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  • Yeah, come on in, come on, fast fast fast.

    耶,快 快 快進來

  • Come in, come in, quickly, don't let anyone see you.


  • What's going on? Mr. Schneebly?

    發生什麼事了? Schneebly老師?

  • You wanna know what's going on?


  • I will let you know what is going on, little miss sunshine.


  • how come none of you told me you could play music?


  • What difference does it make?


  • what difference?


  • I thought you all were bunch of little douche bags, but now I know that you're soul brothers and soul sisters.


  • You, Zack, you ever play electric guitar?


  • No, my dad won't let me.


  • Oh, really?

    噢 真的嗎?

  • He thinks it's a waste of time.


  • Oh yeah? Well, let's waste that time together, shall we?


  • (Grab a hold of your axe and try to pluck out this riff.)

  • (Let your shoulders relax, you don't wanna be so stiff.)

  • (Keep on going don't stop, take it over the top.)

  • (Make each note really pop, squeeze out every last drop.)

  • (Give it one final whop! and yes, you're in the band.)

  • You follow me.


  • Katie, what was that big lumpy thing that you were playing?


  • The cello.


  • The c-hello.


  • yes, come here, I want to show you something.


  • (Turn a cello this way and it's practically like a bass.)

  • (Pop the strings when you play and watch how you shred my face.)

  • (Keep on rockin' each note, grab it right by the throat.)

  • (Keep the rhythm afloat, don't forget to emote.)

  • (And that's all that she wrote! Baby you're in the band.)

  • Piano man, Lawrence.

    鋼琴小王子? 我叫Lawrence

  • Whatever, dude

    隨便啦 兄弟

  • (If you play the piano, you can play the keys.)

  • I only play classical


  • (So just loosen it up and strut your expertise.)

  • I don’t think I can. Oh, come on

    我不認為我可以 拜託,過來

  • (Take a look at this music and let your mind expand.)

  • What! What! He's perfect, youre perfect


  • (You're in the band.)

  • Now, who is going to be my drummer?


  • I play percussion.


  • Only cause he's too stupid to play anything else.


  • Shut up. Shut up.

    閉嘴 閉嘴

  • (Sit your butt at the skins and try to whack out a beat.)

  • Yes, it's good. That is good.. for my grandma, who is uhdead.

    太好了,打得真好,連我阿嬤都感動了... 雖然她人在天堂了

  • (Feel the groove in your pins, then slowly turn up the heat.)

  • Yes, now he's playin' like my grandmother who is alive


  • (With a rat-a-tat-tat on the bass and hi-hat.)

  • (Make it juicy and fat, yes exactly like that! And you'll shut it down flat. You're in the band.)

  • Mr. Schneebly, I still don’t have a job.


  • (I need a couple of roadies,) we could do that (I need someone on tech.) I’ll be tech

  • (Who wants to be security?) I would


  • Can I be the stylist? Check

    我可以當造型師嗎? 批准!

  • Mr. Schneebly, I still don’t have a job


  • (Well how about being manager?) manager?


  • (Is that something you could swing?) What does it mean?


  • (It means I'm putting you in charge of the whole damn thing! We've got our band.)

  • Play Freddy, just like thatYes! Yes!

    Freddy 沒錯 就是這樣!

  • Katie, look at me, come in on G.


  • but, just like that!

    對 沒錯!

  • Zack, join me in the middle. G up top, run G chord.


  • OMG, what are you reading my mind? He's reading my mind.


  • Lawrence, take me to the moon, baby.


  • I need backup singers, ladies, come here, watch everything I do. Ready?


  • Now repeat after me, I pledge allegiance to the band! (I pledge allegiance to the band!)


  • And I promise to give Mr. Schneebly full command! (I promise to give Mr. Schneebly full command!)

  • (And with me in control of the band as a whole, we will rock and we'll roll, with our heart and our soul.)

  • (If you're in, raise your hand!)

  • (I'm in the band! x6)

  • (You're in the band! We're in the band! x2)

  • (You're in the band!)

Yeah, come on in, come on, fast fast fast.

耶,快 快 快進來

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