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You might think that taking actual people out of a movie means taking the mistakes and
human error out with them. But anyone paying close attention to modern animated films knows
that even the smallest mistakes are hilarious considering someone made them one frame at
a time. And the bigger the mistake, the better it is to search for. Here are 20 Massive Mistakes
in Animated Movies.
Zootopia: The animals may have evolved to walk and talk,
but math is still a problem. Predators make up just 10% of the population, but assistant
mayor Bellwether later claims that they're outnumbered 10 to 1. Hopefully kids didn't
take that as a math class, since 10% means a ratio of 9 to 1, not 10.
No older fan of Zootopia can forget the cameo from actor Tommy Chong playing the mellow
Yax, one of the city's "Naturalists" - the word the writers were looking for was actually
"Naturists" another words for nudists.
The Lion King: The age of hand-drawn animation may be all
but over for Disney, but some awesome mistakes remain thanks to one animator. Look closely
when Mufasa is filling Simba in on the kingdom, and you'll notice the label "45" appearing
on screen for two frames. And you'll wonder how you never caught it before.
Beauty and The Beast: Nobody fights like Gaston - or talks like
him. His lips don't match his words in the final fight with Beast, since his line - "Belle
is Mine" - was originally "Time to Die." Softening the tone makes sense, but the original animation was left behind.
The Good Dinosaur: The movie may be set in an alternate history,
one where the asteroid that killed off the dinosaurs 65 million years ago completely missed.
One problem though: the hero Apatosaurus and his family went extinct over 50 million years
before the asteroid ever struck.
Wreck-it Ralph: It isn't an animation glitch or error that
gives Wreck-it Ralph its funniest mistake, but time itself. Think about it: did you ever
notice that Ralph makes a jump into Hero's Duty as the arcade opens, only for it to close
just minutes later? Either time passes faster in the game, or it's an editing shortcut audiences
aren't supposed to catch.
The animators went to serious lengths to fill the movie with video game cameos and details,
but a few mistakes slipped through as a result. The sign at Game Central Station clearly says
that "Burger Time" is Now Playing - but nobody told the star chef, serving pie to Q-bert
and his friends.
Despicable Me: The devil is in the details, especially in
animated films. When Gru first reveals the stolen jumbotron from Madison Square Gardens,
the animators added in some missing bulbs for character - missing bulbs that somehow
scroll along with the words - it should have been one or the other.
The movie's villain, Vector gets what's coming to him eventually, but he should have gotten
his even sooner. When he idiotically shrinks his sink and toilet, his bathroom should have
been a disaster of spraying pipes - apparently, his toilet doesn't even need plumbing, but
it's a bad lesson to teach troublemaking kids, either way.
Aladdin: The animators took the time to make sure all
the writing in the film was Arabic, but when scrolls are read, or Genie takes an order
while in the form of a waiter the writing is written and read left to right, like English.
But Arabic is read right to left.
As part of the romance between Aladdin and Jasmine, the pair enjoy a Chinese fireworks
show in every color of the rainbow. But colored fireworks are a more modern invention, so
the fireworks would only have been yellow or white prior to 1850 - which the movie most definitely is.
The Little Mermaid: Endings don't get much happier than this one,
with Ariel and Eric sailing off into the distance, married, and treated to a rainbow. But dark
magic might still be at work - the rainbow is reversed, making it one truly weird mistake.
Finding Nemo: Sure, fish can't talk. But you'll have to
ignore science and physics, not just marine biology when the final scene of Finding Nemo
comes, showing the escaped fish each in their own bags of water - magically defying physics,
keeping their bags full of water floating above the surface, instead of sinking to match the height.
Monsters, Inc: The billions of hairs covering the monster
stars meant hours to render a single frame. Luckily, some old fashioned mistakes slipped
through too, like the Pixar artist who forgot the "i before e" rule when it came to the
word "yield" in Mike's file - TWICE.
A misspelled word is one thing, but how about the biggest plot hole Pixar's ever seen? Boo's
laughter is so powerful, it overloads entire city blocks when she really gets giggling...
that is, until she spends the rest of the movie laughing with absolutely no effect on
the city around her.
Shrek: Kids now know that ogres aren't monsters to
be feared... well, not until they catch the mosts disturbing animation glitch in the entire
Shrek series, when the hero's eyeball decides to peek through his own eyelid. It's still
giving us nightmares all these years later.
The plot holes get even bigger when it comes to the movie's villain, Farquaad,
who sets the movie in motion because he needs a princess to marry, so he can become king. He chooses
Fiona over Snow White, but Cinderella is also offered as a candidate... which doesn't
make much sense, since she married a prince, she wasn't close to a princess before.
Frozen: As much as we'd like to believe that the famous
"Let it Go" musical number is perfect, one of the strangest, most debated mistakes can
be found in the scene. Watch as Elsa pulls her braided hair from behind her shoulder
to the front - until it magically travels through her shoulder, already in front ahead
of time. Don't be surprised if you don't catch it the first time, but trust us, it doesn't
add up.
Toy Story: It may be Pixar's first movie mistake, and
it's impossible to miss for any parent who's used a baby monitor to keep a close ear on
a sleeping baby. When the army men first set out to see what new toys Andy's gotten for
his birthday, they're carrying a handheld unit - which only plays audio. They use the
monitor as a walkie-talkie, and Woody's base unit should let him send messages, but the
actual device wouldn't make much sense if it sends both ways.
Tangled: When your lead character has hair longer
than a football field, some mistakes are to be expected. But it's obvious the animators
wasted no time in deciding what they could and couldn't actually show: the second Rapunzel
leaves her tower, her hair ceases to exist. It's understandable, but still a shame since
it's impossible to miss on repeat viewings.
Those are the animated movie mistakes we'd love to watch out for, but what are yours? Make
sure you let us know in the comments, and remember to subscribe for more videos like
this one.



20個你不知道的強檔動畫片小秘密 (20 Hidden Mistakes In Kids Movies That You Never Noticed [KYM])

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Stanie Yu 發佈於 2017 年 7 月 3 日   Stanie Yu 翻譯   Kristi Yang 審核



glitch 這個字最常看到的用法是「(機器、設備的)小故障、失靈、小毛病」,或是「(計畫)缺點、差錯」。
We found a glitch in the system after testing.

一些與 glitch 有相似意思的詞包含:

malfunction 故障、失靈
This printer is experiencing a serious malfunction. It won't stop printing.

flaw 缺點、裂縫
No one is perfect. It's good to have some flaws.

defect 缺點、缺陷
The engineers have to fix all the defects in this prototype this month.

2the devil is in the details2:14
the devil is in the details 就是「魔鬼藏在細節裡」的意思,指的是「困難的部分常常都是在一些小細節裡」,也就是說有些看似無關緊要的小細節反而是容易出錯、搞砸的地方。
Be careful and precise while you're conducting this experiment. The devil is in the details. One little mistake can make the results invalid.

有很多片語都跟 devil (魔鬼)有關係噢!小編在下面舉了幾個常看到的補充給大家!

devil in disguise 人面獸心、假面魔鬼
Sandy has the facade of a nice person, but she's actually a backstabber, a devil in disguise.

talk / speak of the devil 說曹操,曹操就到
Speak of the devil, you're here! We're just talking about your awesome presentation the other day.

caught between the devil and the deep blue sea 進退兩難
I'm caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. If I told Sammy that her boyfriend cheated on her, she would be heartbroken, but I can't bear to see her with that guy anymore.

troublemaking 這個形容詞是「製造麻煩的、鬧事的」的意思。這個字是由 trouble(麻煩、困難)加上 making(製造)兩個字組成的。
Having troublemaking friends is the worst thing ever. You always have to look after them and clean up their mess.

一些與 troublemaking 有相似意思的詞包含:

troublesome 令人煩惱的、討厭的
During hot summer days, mosquitoes are really troublesome.

rowdy 粗暴的、喧鬧的
Learning how to discipline rowdy children can be very tiring.

upsetting 令人不快的
The results of this marketing research are upsetting.

4treat to something3:18
treat to something 是「款待、招待」的意思。
We'll treat you to a fancy dinner if you win this competition.

treat 可以代表很多不同的意思,包含「治療、處理、探討」等。
The doctor couldn't find a way to treat this disease. He's doomed.

This injury needs to be treated with great care.

This essay treats the problem of the current account imbalance between the United States and China.

treat something as / like 是一個很常見的用法,指的是「把...看作 / 當作」。
You shouldn't treat this mistake as a joke. This is really serious.

不畏挑戰 (Do What is Hard - Motivational Video)

5set in motion4:28
set in motion 是「觸發、發動」的意思。
After tons of discussions, the new project is finally set in motion.

motion 這個名詞指的是「動作、移動、運轉」。
You shouldn't open the door of a car while it's in motion.

【TED】大自然不為人知的奧秘 Louie Schwartzberg: Hidden miracles of the natural world

看完今天的主編精選,有沒有感覺十分的吃驚跟好笑呢?下次看動畫電影時不妨多注意看看,看看有沒有辦法抓到一些小小的 glitches 吧!




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