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Is the information correct?
I swear on my children, sir.
What do you feel? - I suspect him, sir.
Because he had been Veerappan's lieutenant for many years.
We must trust someone, right?
People who worked for Veerappan once are working for us now.
His family stays in this village, so if he cheats us,
won't he be scared we may kill them?
I'm sure he will.
Like how we killed Gurunadham, to kill Veerappan,
this is the best chance.
According to the information I received,
Veerappan is coming to sell sandalwood and ivory,
he's coming to Venkatachalam to fix deal with a trader.
Venkatachalam is 150 kms away from here.
If we go in uniform, they may get alerted.
So, we'll go there in disguise.
I, Shakeel and Kamal will go in car.
You follow us in a lorry.
Didn't you find any better car? Why such a lousy car?
Finish quickly.
Gurunadha! This is for you!
Koose Munuswamy is known to everyone as Veerappan.
Ambushing a police team in broad daylight,
along with Special Task Force Commander,
he killed brutally 22 police men,
till now he has killed 187 civilians and 97 police men,
state governments of three states spent hundreds of crores to nab Veerappan,
in a thick forest where you can't see an elephant 30 feet away,
in the last 10 years, many STF police men have failed to catch Veerappan,
what a police officer told me, you know?
Veerappan must get old and die naturally,
it is impossible to kill him!
He's a demon who drinks blood of humans...
He's a reality which even lions dare face...
He's dangerous and poisonous like snakes... He hides behind rocks and kills...
He kills humans or animals mercilessly like crushing ants...
He's dangerous than crocodile in water...
He kills brutally and mercilessly...
A tea seller who ran his shop near a forest check post,
using the hill tribals,
taking advantage of mistakes by our police force,
he slowly developed into a big demon!
Do you know what a police officer told media people few years ago,
Veerappan must get old and die naturally,
it is impossible to kill him!
Veerappan is still alive.
List of dying police men is growing longer.
I'm going to post many police officers into the arena to stop his atrocities.
Got late last night, sir.
We must catch Veerappan at any cost.
I'm vexed hearing this word.
I know you're new to this team, sir.
Other trying once again, what else can we do?
What did you study in college? - Science graduate.
History...STF's history till now to nab Veerappan is only failure.
If you want ask that elderly man.
He has been working here for long time.
There are daring officers among us too like Krishna Kumar, sir.
I'll tell you what happened!
Veerappan pasted a poster in village to insult Krishna,
and challenged him,
Krishna went like Rambo to attack him.
28 police men perished in that blast.
Veerappan incited Krishna and fooled.
Don't call him a fool.
He sacrificed his life like a warrior in trying to kill a demon.
Sasi is right.
Krishna is not fool, had he not accepted that challenge,
people would've thought police are cowards.
Veerappan would've become a hero.
Moreover our department didn't know till then that Veerappan had bombs.
The point here is,
like success, there are reasons for failures too.
After watching our past officers' ideas failing miserably,
I've got a new idea.
Till now every officer had tried to catch him in forest.
They failed.
What my idea is... get him out of the forest.
I was just joking.
Why are you getting tensed?
Sir, instead of trying to catch him in forest,
how will it be if we get him out of forest and kill him?
You and your jokes!
What do you mean by it?
I know your sincerity, officer.
Why are you so interested in catching Veerappan?
I'll tell you, sir.
I'll tell if you respect my feelings, sir.
I'm angry on him, sir.
He has been insulting our department for many years now.
He's ruling over us.
In public eye, he made us look like useless force.
But that is professional.
When it became personal was...
The day he kidnapped Super Star Rajkumar,
that day...it became personal.
The night he was kidnapped,
there was heavy rain with thunders and lightning.
I felt like the sky had fallen down.
Not just me, crores of people all over the state,
couldn't take it easily!
In that situation, how was Rajkumar?
How was his condition there?
How many difficulties he would've faced?
I decided the same night.
The one and only aim I've in this life before I die,
I want to kill Veerappan with my own hands, sir.
Look, your ideas are correct.
But I don't know how it will work out practically!
We have no other choice also.
Among all the options we've, I think this is the best.
As you say selecting a team among men here,
you want to start working independently, right?
Isn't it?
When are you starting the work?
Already started working, sir.
Sir, I don't understand one thing.
These journalists, politicians or food suppliers,
or else gun suppliers,
they meet Veerappan as and when they want!
But how come we police aren't able to meet him, sir?
Good question.
The point is,
those who Veerappan wants to meet, only they can meet him.
Why would he think of meeting police?
That moustachioed man has developed a system to avoid meeting police.
The person Veerappan wants to meet, he sends a message to that person,
then, the person meets Veerappan's contact,
all this happens under the secret eyes of Veerappan's aide.
If there's any suspicion of someone following them,
he cancels the meeting.
But once he enters the forest, it is impossible to trace him.
That's why I want to bring Veerappan out of forest and kill him.
Off late I'm seeing many changes in Veerappan's strategies.
if not why would he kidnap Super Star Rajkumar?
I think he's planning to talk to Govt. for surrender terms by kidnapping famous people.
Srinivasan too tried the same. - Srinivas?
Srinivas, a forest officer with Task Force.
He tried to negotiate with Veerappan by talking to him to surrender.
He went to Veerappan's village Gopinatham,
he met his mother, his younger sister,
not only them but gathering entire village,
how people are facing difficulties because of Veerappan,
why this place is not developing?
Why no one is coming here to invest?
He told them all this and how it'll affect people in future!
He convinced them about their benefits if Veerappan surrenders.
Veerappan heard it from villagers and agreed to meet Srinivas.
How are you?
Leave me...leave me...
Leave me.
How dare you incite my people turn against me!
Even my younger sister too!
How dare you eye on her!
Veerappan thought he turned his own people against him.
He hacked Srinivas for eyeing his sister.
Poor Srinivas went to Veerappan hoping to talk about surrender.
But this is what had happened! - Is it?
Did this really happen?
No, he's lying.
If not the man who told me this would've lied to me.
When I hear Veerappan's brutality, my blood is boiling!
We must kill Veerappan as revenge for Srinivas's soul to rest in peace.
Sir, got information about Veerappan's wife Muthulakshmi.
Why do you raise prices at your will?
Don't you know you mustn't change the govt. fixed rates?
What do you think of me?
If I inform press, your licenses would get cancelled.
Don't get tensed, we're police officers.
Need to talk to you.
Are you really police officers?
If we weren't police, we wouldn't have asked you?
We would've taken you.
Heard about Veerappan. - Who?
Veerappan? - Yes, Veerappan.
Which Veerappan?
You mean never heard about Veerappan?
Is it about that Veerappan with big moustache?
That dacoit... - Yes, that's him.
What do you know about him?
I know...that comes in newspapers and on TV.
He kidnaps people... kills elephants...
I know he's a sandalwood smuggler.
Isn't it about him?
Not only that, he has killed 187 people,
and killed about 100 police officers,
he didn't stop with it,
he killed his own daughter too!
Do you know that?
STF team entered forest at that time in search of Veerappan and his gang.
That idiot fearing his daughter's cries may alert STF,
he killed his own daughter.
Is he so ruthless?
That's okay... but why are you telling me this?
I want your help to catch Veerappan.
Veerappan's wife Muthulakshmi has come out of the forest.
Since she isn’t involved in any criminal activities,
police haven't taken her into custody.
But we've information that Muthulakshmi is till in contact with Veerappan.
We got information from a real estate broker, who is our informer,
it seems Veerappan's wife is searching for a house on rent.
Give your upstairs floor on rent to her.
Pass any information to us you get from her.
You mean like spy!
I've already told you about good and bad affects of this.
Whatever I may say, there's some selfishness in it.
You too think just like me.
I may be doing this for adventure or for excitement,
reason may be anything,
I've told the same matter with 5 other people!
I'll select the best among them.
I want your reply to the count of 3!
Don't think I'm pushing you.
I want to know how fast you can take decisions!
People who can decide quickly are useful to my department.
I'm starting my count.
Two! - I will do it.
Come whatsoever it may, go ahead, take plunge and do it...
Do or die or kill... let it be anyone...
To bring justice and punish the evil...
That's God!
Use your brain, intelligence to win over evil...
Mother India!
Though on facing evil...
Even if deadly serpent is flashing its poisonous teeth...
When it becomes your death...
Take it on... hide to strike back to kill...
Though sorrows are hurting heart as wounds...
Sing a fiery song and shoot with gun...
To hit the aim!
As police lay trap to catch the evil...
Shreya, I lied to you.
That my husband lives in aboard. - Yes...why?
Did you hear about Veerappan?
It comes in newspapers and shown on TV.
You're not talking about Veerappan with big moustache, right?
It's him.
I heard about him and read about him.
Anyway, why are you talking about him now?
Sister, tell me about your husband.
He's my husband.
I'm his wife.
Then, Osama Bin laden is my husband.
Sister...is that killer your husband?
Shreya, he's not as you think.
He's very good man.
Since you're close to me, I'm telling you.
How did you meet him?
One day I went to fetch water from well...
Don't get scared!
I don't crush flowers to smell it.
I like you very much.
What about you?
Where's your father?
What's his name?
Swamy! - Swamy!
Who is it?
I'm taking your daughter.
I'll look after her better than you.
You must bless us. Even if you don't, I don't care.
Sister, I believe you.
But one thing I can't understand is...
The news that Veerappan killed his own child...
How did it appear in newspapers?
Nothing happened as reported in newspapers.
Press published police concocted story.
Do you know what really had happened that day...
He slipped and fell down, he didn't do it wantonly.
But Muthulakshmi gave a different reason for her child's death.
Did she tell she saw it?
It means Veerappan lied to her.
Then, how am I to believe what you say is true?
Neither she was there nor was I, when it happened!
The man who told me was also not present there.
Only God and Veerappan know what exactly had happened there!
But the truth we must all accept is,
the life of violence Veerappan chose killed his daughter!
You got close to Muthulakshmi, you must get much closer to her.
Entire mission is dependent on the trust you gain with Muthulakshmi.
Can you do me a small help?
He sent a message to meet him.
He told me to find a suitable place for it.
Can you help me?
Why your face is dull?
Why are you dull as if you lost your entire property?
No jokes, sir.
What do I've to lose?
One thing is true, sir.
I'm in problems, my family is big, they're dependent on me.
Need to pay fee for children's education.
My mother is cancer patient, my father is also not well.
I'm telling you this frankly, sir.
Though facing so many difficulties,
I joined Veerappan operation on deputation,
for better and higher salary, sir.
Don't try to gain sympathy with your problems.
This is life.
Are you the only man with problems?
Doesn't anyone else have problems?
Shall I tell about people who are facing more problems than you?
Look, never do anything with wrong intention.
We must catch Veerappan to stop his criminal acts not for better salaries.
Lost balance thinking about family problems...
Veerappan wants to meet Muthulakshmi.
She sought my help.
If I find a suitable place, she promised to pay me.
What shall I do now?
Are you the manager?
Do I look like manager? I own this place.
Who are you?
I'm not the owner, I'm just a manager here.
Please spare me, sir. I swear I don't know anything.
Get coffee quickly for sir.
When did I tell you we're Veerappan's men?
We're here to catch Veerappan, we're police.
Believe us now?
If you still don't believe us, we'll ensure you believe us.
Look, we want to check entire place thoroughly.
But nobody must know we're police.
Where's the coffee?
I like this place very much.
I want to stay here for few days on rent.
But I'll not pay rent.
Sister! You wanted a good place to meet your husband, right?
My cousin has a farm house, far away from the town.
Moreover closer to forest.
Since they've settled down in US, workers are looking after it.
I told my cousin that I and my friend are going there.
You too see the place if it is okay to you or not.
Sister, he's Gopal, Manager of the farm.
How are you?
I'm fine. She's sister Latha.
Sister, there's a cook also. I'll introduce him.
Very fine cook, if you taste, you'll not leave anything.
My cousin just loves his cooking.
How are you, Ranga?
Greetings, Shreya madam. Greetings, madam.
Didn't I tell you, sister? Very fine cook.
Shreya madam told me everything about you.
That your husband lives in abroad and you live alone here.
She told me your favourite food too.
Forget that, if I start talking, I'll not stop it.
Okay, tell me, what would you like to have?
Can you really make so many varieties of coffee?
I can, madam.
If you want tea, tell me.
Oh God, stop it!
Any coffee!
There's a beast that is eluding every trap set for it...
Backstabbing it with a sharp sword...
Killing it...
Betray it with deceit to trap and show your bravery...
Win the game at any cost any way...
Bring out the truth at any cost...
Cheat or betray to get the secret out...
No...no...I don't like fish.
I know! Madam told me you don't like fish.
Try it once, I'm sure you will like it.
No, please.
Please try it once.
If you taste it once, you'll not leave it.
Try it, sister.
Try it, I'm sure you'll ask for another piece.
Isn't it nice? - Very nice.
What's the name of the fish? - Veerappan!
Yes, the fish has big moustache like Veerappan.
That's why people call this fish as Veerappan fish.
Why are you laughing?
Do you know this? Veerappan loves fish!
Bring your husband too! He'll also love Veerappan fish.
Shreya, this place is perfect for our meeting.
But, what about these workers?
You don't get tensed, sister. Veerappan comes only at night, right?
Let's send away workers before that.
Hubby, I found a place for our meeting.
It is known as Attipet farm house.
It is near Kothagiri forest. It belongs to my friend Shreya's relatives.
Shreya is very good girl.
She's very close to me.
I promised to pay for her help also.
You can come here without any fear. The place is very beautiful.
Come quickly. I'm waiting for you.
Get the tape recorder.
I found a place for our meeting.
It is known as Attipet farm house.
It is near Kothagiri forest. It belongs to my friend Shreya's relatives.
Shreya is very good girl. She's very close to me.
I promised to pay for her help also.
You can come here without any fear. - I've got information.
That Shreya is police informer.
We've laid the net, sir.
The fish with moustache will definitely get caught in net.
I'll serve you tasty fish gravy in near future, sir.
I've information that Shreya is a police informer.
They've placed secret cameras and microphones in your house.
I suspect the farm house is police trap, so I'm not coming there.
Be careful with her.
Veerappan knows you're a police informer.
I don't know how he got the information.
Listen carefully what I say now.
Sister! I can't say how much you'd laugh if you hear this joke.
What happened, sister?
Got information from Veerappan that you're a police informer.
Am I police informer? What are you saying, sister?
Do you say Veerappan is lying?
I took so much risk to help you, I had arranged all this.
Are you suspecting me?
Is this the value you've for friendship?
I never expected you'd insult me like this.
So he says!
Suspecting everyone is his necessity.
May be he got wrong information.
I trust you more than myself.
Anyway he said he's not coming here.
Let's leave this place immediately.
Muthulakshmi hasn't asked about spy camera mentioned by Veerappan with Shreya,
it means she suspects Shreya.
So, before she arrives there, remove all spy cameras.
What happened?
I'll tell the reason later.
Tell everyone to relax.
What happened suddenly?
Veerappan is not coming. - Why?
Don't know why?
Round up!
I'm dying, sir.
Nothing will happen to you! - I want to live, sir.
I must live for my family. - Nothing will happen, listen to me.
They can't live without me, sir.
I'm saying nothing will happen to you.
My parents, sir...
Nothing will happen.
My children... - Please listen to me.
Listen to me, nothing will happen to you.
What are you searching?
What happened, sister?
Why are you indifferent?
Shreya, please forgive me.
Why, sister?
What mistake did you commit?
You did so much for me, yet I suspected you.
Not you, it was your husband who suspected me, right?
On reaching home, I checked if there are any secret cameras here.
I made a mistake, Shreya.
Really it was a blunder.
Please forgive me. - Sister!
What happened now, sister? I can understand.
Calm down.
Muthulakshmi doesn't suspect you anymore.
But Veerappan suspects you.
You're in danger zone.
Do one thing.
Tell Muthulakshmi that one of your relatives is sick,
get out of that house as soon as possible.
Then, join STF gang.
Can't you avoid going, Shreya?
Yes, I must go, sister.
My aunt is on death bed.
Okay, go carefully.
You too.
I told you to think well and then plan.
But, why did it fail?
Look, how many died because of your decision.
There's a mole among us who is leaking information to Veerappan.
Who is it?
Why did we come here, sir?
Can you mimic animal calls, Sasi? - Animals?
Veerappan is an expert in mimicking animal calls.
We must mimic like him and cheat him.
Can you do it?
No, sir. - Try once.
What's this, sir? Why did you shoot at me?
You know that I know which you know and I too know it.
I don't get what you're saying, sir!
I'll make you understand.
Please don't kill me, sir.
I didn't commit any mistake, please don't kill me, sir.
Then, tell me who is the contact person in Veerappan's gang,
but don't say you don't know.
There are only four people who know all the information.
You're one among them.
After checking background of all of them,
I don't have any more doubt, it's confirmed,
tell me, who is it? - I don't know who it is, sir?
Sasi, don't insult my intelligence.
Little late in knowing about you.
If you tell me the truth, I'll spare you alive.
Let's cook a small story.
While coming from there, Veerappan's gang attacked the team,
I'll tell you got hurt in that attack,
you'll become hero of that story,
if not there's a small change in the story,
I'll tell you died in that attack,
do you want to become hero with a wound or hero after death?
Think over it.
I know what you're thinking about me!
I'm not that intelligent.
But this time, intelligently, I removed bullets from your gun.
I'll not ask again who that person is!
Because you will reply only if you're alive, right?
I'll count down to 2... - Gandhi...his name is Gandhi.
Who is this Gandhi?
Tamil terrorist.
What's Sasi got to do with Tamil terrorist?
His father was a sympathizer of Tamil terrorist groups.
That had influence on Sasi too.
I can't believe a Tamil terrorist sympathizer is working in our team.
Man can do anything unbelievable.
Indira Gandhi was shot dead by her own bodyguards.
What did you do with Sasi?
Gandhi is very dangerous man.
He's always with a gun.
We must do something and capture him alive.
Remember this well, don't kill him under any circumstance.
Take it.
Hey! Why did you leave me?
Hey! Why did you cheat me?
Why did you betray me?
You ruined my life!
Hello madam! What happened?
What happened?
Why did you leave me alone? - Mad woman, brother.
Are you calling me mad?
How dare you call me mad woman!
Am I mad?
I'll kill her!
Leave me!
Leave me!
If you come near, I'll shoot her.
Sit here!
Don't shout.
Don't shout....come.
Come...don't shout.
Why are you shouting?
Come without making nose.
Shut up!
Leave me, if not I'll kill her.
If you kill her, I'll kill you.
If you die without knowing who we are, no fool can be foolish than you.
If I wanted to kill you, I would've killed you right there.
Think about this and give me your gun.
Why are you still thinking?
Look, I generally hate violence.
But what am I to do? I don't have any choice.
Why? Why are you enduring so much pain?
Do you like pain so much?
I know your name is Gandhi, you're a Tamil terrorist.
I don't have any interest in your terrorist outfits.
My target is Veerappan.
Look, you help me and I will help you.
I know you get trained to endure pain.
But now, I'll interrogate you without any pain.
Shreya, you mustn't see such acts.
When I'm working here, I must see and learn this too, right?
Then, come forward.
Okay, sir.
When I give him this shot of injection, his blood pressure will shoot up.
Suppose, if I don't give him anti-dote,
his blood pressure will go on rise and he'll die suddenly.
How do you know when he would die, sir?
His reaction after giving him the injection.
His skin complexion changes.
His breathing will shoot up, watching the speed of his eyes bat,
I'll know it.
His nervous system which controls his body will fail totally in few minutes.
Is it necessary to do like this, sir?
Look, my target is killing Veerappan.
I'll do anything for it. I'll kill anyone for it.
You too!
If it is necessary, me too!
Anyway this is not good, sir.
There's nothing like good or bad.
If your thoughts, aim and intention are good,
even bad way is good way!
Tell me, if there's any better way than this.
If not keep quiet.
Where did I stop it?
You were telling about failure of nervous system.
You will understand then.
That you're left with just one minute.
What's fun in dying, Gandhi?
You've just few more seconds only.
Will you tell me or shall I give you a shot of injection?
Shall I?
Shall I?
Shall I? Tell me. - No!
No, please...I'll tell you.
I'll tell you.
We gave Veerappan the idea to kidnap Super Star Rajkumar.
I mean you terrorists.
Now, I'll give you little anti-dote.
This will give you 5 more minutes to live.
You're getting 5 more minutes to live your life.
I would've given full injection if I give you more than that time.
You'll plan your escape from here.
You've 5 more extra minutes.
The more information you give me, I'll increase lifespan by few more minutes.
When you give me full information, I'll leave you freely!
Tell me now, what happened after that?
I heard your group and Veerappan had a fight, what was the reason?
It's true Veerappan's gang and my group had a fight.
Because my group had cheated Veerappan.
That's why I left the group. - What cheating?
The ransom paid for release of Rajkumar was mostly looted by my group.
I told about my group's betrayal. - Next?
Though Veerappan didn't get much money,
he understood one thing clearly,
he thought this plan was very good,
so he planned to kidnap rich, VIP's, celebrities and politicians.
Who were on target?
Head of Kanchi Mutt!
Why didn't he do it?
You need experienced people to kidnaps in city.
He needs more men and more weapons.
Veerappan is itching to acquire AK-47 guns.
New men...where did you plan to recruit them from?
To recruit members from other gangs,
Veerappan sent message to another gang that is lodged in jail through his men.
Which gang he wanted to meet?
Wanted to meet Kadhani!
Kadhani! You mean that Muslim underworld don!
Yes, that's him.
Few members of Kadhani gang are still in jail.
Veerappan's gang is planning to meet this gang.
I don't know if they'll meet or not.
What I told you is truth!
Give me anti-dote.
Give me quickly.
I lied to you.
I've not registered his arrest.
Because there are no criminal charges on him.
If people know he's in police custody, the message will reach Veerappan.
Please give me anti-dote.
So, death is right for you.
Where are my boys? - You don't worry.
My boys will take care of your boys.
You killed 25 people, are you scared of death?
What do you want?
You know very well, why I am here!
You plan smarty to commit murders and escape from police without evidence.
But I don't care about evidences.
Unlike police I kill even if there's no evidence.
I'm not here to kill you.
You're not my target.
Because Veerappan is more important to me than you.
I know Veerappan's men met you and asked your boys to work for them.
You send your boys! But they'll be my boys.
No more ifs and buts.
Agree without any questions.
I will also pay you.
Veerappan too will pay! You'll get paid from both sides.
No risk at all.
If you reject this offer, no fool will be foolish than you.
Fools and killers have no right to live.
You're also a killer, right sir?
Yes, I too kill.
But I kill people to tell them that killing is wrong.
Is the deal okay?
As the new recruits whom Veerappan sought from Kadhani's gang,
you must join Veerappan's gang through that contact.
What you must do it... just observe him!
What is his next plan? The people he meets.
What is his weakness?
You must find this and inform me.
One more important thing, Veerappan is very suspicious.
Nobody must get any doubt you.
You must be like real Muslims.
Kidnapping Rajkumar was very good idea.
I became famous all over India.
But no use, I couldn't make any money.
I thought they won't cheat but got cheated.
But I'll never commit the same mistake again.
Kidnapping VIP's in city is very good idea.
To do that I need experienced men and more weapons.
I can't do it with fewer men.
Roughly I need 20 to 30 men to do that.
I feel your boss Kadhani is the right person to do this job.
He'll be very happy to know this.
Kadhani sir is waiting for an opportunity like this for years.
Look, I've decided after giving it good thought.
Break our gang into 4 or 5 teams.
Send them to Bangalore, Chennai and Coimbatore.
I'll get them to kidnap VIP's there.
I'll kidnap Rajinikanth, Head of Kanchi Mutt,
and many more VIP's and bring the govt. to my kneels.
I'll become world famous!
You three go from here, talk to Kadhani sir.
Form a gang, leave that place day after tomorrow afternoon.
come to our place near Gudimetta. What do you say?
I'll come there along with Veerappan.
What do you say, brother?
We've promised to come day after tomorrow to Gudimetta with about 25 boys.
After Veerappan meets them and feels trustworthy,
breaking those 25 members into smaller teams,
he's planning to start operations in Chennai, Bangalore and Coimbatore.
He's our leader, they're all my gang members, brother.
Don't move!
Guns down!
Follow him!
Got cheated!
Cheating! Betrayal!
How many more times I'll get cheated like this?
What should I do with this gun without bullets?
A man without manliness and gun without bullets are same.
We must something quickly to get bullets for this and guns like this.
Let me get hold of such guns, I'll show them what I'm capable of.
Not just police, I'll see the end of Govt.
I'll show them my power.
I'll prove them what I am!
I can understand your feelings.
Tell me, I'm also not happy staying away from you.
I haven't forgotten that you're my wife.
You too don't forget this is my job.
I'm committed to my duty.
There's no time for my happiness or my family's happiness.
I thought I was better than my previous officers.
So many had died because of my mistake.
I'm angry on myself.
I feel I'll also join the list of officers who failed against Veerappan.
Some times when you aim to win big war, you've to lose small battles.
No, I mustn't lose, Shreya.
Not for my sake, at least for the people brutally killed by Veerappan.
I must win!
You do one thing...
According to Shreya, his one eye is smaller than the other eye.
Anish told us he supplies guns and ammunitions to Veerappan.
Veerappan has asked for AK-47 guns from him.
He didn't carry any weapons when Shreya saw him.
It means he entered the forest to meet Veerappan and fix the deal.
We must catch him when he returns from forest.
Not when he come out of forest or when he boards the bus.
Because his men will keep a watch on him always.
We must catch him after he's completely out of this area.
Stop...stop, brother.
I found my king today... I found my King today…
Where are you running away?
Why did you arrest me?
Don't leave him.
Where did my men see you?
I'll not ask the same question again and again.
Will you answer me or not?
Leave him.
Tell me.
I work for Veerappan.
What do you do for him?
I supply AK-47's.
Who is the procurer?
From a gun dealer!
Money is below!
What if there's any checking, so...
Shall I show it?
No need.
We know how to deal with cheats.
It's okay to think like him.
Do you've to behave like him for that?
Giving AK-47 gun to him? Do you've sense?
What if he plans a big attack using the gun?
What if this information reaches higher officials?
I'll be finished along with you.
There's risk in every decision, sir.
Not taking risk is also a big risk, sir.
Till Veerappan finds perfect men, he won't do anything with those weapons.
I've only one way. To bring him out of the forest.
He won't even imagine police would give him AK-47 guns.
I'm sure he'll trust us, sir.
But still...
Few other officers and we both are the only ones to know this.
I got it.
You didn't tell me anything, I didn't hear anything.
What did I tell you now?
Before you talk to me, listen to me first.
I believe all you police officers are waste fellows.
That's why I left police dept.
That's why I came to you, sir.
You're the only person to realise that truth and left police force,
and started your own business.
Why did you come to me after knowing all this?
Yes, Veerappan.
I've a plan to catch Veerappan.
You never worked in Veerappan's area.
So, he won't be able to recognise you.
I'm asking you to meet Veerappan on behalf of a gang.
Yes, this is an operation.
I don't trust my own men in this mission.
If department comes to know about this, it may even prosecute me.
Without my Boss' knowledge and without the knowledge of my STF,
keeping it secret from other police officers,
I'll give you few AK-47 guns and ammunitions.
You must deliver it to Veerappan.
One more thing,
I'll ensure you get the Rs.35 lakhs bounty announced for Veerappan's head.
I don't get anything.
I'll explain clearly.
Look, you must make that old man believe Kumar is your man.
Tell him you're unable to come to forest for some reason.
Tell him your man Kumar will deliver AK-47 guns to Veerappan.
Veerappan will not believe it.
I personally deliver him all the guns.
If I tell him I can't come and someone else will deliver guns,
he won't believe it.
You're right.
My idea is show your wound to the old man.
Tell him you met with an accident and can't walk for few months.
Since Veerappan need AK-47 guns urgently.
If you tell Kumar is your man, I'm sure he'll believe you.
I can understand your pain.
But tell me one thing.
Is your pain more than what Veerappan gave to people?
The pain of help you gave him to inflict pain on people,
is your pain more than that pain?
Bhai, in an accident...
I got hurt!
A lorry hit...my bike...
Don't touch....don't touch.
Bike fell on my feet...
Due to multiple fractures.
I can't walk for 3 months.
Since Veerappan needs guns urgently, he'll deliver instead of me.
He knows my gun supplier.
Delivery for Veerappan is ready.
What shall we do with this green shirt man, sir?
Finish him.
How are you connected to Rajan?
We both work for Mugilan.
Mugilan is the main suppliers.
Mugilan told me not to leave any witness.
How is the food? - Super!
Who is Mugilan?
Close to Prabhakaran.
Very close.
Prabhakaran? Who is Prabhakaran?
LTTE...Velupillai Prabhakaran!
What type of man is Prabhakaran? - Why?
I want to make him my partner.
I respect him very much.
Shall I tell you one thing?
One day while I was having lunch with Mugilan and Prabhakaran,
Prabhakaran told us very good things about you.
What did he say about me?
Single handedly a man... without anyone's support,
hearing about how he's shaking up entire India,
he was very much surprized.
Do you know what did he say?
He said you're greater than him.
How can it be? He's a great man!
You can think like that.
Do you know this?
There's no one like you in entire history.
Everyone has great respect for you.
You're too much.
You're an inspiration to all of us. Even to Mugilan also.
We're nothing compared to you.
We're not equals to you.
I must say it is Mugilan's big heart to feel like that.
How can I be equated with him?
I'm very small man compared to him.
I want to ask you a thing.
What's it?
Is it possible for me to meet Prabhakaran?
Nobody can meet Prabhakaran.
But you said you had lunch with him, right?
If he wishes only then you can meet him.
Not if you wish.
He'll meet only Mugilan.
I was with Mugilan that day, so it was possible to meet him.
Only one person can meet Prabhakaran any day any time.
That is Mugilan.
Why not talk to Mugilan about this?
I'll try.
But it is not that easy.
Bad time is catching up fast on me.
I'm unable to judge whom to believe and whom I shouldn't.
Somehow I must meet him and share my ideas with him.
If he accepts my idea, we can become partners, right?
in future if he faces any problem or if I face any problem,
we can help each other, right?
Good idea!
First I'll talk to Mugilan,
whether he can do anything about your idea or not,
I'll first know his opinion.
Greetings Mugilan sir!
That Forest king wants to meet your LTTE king.
Hopefully, this is his end.
But still we must be very careful now.
He acts as if he trusts you fully.
Many of us died believing it.
Mustn't believe him.
I'll believe only after seeing his trust with my own eyes.
Sir, I'm a realistic actor.
How well I got involved with Mugilan's man role that,
Veerappan trusts me 100%.
Then, let's finish Veerappan on October 18.
Why that particular day, sir?
He too would ask the same question... Mugilan...I mean me.
You must make him believe I'm highly planned and trained in LTTE.
October 18! Indian Navy conducts monthly drill.
Security is very less at that time.
Why I'm telling you this,
because I need little time to arrange to kill Veerappan.
Tell him that Prabhakaran told Mugilan,
that October 18 is the best time to come out of forest.
Yours is no ordinary luck!
Mugilan has managed to fix your meeting with Prabhakaran.
Happy to hear it!
When are you meeting him?
You must leave this place on October 18,
Mugilan will arrange a vehicle for you,
it is like an ambulance,
two members of his gang will join you,
they'll leave you near sea,
Prabhakaran's gang will pick you up from there.
Why October 18?
Indian Navy conducts monthly drill on October 18.
So, they send in Coast Guard ships.
Security is very sparse then.
One more important thing,
Mugilan is also coming along with you!
To tell you the truth, this is great thing to us.
One more thing, trim the size of your moustache.
Should I trim my moustache? - Yes.
Mugilan told me to trim the moustache to keep people from recognising you.
Moustache...? - Yes.
You must trim it.
I'll trim it.
Can Mugilan recognise me?
No use in just weeding out waste...
No use with just killing the evil...
Death is the only end to evil...
Go on a no-holds-barred war on evil...
It doesn't care about anyone... It never bends for anyone...
No weapon can stop it...
It's fast approaching death...
It's a warrant of death that takes life unseen...
Warrant of death...
It's the bugle of death with vengeance from the hearts of victims...
Even if you hide, it is inevitable...
Even the best can't find it...
Even if you seek refuge, it is merciless...
It's vow to be fulfilled...
It's a spot to eliminate enemy...
It's a spot taught to humans by history to kill evil...
Wow! Brother, you look more handsome with trimmed moustache.
Nobody can recognise you...
You look great, brother.
He's Saravanan, that's Velladurai.
They're Mugilan's personal guards.
If there's any trouble on the way, they'll protect you.
Okay, go.
Is the vehicle okay?
Who parked the lorry on the way?
Who parked the lorry on the way?
What's this? Move it. Can't you hear us?
Move the lorry.
Move the lorry. Hey, move it, man.
Move it.
Stop...stop... you can't go inside...
She's Muthulakshmi, wife of Veerappan.
Just a minute.
Sir, Veerappan's wife is here. - Send her in.
I'm worried about Kumar.
He's the lone witness for all our activities against law.
But if this come to the knowledge of Govt. in future,
it'll surely prosecute you.
I don't trust Kumar.
Because I know very well about him.
Some day he'll come back to blackmail you.
Sir, I missed telling you a thing.
Kumar died in an accident.
You're a demon!
To kill a demon, I had to become a demon.


最後一步 (Killing Veerappan Telugu Latest 2016 Full Length Movie | RGV, Shiva Rajkumar, Sandeep Bharadwaj)

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