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Hi! So today I'm going to be using the Tartelette in Bloom palette!
Sorry, my skin is going a little crazy right now.
And I'm just going to pull my hair back a little
So first off I'm going to be using the Burberry primer, this is the new radiance #1 in Fresh Glow
I'm just going to dot that all over my face
It just gives a really nice glow underneath your foundation. Its a little bit shimmery.
I'm just blending out that right now
After that is nicely blended, you just want to let it set for a little bit before you apply your foundation
Now I'm using the Giorgio Armani Foundation, the luminous silk foundation, along with a beauty blender
And the colour I'm using is 5.75
I usually just dot it all over my face, and then I'll start blending
It just gives a really nice sheer coverage, and it even outs my skin tone, especially since its a little bit red today.
Most importantly you want to make sure that you add water to your beauty blender before you use it
I'll be doing a couple of layers today because my skin is really really blotchy today
Then with the concealer, you just want to add some underneath your eyes
And I'm using the NARS concealer in two different shades
And add some onto the side of your nose, basically just all the areas that you think you need a little bit of concealing
The colours I'm using is #3 Honey and #2 Vanilla
I like to use two different colours because it gives me the perfect shade that matches my skin tone
And now I'm just going to blend that all out again with the beauty blender
When you blend out concealer on your eyes you just want to be extra light, because the skin underneath around your eye area is extra sensitive
I'm doing one more layer, cause like I said I have so many pimples going on right now
And now I'm done with pretty much my face
And I'm just going to finish up with the Make Up Forever HD powder
I'm going to use a fluffy brush to just brush it all over my T-zone
And on my chin
And just on the top of my eyes, and then I'm going to use a smaller fluffy brush
To get the areas underneath my eyes
And I find that it is a lot easier to do this with a smaller fluffy brush, because with a big one you kind of don't get that area as well
So now with the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil matte bronzer in medium/deep
I'm just going to use a contour brush and get it on the top of my forehead, and my cheek bones to accentuate them
And also onto my jawline as well and I just want to fluff it out a little bit to blend it
And once again with the big fluffy brush just kind of blend everything out a little bit more, to make it more natural
Now with the Anastasia Beverly Hills perfect brow pencil in dark brown just shade in your brows
I have a little bit of an arch, so I just like to accentuate that, and I like to extend the ends of my brows a little bit as well
Now with the Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper, you want to just lightly coat it over your eyebrow hairs
This helps them stay in the shape you want your brows to be, and also if you have lighter hair you can either dye your eyebrow hairs a little bit lighter with a different shade of
the bobbi brown brow shaper, or if you want a darker shade, you can use a darker colour like the one I have now to make them darker.
Now I'm just going to tight line my waterline with the Nyx eyeliner/eyebrow pencil in the shade dark brown
I like to use dark brown because its just a little bit more natural and black just looks a bit too harsh on me
Now I'm going to use the Tartelette palette!
So the first colour that I will be using is in the shade sweet heart, and I'm going to apply that all over my eyes
This colour is kind of a little peachy, a warm clay colour
And I just love this palette because its so perfect for Spring!
And I'm just applying this using my fingers
Then with a flat brush, you want to use the colour Rebel, onto the outer corners of your eyes then blend it into your crease a little bit and also onto your bottom lash line
Then with a fluffy brush just blend everything out
Then using the colour Funny Girl, just add that to the middle of your eyelids, to create more dimension to your eyes, making your eyes look nicer
Then with the Etude House play 101 pencil, just add a little bit of the sparkles to the top and bottom inner corners of your eyes, as this helps to open up your eyes
Now with the Urban Decay Liquid Liner in dark brown just line your eyes
Its better to have a thinner line in the front and then have a thicker line at the end
And kind of just drag out the line from the outer corner, to make your eyes look longer/bigger
And make sure that you don't leave any spaces in-between your lashes
Now with the benefit, they're real mascara, just apply mascara to the top lashes, and the bottom ones
And its better to move in a zig-zag motion when applying mascara
This helps to coat your lashes a lot better, and distribute the product evenly
And now I'm just applying sections of false lashes towards the ends of my eyes, this just helps create a very natural look, and at the same time allows me to make my lashes a bit longer
And I'm just using Duo eyelash glue to apply all of that
The false eyelash sections that I'm using is from The Face Shop, and I'm applying them using tweezers
Then you just want to grab the Mac Strobe Cream, and use that to highlight your cheek bones, the bridge of your nose
This helps add a little bit more dimension to your face, and I just really love using the strobe cream cause it kind of gives you a more glowy finish
And I'm just blending that out a little bit more
Then lastly with the Nars Orgasm Blush, just apply that with a blush brush to the apples of your cheeks
And that's it for this makeup tutorial, Thank-You for watching!
Be sure to check out our other videos, and the product links are in the description box down below
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See you next time! Bye!


化妝 (Tartelette in Bloom Tutorial by Kiki)

1856 分類 收藏
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