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Anping old settlement, after ruled by the Dutch, 安平舊聚落經歷荷蘭
Ming Jheng, Cing Dynasty, Japan, and the government after Civil War, 明鄭 清朝 日本與戰後的政府
in the past 300 years, 三百多年來
has accumulated different cultural landscapes 累積不同文化背景所建設的樣貌
and developed diverse cultures. 形成文化復合的聚落
From trading companies to historical streets and buildings, 從洋行、老街及建築
we are able to witness the prosperity of Anping in the past. 可見安平曾是人聲鼎沸的熱鬧商城
Landscapes mixed with Dutch, Japanese, Fujian, and Taiwanese style 巷弄間交錯著荷蘭、日本、閩式及臺灣的樣貌
present the symphony of historical architecture. 彷彿演奏歷史建築的交響曲
Let’s visit Anping old settlement with us. 透過鏡頭一起探訪安平舊聚落
There are three main historical streets in Anping. 安平老街基本上他有三條
Yanping Street is at the south border. 比較南邊的叫延平街
During Cing Dynasty, 清朝時代
Many goods were shipped from Anping to Xiamen. 很多貿易由安平到廈門
When vessels were about to return to Anping, 當廈門要回安平的時候
owners were afraid of ship sinking. 怕遇到黑水溝的時候 船會翻覆
They thus bought many stone plates in Xiamen 所以在廈門地方就買了很多的石板
to make vessels more stable. 當作壓艙石
After arriving in Anping, 到了安平之後
these stone plates were placed on Yanping St. 這些壓艙石就撲在延平街上
Yanping St., thus, in the early time was named Stone Plate St. 所以延平街早期又叫石板街
In the early time, in Anping, 早期安平無論食衣住行育樂
life articles, gifts, and groceries could be purchased on Yanping St. 所需要的物品 雜貨都在延平街上購買
Yanping St. was also called “Shi Zai St.” 因此延平街又稱成「市仔街」
In Anping, when a person passes away, 安平人在往生的時候
this street will be used to the funeral ceremony, 要告別安平都要經過這條街
indicating everything about that person has been settled. 接受大眾的蓋棺論定
In Taiwanese, the street is referred to as the “Commentary St.” 台語又稱「譬相街」
The second street is Siaojhong St. 第二條街是效忠街
with the width of 30 meters. 效忠街的寬度有三十公尺
During Dutch ruling, it was the widest street, 在荷蘭時代是最寬敞的一條街
nicknamed as “Wide Street.” 又稱為「寬街」
Because it was too spacious, 由於效忠街太寬敞
at that time, the Street was built with mud bricks. 當時用土墼來鋪成
Thus, it was named “Mud Brick St.” 因此又稱「土墼街」之稱
The Dutch called “Broadway.” 荷蘭人則稱他為” Broadway”
” Broadway” 當地人翻成「百老匯」
was the site of many clubs. 也表示當時有需多俱樂部林立於此
The third one is Jhongsing St. 第三條街是中興街
During Dutch ruling, it was built with bricks. 在荷蘭時期街道用磚頭鋪成
This was the newest street built among three. 這條街是三條中最新鋪成的街
Local people referred it as “New St.” 當地又稱它為「新街」
Recently, at Anping District Office, 近期 由於我們安平區公所
on Jhongsing St., 在中興街上
each household has address plate of swold lion. 家家戶戶都做一個劍獅的門牌號碼
Many guides or tourists called 許多導覽解說員或著遊客都戲稱
the street “Sword Lion St.” 這條街又叫做「劍獅街」
On Anping historical street, 現今的安平老街
there were many stores. 依舊商店林立
A lot of them have a history of one hundred years. 老街上可見百年老店
The most famous snack food in Anping is “Salty, Sour, and Sweet.” 安平最有名的零嘴「鹹、酸、甜」
According to the 4th Generation of the 100-yeay store on the street, 延平老街上的白年老店第四代傳人表示
Still, the ancient processing method has been followed. 仍堅持古法釀製
The first step of pickled fruit requires the use of salt and sugar. 醃製蜜餞第一步驟需要鹽和糖
In ancient time, only the noble or the rich could afford pickled fruit. 古代蜜餞 只有貴族或有錢人家才吃得起
Tainan produces salt and sugar. 台南產鹽也產糖
100years ago, the “salty, sour, and sweet” pickled fruit 一百多年前蜜餞的「鹹、酸、甜」
demonstrated the noble uniqueness of Tainan, 顯現臺南的貴族特質
the miniature of Tainan’s dining culture. 也是臺南飲食文化的縮影
On the historical street, there are many children toys. 老街也有許多童玩
Various ancient snack foods and toys 各式各樣古早零食及玩具
bring us back to our childhood. 勾起許多人的童年回憶
Besides Yanping Historical Street, 除了延平老街之外
there are old settlements inside the lanes and alleys. 聚落的老街巷弄內
Many cultural and creative shops 許多文創商店
or feature stores are hidden inside the lanes and allies. 或特色店暗藏在巷弄內
Not only the buildings of the settlements, 不僅欣賞聚落的建築
surprises can be found everywhere. 處處是驚奇
Bonjour, Nous sommes frannais. 嗨 我們是法國人
Et nous visitons i Tawan actuellement. 我們目前正在遊覽台灣
qui est extrqmement agroable, 這兒很讓人感到愉快
ou les gens sont trps courtois. 這裡的人民也非常有禮貌
Et tout va bien 一切都很好
Inside the allies, you can see cute sword lion map at Haishan Paradise. 巷弄內隨處可見海山派樂地的劍獅Q圖
It is the third-rank historical site. 海山派樂地市三級古蹟
“Haishan Hall” was built by Fujian soldiers stationed at Haitan. 清代時期福建海壇鎮標班兵建造的「海山館」
Cultural creativity adds cuteness to the Hall. 文創將海山館變可愛了
Sword lions became beautiful dolls. 將劍獅變成可愛的公仔
Folk crafts are added with interesting elements. 將民俗加入許多趣味的元素
The historical site is filled with cuteness. 將古蹟充滿童趣
Anping has temples in high density. 安平有高密度的廟宇
Sword lions can be seen everywhere. 與隨處可見的劍獅
They tell you the story of local religion. 訴說著當地人的信仰
The symbol of Anping Sword Lion looks like 安平劍獅的圖像是
a lion with a sharp sword in the mouth. 一隻獅子咬著一把利劍
The lion has been added with claws to show its ferociousness. 獅子必須加上祂的前爪要展現祂非常兇猛的樣子
You can feel its dynamism to purchase way the evil. 感覺躍躍欲試 像是要將妖魔鬼怪吃到一般
In the early time, Anping was spacious with small population 早期的安平地少人多
with high density of residency. 居所密集
Thus, keeping the evil away became very important. 在建築方面對於習俗沖煞特別講究
Anping preserves many historical buildings. 安平保留許多歷史建築
The Dutch “red hair soil” is now called concrete cement. 荷蘭人的「紅毛土」現在稱為水泥
Japanese and Minnan style buildings 日式建築及閩式建築
from different cultures are located in the lanes and allies 不同文化卻交錯在巷弄間
telling stories of different eras. 說著不同年代的故事
The presence of cultural and creative shops 文創特色商店的進駐
Refreshes the old settlements. 讓舊聚落變得更新鮮有趣
Anping has now only the historical street and snack foods 安平不只有老街及小吃
but also stories of historical buildings. 還有舊時代藉著建築所留下來的故事
You should come to heat them in details. 值得細細品味其中的滋味


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