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  • jbjb{x{x Welcome to What the Flick everybody. It s Justin Beiber time. Ben Mankiewicz here,

    jbjb {X {X歡迎什麼弗里克大家。 小號賈斯汀 Beiber時間。本曼凱維奇在這裡,

  • Christy Lemire with the associated press, and Matt Atchity from Rotten Tomatoes, and

    克里斯蒂Lemire與美聯社, 馬特 Atchity從腐爛的蕃茄,

  • like I said: Hoo-hah. re really excited about this, and I m not even being ironic when I

    就像我說:胡胡哈。真的興奮 ,我米甚至沒有被諷刺的,當我

  • say that, we re really excited about this. Haven t had as much fun at the screening since

    說,我們重新真的很興奮。 沙灣噸一樣有趣,因為在篩選

  • Snakes on a Plane? Actually, Snakes on a Plane, not bad. Had a lot of fun at Snakes on a Plane.

    一個平面上的蛇?其實,在飛機上的蛇, 不壞。蛇在飛機上有很多樂趣。

  • So was Justin Beiber. Hello. It s my birthday. And this is how I drum. There s this kid named

    所以賈斯汀 Beiber。您好!這是我的生日。 這是我鼓。 S這個孩子命名

  • Justin Beiber, and he sings. He s from a small town in Canada, and he had a dream We saw

    賈斯汀 Beiber,他唱。他記者從一個小 鎮在加拿大,他做了一個夢,我們看到

  • it together. We saw the screening with a bunch of girls between, what? Ten? Twelve? They

    它在一起。我們看到一堆篩選 之間的女孩,什麼?十?十二?他們

  • were contest winners. There were four seats marked as reserved for Paramount Pictures.

    大賽的獲獎者。有四個席位 標記為派拉蒙電影公司保留。

  • We walk in, we get mobbed Oh my God, do you know Justin Beiber? I need his phone number!

    我們走,我們得到圍攻哦,我的上帝,你 知道賈斯汀 Beiber?我需要他的電話號碼!

  • Give me his phone number! They were very cute by the way, and Ben handled it very well.

    他的電話號碼給我!他們很可愛 的方式,本處理得很好。

  • I love talking to kids, and I m good at it actually. That s me there with twelve-year-olds.

    我愛說話的孩子,我和米擅長 其實。小號我有12歲。

  • That s Sara there in the front, with her red hair parted in the middle. And she actually

    即S薩拉出現在了前面,與她的紅色 在中間的頭髮分手。而她居然

  • pointed out unless it s an action movie, 3D is worthless. She essentially said it was

    指出,除非它小號動作片,3D 是毫無價值的。她本質上說,這是

  • a gimmick. Right. She said it was okay because she demanded we all give the movie five stars

    一個噱頭。右。她說還不錯,因為 她要求大家都給予五顆星的電影

  • to which, you said five out of ten? To which they screamed, Nooo! But Sara said, Well,

    其中,你說五人中的10?其中 他們尖叫,Nooo!但薩拉說,好,

  • you can give it four out of five, because it doesn t need to be in 3D. But we can say

    你可以給它五,因為 它不會需要在3D。但我們可以說

  • though, and we should mention the director John M. Chu who directed Step Up 3D, which

    雖然,我們應該提到導演 約翰 M ·楚誰導演高達 3D步驟,

  • was not a horrible use of 3D. And it s Justin Beiber reaching out to touch you while he

    不是一個可怕的3D使用。而且小號賈斯汀 Beiber伸手觸摸你,而他

  • s singing a song to you. And the 3D was only relevant for the concert footage. Yeah, and

    一首歌的唱歌給你。和3D只 有關演唱會片段。是啊,

  • I thought it was okay in the concert footage. Unnecessary, sure, but it didn t bother me

    我認為這是在演唱會片段還好。 不必要的,肯定的,但它didn噸打擾我

  • that much the way it bothers me in other films. So I thought that was okay. The Jonas Brothers

    多的方式,它困擾我在其他電影。 所以,我認為還不錯。喬納斯兄弟

  • movie was unwatchable. I don t remember what I gave it back when I was doing At the Movies

    電影 unwatchable。我不記得什麼 我把它當我在做電影回

  • but whatever I gave it was too good. It was horrible. It s an F minus. I think the Jonas

    但無論我給它太美好了。這是 太可怕了。這小號的F減去。我覺得喬納斯

  • movie and the Miley movie were both infomercials like this was as well. This is too, though.

    電影和麥莉電影都是電視購物節目 這是也。這也太,雖然。

  • I don there s something different about this movie. I think it s better. It s on a different

    我不對此有小號的東西不同 電影。我覺得小號更好。它上線不同

  • level. Those are failures, no one should watch those movies this was better. This movie doesn

    水平。這些都是失敗的,沒有人應留意 這些電影,這是更好的。這個電影沒有按

  • t blow. There s some storytelling in this. And the people who surround Justin Beiber

    噸的打擊。有小號一些在這個講故事。 和人民的環繞賈斯汀 Beiber

  • in his life his mother, his grandparents, his father who s in it a little I don t know,

    他的母親,他的祖父母在他的生活, 他的父親在這一點我不知道小號,

  • you learn something about his life. Those other movies, you don t learn a lot about

    您了解一些有關他的生活。這些 其他的電影,你不學習有關很多

  • the people in their lives. But you don t learn a lot about Justin Beiber himself. You see

    他們生活中的人。但是,你不學習 了很多關於賈斯汀 Beiber自己。你看

  • him perform. You see how gifted he is from a very young age, but we don t know who he

    他的表演。你看如何天才,他是從 一個非常年輕的年齡,但我們不知道是誰,他

  • is. What his fears are. What does he think about these mobs of girls. Right, but in this

    是。他的恐懼是什麼。他認為什麼 對這些暴徒的女孩。右,但在這

  • movie s defense it s a concert movie. It s not a documentary about Justin Beiber. You

    電影的防禦的A音樂會電影。它小號 不是一部紀錄片有關賈斯汀 Beiber。您

  • don t think it s both? I think it s a concert movie that goes into some of the background

    不要認為小號都?我認為它的A音樂會 到的一些背景的電影

  • about his life. It s like the extra 30 or 40 minutes of Teen Beat magazine. This movie

    關於他的生活。它就像額外的30或 40分鐘,青少年禁毒雜誌。這部電影

  • is definitely made to appeal to certain demographic. The Justin Beiber fans. The early teen and

    肯定是呼籲某些人口。 賈斯汀 Beiber球迷。早期的青少年和

  • pre-teen girls, but this movie is actually better than anyone expected given that it

    前少女,但這部電影其實是 比任何人的預期,它的好

  • was made for that audience. It could have been just an hour and a half of him performing

    受眾。它可以有 剛剛一個小時,對他表演的一半 0:04:26.​​439,0:04:31.979 在演唱會,但它wasn噸。這是 還不止​​這些。但是,即使從經理

  • at the concert, but it wasn t that. It was more than that. But even from the Manager

    踏板車布朗和他掛起的傢伙 出來的,我同意的安全傢伙,我們 didn

  • Scooter Braun and some of the guys he hangs out with, the security guys I agree, we didn

    噸聽到他的恐懼。右。蛇, 蜘蛛,beestings,黑暗中的女孩,納粹,

  • t hear much about his fears. Right. Snakes, spiders, beestings, the dark Girls, Nazis,

    權利。但是我們也聽到一些有關的人 在他的周圍,並告訴他我們。一

  • right. But we did hear some about the people around him, and that told us about him. A

    小。小號巨大討人喜歡。他的作品他的屁股 關閉。我的意思是,你看他小號很有天賦

  • little. s hugely likable. He works his ass off. I mean, you see he s been very gifted

    因為兩歲時,他非常可愛。它小號 很難來攻擊他,或者說你不要像他一樣的噸。

  • since age two and he s very likeable. It s hard to attack him or say you don t like him.

    他們愚弄我們,因為你看到 從這部電影中,他們再設法使他

  • That they could fool us on, because you see from this movie they re trying to make him

    似乎討人喜歡。但是,因為我們得到了學習 他周圍的人,我想他可能

  • seem likeable. But because we got to learn about the people around him, I think he might

    實際 liekable。我覺得電影不 什麼小號試圖做的呼籲

  • actually be liekable. I think the movie does what it s trying to do in appealing to the

    球迷,和那些誰 AREN噸球迷以及, 我是從電影,甚至沒有一個

  • fans, and for those who aren t fans it well, I came away from the movie not even with a

    吝嗇的尊重。我已經有了一個真正的尊重 他在音樂方面的才華。有沒有男生

  • grudging respect. I ve got a real respect for his musical abilities. There were no boys

    在這場音樂會。有沒有傢伙。 它的100%無關,除了爸爸。真的

  • at this concert. There were no guys at all. It s 100% to nothing, except for dads. Really

    不錯了他們的孩子的爸爸。有沒有 13歲的男孩。沒有。小號顯著。

  • nice dads who took their kids. There are no thirteen year old boys. None. It s remarkable.

    當麥莉賽勒斯出來唱歌, 的女孩在觀眾的噓聲。這是偉大的!

  • When Miley Cyrus came out to sing a song, the girls in the audience booed. It was great!

    如果你決定看這部電影,我敢肯定 在我們的觀眾的A很多人日誌

  • If you decide to see this movie, and I m sure there s a lot of people in our audience who

    AREN噸要看到它,但如果你看到它 帶耳塞,因為女孩會尖叫

  • aren t going to see it, but if you see it bring ear plugs because the girls will scream

    整個時間。尖叫聲,整個時間。令人震驚的是, 我們沒噸討厭這部電影。馬特,會是什麼

  • the whole time. Shriek the whole time. Shockingly, we didn t hate this movie. Matt, what would

    你給它呢?不得不承認我有一個觸摸 海狸發熱,它確實給我留下深刻的印象。我

  • you give it? ll have to admit I have a touch of Beaver Fever, it really impressed me. I

    給 7。我也一樣,是一個 belieber。我給 7,太。你在某處閱讀嗎?

  • ll give it a 7. I, too, am a belieber. I give it a 7, too. Did you read that somewhere?

    沒有,它的A真正的世界:belieber。好東西。 我給它一個 6 1 / 2。仇敵!包含自己。

  • No, it s a real world: belieber. Good stuff. I give it a 6 1/2. Hater! Contain yourselves.

    你想很爽。推倒牆。 全。是啊,所以,拉動整體檔次,

  • You trying to be so cool. Tear down the wall. Totally. Yeah, so that pulls the overall grade,

    我說已經? 6點八。因此, 我們有一個建議,永遠不要說永遠。

  • did I say that already? Six point eight. So, we have a recommendation for Never Say Never.

    所以,我們也想問問這個問題,因為 我們希望觀眾參與。誰小號 cuter?

  • So we also want to ask this question because we want audience participation. Who s cuter?

    賈斯汀 Beiber?他小號,C星期一,可愛的女孩 愛他。還是菜鳥曼凱維奇?即S

  • Justin Beiber? He s adorable, c mon, girls love him. Or Rookie Mankiewicz? That s the

    的問題。我不認為它收盤,男人,他們 重新都非常柔軟和天真,可愛。

  • question. I don t think it s close, man, They re both really soft and innocent and cuddly.

    全。其中一人有一個美麗的歌聲 的聲音,但有其他人的另一種

  • Totally. One of them has a beautiful singing voice, but the other one There other one has

    這頭髮,這是完全翻轉。其他 一會就跑周圍的地毯上,並沒有按

  • this hair flip that is Totally. The other one will scoot around on the carpet and doesn

    噸說狗屎。您可以上我們的網站投票。我 建議給予高度評價。投票已經是一個

  • t say shit. You can vote on our website. I recommend it highly. The vote is already one

    什麼,新秀,我只是米這樣說, 建議為永不說永不。令人震驚。

  • to nothing, Rookie, I m just saying So, a recommendation for Never Say Never. Shocking.

  • Totally. Welcome to What the Flick everybody Elijah Trichon Normal Elijah Trichon Microsoft

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jbjb{x{x Welcome to What the Flick everybody. It s Justin Beiber time. Ben Mankiewicz here,

jbjb {X {X歡迎什麼弗里克大家。 小號賈斯汀 Beiber時間。本曼凱維奇在這裡,


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