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(children) Kids react to Vines!
This episode: Thomas Sanders!
(narrator) Now the judge will choose the winner.
(in video) I can't decide.
They're all cute and they're mine now.
- What? - (goofy laughter)
Oh, that's jacked up.
You can't just take dogs away from people.
That dude, he's on Vine, right?
Did he actually steal the dogs?
I would call the cops on him.
You don't have to take the final.
(students cheer enthusiastically)
You can just be jobless and homeless for life.
- (in video) Totally worth it, guys! - (laughs)
What the heck?
That's just a bad choice.
That's probably me and my friends.
You gonna risk your lives?
(soldiers) Sir, yes, sir!
- Leave no man behind? - Sir, yes, sir!
Does this outfit make me look fat?!
- (sympathetically) No! - Yes.
(all) No! No! No! No!
(cracking up)
Okay, these things are hilarious!
Story time!
(narrator) Little did she know the mysterious figure
- creeping up behind her... - (lady yelps)
- Oh! (laughs) - (lady giggles)
So they just go up to random people and get those reactions?
I've seen the narrating people.
I know this guy, but I don't know his actual name.
Story time!
(narrator) The man knew exactly what to do to embarrass his son.
- Oh my gosh! - (son groans)
(narrator) ...to embarrass his son.
- (son groans) - (narrator chuckles)
That was pretty funny.
He just goes up to somebody random and just does that.
Story time!
(narrator) Of all of the works of art in this room,
- she was the loveliest. - (woman giggles)
Oh, that's so nice.
(narrator) ...she was the loveliest.
- (woman giggles) - Not creepy at all.
He was, like, flirting. That was kinda gross.
That's what happens when you narrate people's lives.
- Good morning! - (birds) Good morning, Thomas!
What a beautiful--
What the--?! Talking birds!
(birds) You can't escape us!
What the heck?!
What the--?! Talking birds!
- (birds) You can't escape us! - (cracks up)
Those birds are psychopaths.
Show that one again.
(ticket seller) Sorry, it's PG-13.
(man off screen clears throat) What were you thinking?
- (whimsical chime) - You'll need these!
- Ooh-- - (in video) One, please!
- (ticket seller) Yes, sir! - That's smart.
I feel like that'd be me as a parent.
Guess what I've got!
(children cheer)
- (laughter) - (kids) Yes! Yes!
No, it's a box.
(crazed laughter)
That's what I would do if my kids were too spoiled.
That's messed up. That's not fair.
Who's ready for a new week of learning?
Sorry, nobody's here.
Maybe you should just go away.
(suppressed laughter)
I wonder how long that took to make.
If only that works.
Guys, we're going to the Grammys.
(all cheer)
Why're we stopping?
(women cheer)
- (in video) Granny! - Oh.
"The Grannys".
That's actually a pretty good trick.
Great. Two thumbs up.
Show me all of that again.
(children) Question time!
(Finebros) So have you ever seen that guy before?
I have not.
Yes, on Vine.
Yes, I have-- just scrolling through Vine.
(Finebros) How would you describe this guy's personality
- based on his Vines? - He's weird like me. (giggles)
He looks like a happy type of guy,
like an outgoing type of person.
He's just a hilarious laughter guy.
He's weird, obnoxious, and creepy.
(Finebros) So his name is Thomas Sanders.
(Finebros) And he has over 5 million followers
- on an app called Vine. - That's a lot of followers.
Wow, that's a lot of followers.
(Finebros) He's one of the most popular people on all of Vine.
Why do you think he's that popular?
Because he's hilarious!
He does funny stuff. That's why.
His Vines are so different and creative.
It's very formatted.
He has so many different types of Vines,
as opposed to some of the other Viners
who are only popular because of their looks--
(fake cough) Nash!
(Finebros) So, with Vine, he only makes six second videos
'cause that's how Vine works.
Do you think he would be just as funny if his videos
- were longer than six seconds? - No!
Most of them are pretty clever, so I think it's good
that he has short videos.
Yeah, yeah, he would be.
Yes, and it would be amazing.
Yeah, I think he'd be good if he made longer videos.
I think he could. He looks capable enough.
(Finebros) Why do you think he and so many people
who are popular on Vine don't make longer videos?
They usually just stick to their six seconds on Vine.
'Cause they're lazy!
Longer videos might be more frustrating and take more of your time.
It's sort of hard to produce content that's that much longer.
I'm not gonna say that they're easy to make,
it's just they take a lot less effort than actually making
a whole comedy thing on YouTube or something like that.
Maybe because they like Vine and they don't like anything else.
I would say loyalty, but you're not really being
- necessarily loyal to a person. - (Finebros laughs)
You're being loyal to social media.
(Finebros) So a lot of people say that kids today have
a very short attention span and that's why something like Vine,
that's only six seconds, works.
Do you agree that kids have a short attention span?
Yeah, pretty much.
Let's just say my dad agrees.
You really shouldn't stereotype anybody, but a lot of kids...that's sorta true.
I don't really like when people stereotype kids like that,
and I don't think we have short attention spans.
I don't know if there are statistics comparing us to other generations.
Yeah, because some kids get bored of stuff.
(Finebros) Like you right now?
- I'm not bored! - (Finebros laughs)
(Finebros) So back to Thomas.
He makes a lot of different types of these Vine videos--
- Do you have more of them? - (Finebros) Hold on, Emma.
I'm ready to watch more for the rest of this day.
(Finebros) He makes formats like the narrating people on the street,
or videos about him one day being a bad parent.
Which do you like more-- when they're in a format
or when they are different every time?
I like ones that are really random.
If they're random, people won't really know what to expect.
I feel like that might be more funny.
I like being able to expect something,
and not having to be, "Oh, I hope it's funny."
I like when it's just something completely random,
but then also, at the same time, it's nice to see a series.
I gotta say both because they both have a unique way
- to express the video. - (Finebros) Mmm hmm.
- May I watch more? - (Finebros cracks up)
(Finebros) So a lot Vines he makes are in classrooms
- and even with real teachers. - Really?
Did the principal know?
My teachers would kill me. (laughs)
(Finebros) Do you wish you had a classmate that did things like that?
No! No, no, no. I would get in trouble.
Yes, 'cause then the class would just be more fun.
It would be great to have that, but school is a place to learn.
You can't really learn if you're making Vines all the time.
Yeah, but my teachers aren't like that.
I wish they were.
They're not fun. They're boring.
(Finebros) Burrrrrn!
(Finebros) So last question: if Thomas does watch this episode,
what would you say to him about his Vines?
Thomas, keep making them 'cause they're really funny.
You're a cool guy. Keep up with the good work.
Your videos are so hilarious! Keep it up.
You probably shouldn't be a father.
Make more hilarious videos, please!
Thank you. (giggles)
Thank you so much for watching this episode of Kids React!
Let us know in the comments what Vine star we should react to next.
Story time!
All the people who are watching this video hit the subscribe button.
Good bye!
Now can I watch it again?
♪ (end music) ♪



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