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Yeah, come on in, come on, fast fast fast.
Come in, come in, quickly, don't let anyone see you.
What's going on? Mr. Schneebly?
You wanna know what's going on?
I will let you know what is going on, little miss sunshine.
how come none of you told me you could play music?
What difference does it make?
what difference?
I thought you all were bunch of little douche bags, but now I know that you're soul brothers and soul sisters.
You, Zack, you ever play electric guitar?
No, my dad won't let me.
Oh, really?
He thinks it's a waste of time.
Oh yeah? Well, let's waste that time together, shall we?
(Grab a hold of your axe and try to pluck out this riff.)
(Let your shoulders relax, you don't wanna be so stiff.)
(Keep on going don't stop, take it over the top.)
(Make each note really pop, squeeze out every last drop.)
(Give it one final whop! and yes, you're in the band.)
You follow me.
Katie, what was that big lumpy thing that you were playing?
The cello.
The c-hello.
yes, come here, I want to show you something.
(Turn a cello this way and it's practically like a bass.)
(Pop the strings when you play and watch how you shred my face.)
(Keep on rockin' each note, grab it right by the throat.)
(Keep the rhythm afloat, don't forget to emote.)
(And that's all that she wrote! Baby you're in the band.)
Piano man, Lawrence.
Whatever, dude
(If you play the piano, you can play the keys.)
I only play classical
(So just loosen it up and strut your expertise.)
I don’t think I can. Oh, come on
(Take a look at this music and let your mind expand.)
What! What! He's perfect, you’re perfect
(You're in the band.)
Now, who is going to be my drummer?
I play percussion.
Only cause he's too stupid to play anything else.
Shut up. Shut up.
(Sit your butt at the skins and try to whack out a beat.)
Yes, it's good. That is good.. for my grandma, who is uh… dead.
(Feel the groove in your pins, then slowly turn up the heat.)
Yes, now he's playin' like my grandmother who is alive
(With a rat-a-tat-tat on the bass and hi-hat.)
(Make it juicy and fat, yes exactly like that! And you'll shut it down flat. You're in the band.)
Mr. Schneebly, I still don’t have a job.
(I need a couple of roadies,) we could do that (I need someone on tech.) I’ll be tech
(Who wants to be security?) I would
Can I be the stylist? Check
Mr. Schneebly, I still don’t have a job
(Well how about being manager?) manager?
(Is that something you could swing?) What does it mean?
(It means I'm putting you in charge of the whole damn thing! We've got our band.)
Play Freddy, just like that!Yes! Yes!
Katie, look at me, come in on G.
but, just like that!
Zack, join me in the middle. G up top, run G chord.
OMG, what are you reading my mind? He's reading my mind.
Lawrence, take me to the moon, baby.
I need backup singers, ladies, come here, watch everything I do. Ready?
Now repeat after me, I pledge allegiance to the band! (I pledge allegiance to the band!)
And I promise to give Mr. Schneebly full command! (I promise to give Mr. Schneebly full command!)
(And with me in control of the band as a whole, we will rock and we'll roll, with our heart and our soul.)
(If you're in, raise your hand!)
(I'm in the band! x6)
(You're in the band! We're in the band! x2)
(You're in the band!)


搖滾校園音樂劇 - 虛擬實境版(SCHOOL OF ROCK: The Musical – “You’re in the Band” (360 Video))

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Shirley Huang 發佈於 2016 年 5 月 15 日    Dan Waugh 翻譯    審核
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