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  • Hey guys welcome back to my vlog channel

  • so right now i'm in Osaka

  • and I'm actually staying at my host family's house right now

  • so everytime I go to Osaka I usually stay at their place

  • so it's really nice to actually spend time with a Japanese family

  • and get some Japanese practicing

  • Yeah I always stay here whenever I come to Osaka

  • So today I am planning to go to Umeda to do a bit of shopping and also Shinsaibashi

  • So, yeah, gonna meet up with my friend Rachel, so we're gonna go out now

  • Now we are heading into Hep Five, and this is like another Shibuya 109

  • So, this is the store here

  • So we're gonna do some shopping now

  • So in Osaka on the escalators you stand on the right hand side

  • In Tokyo it's the left hand side so it's kinda confusing I think

  • He looks strange

  • I wanna buy this

  • We just arrived at Shinsaibashi now

  • Now we're just gonna do some shopping because it's one of my favorite places for shopping

  • Everything is so cheap here!

  • They're all like 10$ out here

  • I bought this for Yuki last time

  • Oh I should get a strawberry

  • Or cake

  • So cute!

  • So now I'm in Namba

  • and this is close to Shinsaibashi

  • and there's a lot of street food down here

  • and it's amazing for food

  • So if you guys want street food, come down to Namba Area

  • It doesn't look very apetizing like this

  • Which one should I get?

  • Probably the middle one

  • There's four

  • No no no the middle one!

  • See!

  • It's easy! Now you got two more turns

  • So Elaine got this Shiba

  • So the trick is

  • you play it like once

  • and then you go to the guys and tell them:

  • "Hey I want this one" "I'll move it for you"

  • So we got it pretty easily it fell for 11$

  • 1100 yens so about 11dollars

  • That's what you should do guys

  • Just ask the guys to help you and you'll get it

  • So we're back at my host family and then

  • this is dinner

  • *Mom and Dad made it*

  • *For the vegetables use any dressing you want!"

  • *I told her already!"

  • *Oh you told her?"

  • So this is a Taiyaki

  • and this is like amazing it's got custard in it

  • My host family makes this

  • So if you guys have time please visit their shop

  • I made a blog post about it I'll link it in the description box below!

Hey guys welcome back to my vlog channel


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A2 初級 美國腔

OSAKA - Japanese Game Centre & Shopping | KimDao in JAPAN ft.莫文蔚和Orangetummy的故事。 (OSAKA - Japanese Game Centre & Shopping | KimDao in JAPAN ft. Elaine Mokk and Orangetummy)

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