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You know what I love? Being productive.
Being productive isn't hard. It just takes a little thought.
So first off, if you don't have a Life Map for 2016, make that right now.
This is your big picture. It's your goals, and your dreams, and everything you hope to accomplish in the new year.
Next, you're going to break down each of those things into executable actions.
I do this with all of my big productions. It's where you list each step
that needs to be taken in order to accomplish your goal.
Now, taking these steps is not going to be that hard.
But focusing on taking these steps probably will be.
This is when you have to learn how to work smart instead of hard.
And distribute your energy and efforts to the tasks that are going to bring you the most reward.
For example, I used to riddle my To-Do List with meaningless tasks
like clean the cat litter, or do laundry. Simply because I was addicted to the feeling of accomplishment that I got
when I crossed it off.
Oh. That feels good.
(excited shudder)
Plus, even if I didn't do the most important things I had to do that day
I still felt good seeing that I did something.
But if you only write down imperative tasks--the ones that would create some real progress in your work
you'll notice exactly how much you're getting done.
Or not.
Some people also find writing a To-Not-Do List helpful.
This helps remind them that they don't want to succumb to time-wasting tasks
like refreshing social media or watching TV
at least when it's not scheduled break time.
The best thing you can do for long-term productivity is to create a Daily Ritual
That way you're productive on auto-pilot.
Next, learn how to say no. This is something that I still personally struggle with.
You know, I want to do everything. I want to take every opportunity--you never know what's going to lead to what!
But remember the Life Map.
Keep your eye on the prize. If you say yes to a bunch of projects that don't give you great results
that's wasted time.
Stop multi-tasking!
Multi-tasking is just a fancy word for being bad at everything you're doing.
Don't neglect exercise and healthy eating.
That's your energy.
Kill distractions!
If you really need to write, I recommend going out of the house and turning off your Wifi.
And there are plenty of programs online that you can install that will block social media sites
for certain hours of the day.
Now this is all stuff we know, right?
Spend less time on the internet, get more done--this isn't new.
But sometimes it's good to hear.
It's good to have that reminder of all the things we know we should be doing.
I mean you probably clicked on this video because you wanted to sort of feel like you were kinda doing something.
So get off Youtube, and get to work.
Thank you for waiting.
And thank you to Audible for sponsoring today's episode.
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With over 180,000 titles to choose from
across all types of literature.
I like listening to audiobooks when I'm commuting to the hospital or washing my lab coat at the end of the day.
Currently, I'm listening to "Getting Things Done" by David Allen
because I want to increase my productivity on diagnosing patients like yourself
while simultaneously juggling my ground breaking cancer research
Right now Audible is offering a free 30 day trial
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That's Audible.com/Anna
Just what the doctor ordered.



如何提高你的生產力 (How to Level Up Your Productivity)

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Kristin Zeng 發佈於 2016 年 11 月 10 日    Alvin He 翻譯    Mandy Lin 審核



1riddle with0:43
這裡的 riddle with 指的是「使...困惑、添麻煩」。
It makes no sense to riddle yourself with such a stupid question!

riddle (n.) 也就是「謎題、難題」,是最廣泛被使用的用法。
It is a confusing riddle that even the most brilliant student in class can't solve it.

riddle 作為動詞時,可以指「解...的謎、給...出謎題」或「打洞」等等。
Her windows were riddled by guns fired by the police last evening.

TED-ED:為什麼我們就是無法看到外星人存在的線索呢?Why can't we see evidence of alien life?

imperative (adj.) 的意思是「緊迫的、極為重要的」。
The Brexit has remained the imperative issue recently for both citizens and government in the UK.

imperative 也可以是名詞,意思是「必要的事、規則」等等。
Economies in developing countries impacting the health of the global economy directly is an imperative.

當我們想要形容一件事情或一個狀況非常重要,或是迫切時,除了用 very important 和 urgent 之外,還有哪些單字可以用呢?除了影片裡的 imperative,我們還可以用:
crucial 「非常重要的」、 essential「非常重要的、必要的」、 critical 「緊要的、關鍵的」來增進我們的單字量唷!學起來了嗎?

【TED】Ken Robinson:改變教育典範 Changing Education Paradigms - RSA Animate

3succumb to1:22
succumb 為不及物動詞,使用時會帶上 to,為「向...屈服、屈就;任憑」的意思。
I will definitely not succumb to the social expectation and give up my dreams.

succumb to 另外也有生理上「死、被壓垮」的意思。
The poor dog eventually succumbed to a severe car accident.

ritual 在這裡的意思是 「例行公事、習慣」。可以是名詞也可以是形容詞。
His usual ritual after arriving in his office everyday is to check his emails.
查看 email 是他每天進到辦公室後必做的事。

ritual 除了「習慣」之外,更常被使用的意思是名詞「儀式」或是形容詞「儀式上的」。
Baptism has been a ritual tradition to both Christianity and Catholicism for thousands of years.

multi-tasking 意指「同一時間做多項事情」。從負面的角度看就是「一心多用」的意思。
Every time when my sister tries multi-tasking, she always ends up having nothing done efficiently.

我們常常會看見許多字是由 multi- 為開頭,而 multi- 則表示「多個、多方面」的意思。

The building will be multifunctional with a large exhibition room, restaurants, meeting rooms and workshops in addition to offices.

Multiculturalism holds the idea that people should embrace and celebrate differences.

【TED】別一心多用了!專心把一件事做好吧 (Paolo Cardini: Forget multitasking, try monotasking)

想要成為一個有效率的人,其實不難!我們都可以從生活中的小細節開始做起 —— 利用零碎時間、寫好你的 To-Do-List、時間管理上的調配等等,好好 follow 影片提供的簡單小 tips 或是調適一些生活中的壞習慣,都是讓我們變得更有效率的第一步唷!

文/ Sabrina Hsu

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