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-What is your greatest fear?
-My greatest fear
is that I'm destined to be a struggling person.
-Not being smart enough
to pull off what I think I want to do in life.
-Not succeeding in the goals
that I had in mind for myself in the future.
-Being forgotten.
-Not making an impact.
-Not leaving a legacy worth remembering.
-Not doing enough, like, looking back
and wishing that I had done a bunch of things --
that and dying, like, a slow, tortured death.
-Losing everything I have --
like, my family, my friends, and stuff like that.
-My greatest fear is losing what I love --
my family, my activities, my friends.
-I think I've lived my greatest fear,
and that was losing the love of my life.
-The ability to understand consciousness,
Alzheimer's, that kind of thing.
-The possibility of dementia.
-I'm scared of when I die.
-I don't really have a fear of anything in particular.
-Indiana Jones.
-Snakes, tarantulas, and scorpions.
-I can't do snakes or spiders.
-Any vicious animal that could attack me.
-I'm still afraid of the dark.
-Venice Beach.
Well, I mean, that's a scary place to go.
-I really don't have any fears. I'm totally unafraid.
I could even stand here naked, if necessary.
-Being out in the middle of the ocean in, like, open water.
-Drowning, but like a specific drowning,
like where I've been thrown into the ocean,
and there's like a cinder block tied to my feet,
and I can't reach the top.
I watch a lot of, like, crime movies and stuff.
-Probably fire more than anything.
-Burning alive.
-God forbid getting a stroke.
-Making the wrong decision.
-Not living up to who I know I can be, really.
-The scariest thing is actually really pushing yourself
to try for something you want.
-Somehow talking myself out of chasing my dreams.
-Running out of time
and not realizing that you're running out of time.
-I guess it's leaving this world, you know?
-Elevators, 'cause when you hear something,
like, kind of crack, I get nervous.
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你害怕面對恐懼嗎?他們說出了心中最大的恐懼 (0-100 | What's Your Greatest Fear?)

41148 分類 收藏
Mikae Wu 發佈於 2016 年 7 月 8 日   Mikae Wu 翻譯   Kristi Yang 審核


What's your greatest fear? 你最大的恐懼是甚麼呢?影片中訪問了各個年齡層的男女老幼這個問題,老人的答案道盡人生滄桑,孩子們的答案天真又可愛。一起來看看這部影片吧!

1destined to be 0:16
destined 是形容詞,是「命中注定的」的意思。
destined to be 就是「命中注定成為/如何~」。
destined to be 可以像影片中一樣後面接名詞,也可以接形容詞
例如影片中的 I'm destined to be a struggling person. 我命中注定要勞碌命,就是 destined to be + N. 的用法 ;
destined to be + agj. 的用法,例如 I'm destined to be successful. 我命中注定要成功。
If you believe he's your soulmate and you two are destined to be together, you shouldn't let this little setback break you up.

TED-Ed:阿基米德背後的真實故事!The real story behind Archimedes’ Eureka! - Armand D'Angour

2pull off 0:24
pull off 是「靠路邊停車」、「脫掉」或「成功完成」的意思。在影片中的解釋是後者「成功完成」。
I felt a sudden dizziness yesterday when I was driving, so I had to pull off and rest.

He pulled off his uniform the second he got home.

The disabled woman pulled off an accomplishment that even able-bodied people consider nearly impossible to achieve.

再來看一個 pull 的片語:pull out 「退出」。
John believed that his team would never win the competition, so he pulled out.
John 覺得那個隊伍沒有勝算,所以他就退出了。

3legacy  0:35
legacy 這個字可以解釋成「遺產」,也就是法律上一個人往生後遺留給子孫或是繼承者的動產以及不動產等等。
His dad left him a legacy of 500,000 USD, which has made his life very comfortable since then.

legacy 也可以解釋成「前人留給後人的東西」,例如:書本、知識、歷史教訓等等,都是前人留給我們非常珍貴的 legacy
The light bulb is the most precious legacy that Thomas Edison left to mankind.
燈泡是 Thomas Edison 留給人類最珍貴的資產。

大家別忘了Steve Jobs 也留下了極為珍貴的 legacy 給我們!

賈伯斯 (Steve Jobs on his legacy (1994))

4Alzheimer's 1:03
Alzheimer's 就是「阿茲海默症」。全名是 Alzheimer's disease,是一種發病進程緩慢、隨著時間不斷惡化的持續性神經功能障礙。由 Julianne Moore 主演的 《我想念我自己》詮釋了一位罹患早發性阿茲海默症的故事。

講到 Alzheimer's ,小編要跟大家推薦一篇很棒的部落格文章,文章中會介紹五部著名的電影以及電影中主角罹患的疾病的英文名詞唷!


Still Alice我想念我自己 (Still Alice Trailer (HD) (English & French Subtitles))

5God forbid 2:01
God forbid 的意思是「上帝保佑這件事不會發生」。
例如影片中的婦人說:God forbid getting a stroke. 影片中翻譯成「拜託別讓我中風」非常貼切,其實這個句子就是要表達「上帝保佑我不會中風」的意思。
God forbid that his girlfriend should ever find out.

除了 God forbidHeaven forbid 也是同樣的意思唷!
Heaven forbid getting killed in a gun fight.

看完了大家的 greatest fear,有沒有人的恐懼跟你的類似呢?釐清恐懼的下一步,就是思考如何戰勝它並戰勝你的心魔!祝大家都能戰勝恐懼唷!




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