記得 Instagram 之前的商標嗎?那個懷舊復古風的相機鏡頭?當時 Instagram 也推出了每天相對應的 #hashtag,造成了不少話題。就讓我們跟著 Ellen 幽默風趣的介紹回味一下吧!

millennial 原本作形容詞,意思為「一千年的」,這裡加了 s ,就變成了我們常講的「千禧世代」,為 Millennial Generation 的簡稱。「千禧世代」也被稱為 Generation YGen Y (Y世代),用來承接前一個時期的 Generation X 、Gen X (X世代)。千禧世代的年齡定義很廣,大約是指1980~2000年間出生的人口,也就是現在15~35歲的族群。
One of the core traits of millennials is that they always stay connected to social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
千禧世代的主要特徵之一,就是離不開像臉書、IG 或推特之類的社群網站。

Generation Y expects better working conditions than previous generations.

新世代抹殺「主管」的必要? (Why Are Millennials Killing Their Bosses?)

hump 這個字的意思有名詞的「駝背;小山丘;難關」,也有動詞的「隆起」。
Camels store water in the humps on their back.

I'm finally over the biggest hump of my term paper. All that left to do is to organize the format.

When a cat humps its back, it usually means it's angry and you probably should stay away from it.

而 Ellen 講的 "Wednesday we would hump" 又是什麼意思呢?因為外國人會把 Wednesday 暱稱為一週中的 hump day,如果一到五的工作天像是在爬一個小山丘的話,禮拜三就像是終於爬到中繼點,可以開始期待終點了,所以過了禮拜三就有點像是過了那個小山丘,周末也就不遠啦!其實 Ellen 在這裡是用了一個雙關,因為 hump 這個字當成動詞在口語上(非正式場合)還有「發生關係」的意思,所以藉由 hump 這個字來製造笑點。

另外,前面 Ellen 還有提到 "people were sad on Monday and they were happy on Friday",這是在中英文中都很常聽到的說法,相關的俗諺像是:Blue Monday「憂鬱星期一(藍色代指憂鬱」,因為假期結束要準備面對五天的上班上學日,所以心情上感到很沉重和憂鬱;還有常常在星期五的時候會看到人家說 TGIF,這其實是 Thank god it's Friday 的縮寫,直翻就是「感謝老天星期五到了」,就是慶祝這週的工作告一段落,可以迎接周末假期好好放鬆啦!

5種健康早餐冰沙 (5 Healthy Breakfast Smoothies!)

3Netflix and chill / Fetty Wap / do alcohol 0:57
這邊是 Ellen 要表達她也很懂時下年輕人流行的東西和會做的事,這邊稍微解說一下以方便大家理解內容:

Netflix 是美國火紅的線上影集平台 ,而 chill 本身為年輕人常掛嘴邊的詞彙,意思是「放輕鬆」、「聊天小聚」或「隨意晃晃」。但是當這兩個字放在一起的時候,有時候並不是單純指字面上的「看電影,放個鬆」喔。在這裡,Netflix and chill 其實帶有性暗示。假如有人問你想不想 Netflix and chill ,你們可能還是會看些電影,聊聊天,但是在燈光美氣氛佳的情況下就忍不住開始親熱起來了。所以這句話其實某成程度是在暗指「想要和你發生性關係」唷!
A: Hey, wanna Netflix and chill tonight?
B: Yeah, let's watch Orange Is the New Black!
A: Umm...you know we're not really watching anything right?

Fetty wap 是美國的一位饒舌歌手,靠著 Trap Queen 這首歌一舉成名,在 2015-2016 年間以這首歌襲捲大小流行音樂獎項,所以 Ellen 藉著說她知道 Fetty wap 來表示她很懂得現在流行的東西,就跟年輕人一樣!

do alcohol 的意思就是「喝酒」啦!這裡用 do 來取代我們比較常聽到的 drink 是比較口語、非正式的用法。這裡其實帶有一點開玩笑、嘲諷的意味,Ellen 用一種比較概括性的方式指稱年輕人的特性:性愛、饒舌音樂、喝酒,就是一種年輕人很有精力、喜歡狂歡派對的形象!
A: Hey! Do you want to join us to the tequila party?
B: No, thanks. I don't do alcohol.

booze 作名詞用時泛指所有「酒精性飲料」,包括啤酒、雞尾酒、伏特加、紅酒等等。但這個字比較不會出現在正式場合,而較常在日常對話中出現。若正式一點的講法為 alcoholic drink 或是 drinks
Owner: (After examining the boys' IDs) We don't sell booze to kids under 18. Get out!

booze 也可作動詞使用,意思是「喝酒」,通常帶有「豪飲」的意味。
We can't really do anything about Felix. He's either boozing with his friends or sulking in his own bedroom.

booze-up 為名詞,意思是「暢飲大會」或「酒宴」,基本上就是一群人最後會喝到爛醉的場合。
No one could remember what happened at the booze-up because they were all smashed drunk.

boozer 則泛指喝酒的地方,像是「酒館」或是「酒吧」,boozer 也可以指酗酒過度的「酒鬼」。
The boozer is unusually crowded tonight. Is there a gig or something?

The boozer caused a scene down at the pub and was kicked out eventually.

5now we're talking1:47
這句話字面上的意思是「現在我們在講話了」,聽起來是否有點奇怪呢? 其實這句話是在「肯定」對方的提議,類似「這才像話嘛!」的意思,表示對方提到的東西讓你很來勁,彷彿你們先前的談話都沒有什麼亮點,直到對方提到了讓你感興趣的東西。
A: I happen to know the best vintage record shop downtown!
B: Now we're talking!

【愚人節】玩命關頭7之小小兵亂入!Furious Minions - Minions Invade The Fast & The Furious

雖然小編也有在用 Instagram,但都不知道曾經有過這種 hashtags 呢!現在也常常看到那種 hashtags 一大堆,幾乎都要長過內文了呢!不過對於 Instagram 的商標改變不知道大家有什麼看法呢?喜歡舊的復古造型還是現在新的漸層色調呢?偷偷說小編其實比較喜歡舊商標啦(噓)...

文/ Vanessa Hsieh




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