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  • Snow White is pretty.

  • Very, very pretty.

  • She’s the prettiest of them all.

  • The Queen is jealous.

  • Very, very jealous.

  • She gives Snow White a red apple.

  • Snow White becomes sick.

  • Very, very sick.

  • She needs a prince to wake her up.

  • A handsome prince comes.

  • He comes to save her.

  • She wakes up and they are happy.

  • Snow White

  • Far away, there is a princess in a big castle.

  • She is very pretty.

  • Her name is Snow White.

  • Snow White grows up.

  • She is kind and nice.

  • Even the squirrels and birds love her.

  • One day, the Queen dies.

  • So the King marries a new Queen.

  • But she is a witch.

  • The new Queen has a magic mirror.

  • She asks,

  • Mirror, who is the most beautiful?”

  • Snow White is the most beautiful.”

  • The Queen is jealous.

  • She tells a hunter,

  • Take her into the forest and kill her!”

  • But the hunter doesn't kill her.

  • Snow White finds a small house.

  • She is very tired.

  • So she goes into the house.

  • And she falls asleep.

  • The owners of the house come home.

  • They are seven dwarves.

  • Snow White tells them her story.

  • They say,

  • Poor princess, live with us.”

  • The Queen asks again,

  • Mirror, who is the most beautiful?”

  • Snow White is the most beautiful,”

  • answers the mirror.

  • The Queen is angry.

  • She makes a poison apple.

  • The Queen dresses like an apple seller.

  • And she goes to Snow White.

  • She says, “Eat this delicious apple.”

  • Snow White eats it and falls.

  • The dwarves cry for her.

  • Snow White, wake up!”

  • Then, a handsome prince comes.

  • The prince picks up Snow White.

  • And the apple falls out of her mouth.

  • The dwarves shout,

  • Hurray! Snow White is alive!”

  • Will you marry me?”

  • Yes, my prince.”

  • They marry and live happily ever after.

Snow White is pretty.


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白雪公主-白雪公主-英文版-世界著名童話故事-粉色手機英文童話故事 (【日本語字幕付き】 Snow White | 白雪姫 英語版 | 世界名作童話 | ピンクフォン英語童話)

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